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Spurred and on
Spurred on by his growing confidence in his ability to out-general his opponent, and by Versailles ’ determination to avenge Blenheim, Villeroi and his generals anticipated success.
Spurred by the crisis, on 1 April 286, Maximian took up the title of Augustus.
Spurred by Ogburn's book, " n the last decade of the twentieth century members of the Oxfordian camp gathered strength and made a fresh assault on the Shakespearean citadel, hoping finally to unseat the man from Stratford and install de Vere in his place.
Spurred by the national emphasis on anti-communism, Senator Joseph McCarthy conducted hearings searching for communists in the U. S. government, the U. S. Army, and other government-funded agencies and institutions, leading to a national paranoia.
Spurred on by Hilbert, Göttingen mathematicians attacked this new area of ​​ research and Plemelj was one of the first to publish original results on the question, applying the theory of integral equations to the study of harmonic functions in potential theory.
Spurred on by the media, the groups became engaged in what the NME dubbed on the cover of its 12 August issue the " British Heavyweight Championship " with the pending release of Oasis ' single " Roll With It ", and Blur's " Country House " on the same day.
Spurred on by a series of seminars in Poland in 1926 by Łukasiewicz that advocated a more natural treatment of logic, Jaśkowski made the earliest attempts at defining a more natural deduction, first in 1929 using a diagrammatic notation, and later updating his proposal in a sequence of papers in 1934 and 1935.
Spurred on by these grievances, on his return to England shortly after the victory at Homildon Hill, Henry Percy issue proclamations in Cheshire accusing the King of ' tyrannical government '.
Spurred by a sudden influx of settlers crossing the Susquehanna and the licensing and formal beginning of the Wright's Ferry ferry services early in the year, acting on behalf of Maryland as a henchman of Lord Baltimore, Thomas Cresap starting in mid-1730, began confiscating the newly settled farms near Peach Bottom and Columbia, Pennsylvania ( thenunnamed, but soon would be called " Wright's Ferry "), for the question from Lord Baltimore, was who was to get the income from the lands.
Spurred on by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the number of construction workers reached 2, 200 by Christmas 1941.
Spurred on by the closure of Monmouth's last grocery store, and a general decline of its retail sector, three local men ( John Oberst, Paul Sieber, and Chuck Sheffield ) led a referendum campaign to allow the sale of beer and wine.
Spurred by the arrival of the railroad a small town had sprung up on a site between McAllen and Weslaco.
Spurred on by the appearance of his arch-foe, and resolved not to return to prison, even if it means his own death, Manny makes a perilous leap to the lead engine.
Spurred on by the emergence of punk rock and New Wave, power pop enjoyed a prolific and commercially successful period in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Spurred by the success of N. Scott Momaday's Pulitzer Prize winning House Made of Dawn, Native American literature showed explosive growth during this period, known as the Native American Renaissance, through such novelists as Leslie Marmon Silko ( e. g., Ceremony ), Gerald Vizenor ( e. g., Bearheart: The Heirship Chronicles and numerous essays on Native American literature ), Louise Erdrich ( Love Medicine and several other novels that use a recurring set of characters and locations in the manner of William Faulkner ), James Welch ( e. g., Winter in the Blood ), Sherman Alexie ( e. g., The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven ), and poets Simon Ortiz and Joy Harjo.
Spurred on by booing fans, Platini competed for every ball, and he picked up a bad ankle injury in a tackle.
Spurred on by the creative marketing from négociants like Georges Duboeuf, demand outpaced supply for the easy drinking, fruity wines.
Spurred on by infamy, Jim Bob and Fruitbat toured Japan, Yugoslavia and the United States ( with EMF ) and made a second-on-the-bill appearance at the Reading Festival, where some people feel they upstaged the headline act, James.
Spurred by his death, she included the few duet tracks they had finished on her next album, Roberta Flack Featuring Donny Hathaway.

