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Soon and afterwards
Soon afterwards a claim for homage from Henry of England drew forth from Alexander a counter-claim to the northern English counties.
Soon afterwards he had the Empress Maria imprisoned and then killed ( forcing a signature from the child Emperor Alexius to put his mother to death ), by Pterygeonites and the hetaireiarches Constantine Tripsychos.
Soon afterwards the cavalry tactics employed by the State of Zhao forced their enemies in the other Warring States to adopt the same techniques in order to mount any effective attack against their swift movements on the battlefield.
Soon afterwards, the governor of Germany, Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus Gaetulicus, was executed for connections to a conspiracy.
Soon afterwards, Angola, Namibia, and Zimbabwe became involved militarily in the Congo, with Angola and Zimbabwe supporting the government.
Soon afterwards, an uprising in Kabul led to the slaughter of Britain's Resident in Kabul, Sir Pierre Cavagnari and his guards and staff on 3 September 1879, provoking the second phase of the Second Afghan War.
Soon afterwards, a peace treaty was signed between England and Spain.
Soon afterwards the government banned the Social Democratic Party, which had voted against the Act, while the other parties were intimidated into dissolving themselves rather than face arrests and concentration camp imprisonment.
Soon afterwards the British added a long cloth which was used to tie chemical-soaked mouth pads into place, and which was called the Black Veil Respirator.
Soon afterwards, Philip of Flanders arrived in Jerusalem on pilgrimage ; he was Baldwin IV's cousin, and the king offered him the regency and command of the army, both of which Philip refused, although he objected to the appointment of Raynald as regent.
Soon afterwards with Poor Cow ( 1967 ) he started directing films for the cinema, and in 1969 made Kes, the story of a troubled boy and his kestrel, based on the novel A Kestrel for a Knave by Barry Hines.
Soon afterwards he stepped down as Blackburn manager to become Director of Football at the club, before leaving altogether in 1996.
Soon afterwards the first ring of medieval walls were built.
Soon afterwards, she appeared in repertory theatre, until she found recognition in the West End for a series of stage performances, ultimately receiving an Olivier Award nomination for her performance in A Lie of the Mind, and in 1996, she is cited as " the greatest actress of our time in any medium " by one critic after she appeared in Orlando at the Edinburgh Festival.
Soon afterwards, a series of emperors started to retire to a monastery early in life, and put their young sons on the throne to run the country from behind the scenes.
Soon afterwards, Niue Premier Young Vivian categorically rejected the possibility of altering the existing relationship with New Zealand.
Soon afterwards, he called his first Parliament ( or more properly or " gathering ") of all Wales at Machynlleth where he was crowned Prince of Wales and announced his national programme.
Soon afterwards, however, Gregory received a letter from Donatus, Patriarch of Grado, complaining that Serenus had overstepped his authority, and was interfering within what was Grado ’ s ecclesiastical jurisdiction.
Soon afterwards, in lectures on criminal jurisprudence he set forth his famous theory, that in administering justice judges should be strictly limited in their decisions by the penal code.
Soon afterwards, a bug was discovered which could allow a malicious program to crash a system without any special privileges ( the " f00f " bug ); fortunately, operating systems were able to implement workarounds to prevent crashes.
Soon afterwards, prints of the inscriptions were made and circulated to European scholars.
Soon afterwards, Pickwick withdrew The Hit Sounds of Simon and Garfunkel from the market.
Soon afterwards, the north eastern section of the Phase 3 IV bluestone circle was removed, creating a horseshoe-shaped setting ( the Bluestone Horseshoe ) which mirrored the shape of the central sarsen Trilithons.
Soon afterwards, he journeyed to London where he made contact with the impresario Sergei Diaghilev.
Soon afterwards Israel begins the conquest of Canaan.

Soon and French
Soon, the war began to go well ; French troops marched across the southern half of the Netherlands ( which would later become Belgium ), and the emergency that had placed the Committee of Public Safety in control was no more.
Soon, however, Pei and his team won the support of several key cultural icons, including the conductor Pierre Boulez and Claude Pompidou, widow of former French President Georges Pompidou, after whom another controversial museum was named.
Soon after, however, France was convulsed by the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars, thus allowing overwhelming British influence in Burma.
Soon after the family had moved to Via Vetrina in 1880 he began school at the convent of the French Sisters of Divine Providence in the Piazza Fiammetta.
Soon after, he met Jacques Turgot, a French economist, and the two became friends.
Soon after his death, Foucault's partner Daniel Defert founded the first national AIDS organisation in France, which he called AIDES ; a pun on the French language word for " help " ( aide ) and the English language acronym for the disease.
Soon Genoa revolted from the oppressive rule of the victors, rose and drove out the Austrians ( 5 – 11 December ) as an Allied invasion of Provence stalled, and the French, now commanded by Charles Louis Auguste Fouquet, Duc de Belle-Isle, took the offensive ( 1747 ).
Soon there were libels called poissonnades ( a word akin to " fish stew ", a pun based on the marquise de Pompadour's family name, Poisson, which means " fish " in French ).
Soon after, Saint Waltrude ( in French Sainte Waudru ), daughter of one of Clotaire II ’ s intendants, came to the oratory and was proclaimed a saint upon her death in 688.
Soon after the new Parliament was sworn in, Bouchard announced that Bloc MPs would only speak French on the floor of the House of Commons, a policy that remains in force to this day.
Soon after that, they began to advance towards the French occupied areas.
Soon after the establishment of the French Third Republic, the project of building some suitable memorial to show the fraternal feeling existing between the republics of the United States and France was suggested, and in 1874 the Union Franco-Americaine ( Franco-American Union ) was established by Edouard de Laboulaye.
Soon, he had a French girlfriend, a dressmaker named Héloise.
Soon, they were creating their own original Cuban-like compositions, with lyrics sung in French or Lingala, a lingua franca of the western Congo region.
Soon England was flooded with tens of thousands of pamphlets accusing Charles of wanting to make the country Catholic again in conspiracy with the French king.
Soon after, the PRC gave the CAR an interest-free loan of one billion CFA francs ( 20 million French francs ); however, the aid failed to subdue the prospect of a financial collapse for the country.
Soon, he is extolling the superiority of French cyclists and culture, and the film ends with him greeting his father by saying, " Bonjour, Papa ," much to his father's astonishment.
Soon, some French gun crews were reduced to such a point that Napoleon asked for volunteers among the Guard infantry, in order to replace the losses.
Soon after entering, he was surrounded by Anckarström and his co-conspirators, Claes Horn and Adolf Ribbing, who wore black masks and greeted him in French with the words " Bonjour, beau masque " (" Good-day, fine mask ").
Soon afterwards came the Battle of Plassey, which would probably never have taken place but for Coote's advice at the council of war ; after the defeat of the Nawab he led a detachment in pursuit of the French for 400 miles under extraordinary difficulties.
Soon after, the song was recorded by Édith Piaf in a French translation titled, " L ' Homme à la Moto ".
Soon the river reaches French weir, the head of navigation.
Soon thereafter, this district fell into French hands.
Soon after this meeting, Fatio and Eliza prevent the attempted kidnapping of William of Orange by an ambitious French courtier.
Soon afterwards his armies fought in the northeast when the French army seized Metz, Toul and Verdun.

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