Spurred and by
Spurred by keen competition in our industrial system, and still further increases in the funds devoted to industrial research, plant and equipment expenditures by business and industry should rise during the decade.
Spurred by the perception that women were not treated equitably in many religions, some women turned to a Female Deity as more in tune with their spiritual needs.
Spurred by the need for enough financial security to marry, Bush finished his thesis, entitled Oscillating-Current Circuits: An Extension of the Theory of Generalized Angular Velocities, with Applications to the Coupled Circuit and the Artificial Transmission Line, in April 1916.
Spurred by a series of articles that appeared in the British Medical Journal in 1867, Parliament began to regulate baby farming in 1872 with the passage of the Infant Life Protection Act.
Spurred by the need to curb slave raiding once and for all, and worried about the presence of other Western powers in the south ( the British had established trading centers in Jolo by the 19th century and the French were offering to purchase Basilan Island from the cash strapped government in Madrid ), the Spanish made a final bid to consolidate their rule in this southern frontier.
Spurred by the success discovering Ceres ( see below ), and in the line of his catalogue program, Piazzi studied the proper motions of stars in order to find parallax measurement candidates.
Spurred largely by the desire to secure the Mills ' estate for residential use and by the efforts of Millbrae's weekly newspaper, the Millbrae Sun, residents heatedly discussed incorporation for over a decade before voting to incorporate.
*" Hillview: Land of Cornfields Became a Kind of Battlefield as Growth Spurred Efforts by Some to Incorporate " — Article by Joseph Gerth of The Courier-Journal

Spurred and John
Spurred on by Amory L. Haskell, who led the legislative charge to once again permit wagering on horse racing in New Jersey and Philip H. Iselin, a New York City textile magnate, along with the backing of Reeve Schley, Joseph M. Roebling, John M. MacDonald, Townsend B. Martin, and James Cox Brady, Jr., the new Monmouth Park ( organized as the Monmouth Park Jockey Club ) opened on June 19, 1946 after a 53-year hiatus with 18, 724 in attendance.

Spurred and would
Spurred by the completion of the area's first steam-powered sawmill in early 1854, the next year would bring Faribault from a sleepy settlement of 20 buildings to a bustling town with more than 250 buildings.
Spurred by the rumor that a depot would be built in the area, Charles Henry Morrill, president of the Lincoln Land Company, platted the new townsite about a mile from Collins.
Spurred to action over concern the idea of intermediate technology would languish, Schumacher, George McRobie, Mansur Hoda and Julia Porter brought together a group of approximately 20 people to form the Intermediate Technology Development Group ( ITDG ) in May 1965.
Spurred by the prophecy, he kills the king and his friend, something he never would have done before.

Spurred and United
Spurred by the success of its U-19 years team, Mahindra United fielded an Under-15 years team from 2006.
Spurred by the violence created by the newcomers onto indigenous Californians ' lands, the United States federal government negotiated three treaties with the Ione Miwok.
Spurred by the centennial of the transfer of the seat of government from Philadelphia to the District of Columbia, in 1900 the United States Congress formed the Senate Park Commission ( also known as the " McMillan Commission " after its chair, Senator James McMillan ) to reconcile competing visions for the development of Washington, D. C., and especially Pennsylvania Avenue, the National Mall, and nearby areas.

Spurred and Company
Nearly a century passed before a route for the canal was surveyed by David Rittenhouse and William Smith between 1762 and 1770, the first canal ever surveyed in the U. S. Spurred by the 1791 discovery of anthracite in the upper Susquehanna Valley, the Pennsylvania General Assembly chartered two companies to undertake the project: the Schuylkill and Susquehanna Canal Company and the Delaware and Schuylkill Canal Company.

Spurred and had
Spurred by guilt over his actions, Edgar was motivated to " woo " Ivy with sufficient success for her to become unexpectedly pregnant during 1915, though the marriage had been moribund for several years.
Spurred by unsupported accusations that a white woman in nearby Sumner had been beaten and possibly raped by a black drifter, white men from nearby towns lynched a Rosewood resident.
Spurred on by Selfridge, Marshall Field razed the three buildings north of it which had been occupied since 1888, as well as the Dankmar Adler and Louis Sullivan-designed 1879 Central Music Mall at the southeast corner of State and Randolph in 1901.
Spurred by the need to curb slave raiding once and for all and worried about the presence of other Western powers in the south ( the British had established trading centers in Jolo by the 19th century and the French were offering to purchase Basilan Island from the cash strapped government in Madrid ), the Spanish made a final bid to consolidate their rule in this southern frontier.
Spurred by what they had seen of the combined effects of poverty, tropical disease and a lack of adequate health services in East Africa, their collective vision was born in the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro.

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