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Such and changes
Such temperature changes can be quantified using the ideal gas law, or the hydrostatic equation for atmospheric processes.
Such changes could have rendered previous methods of codebreaking insufficient, with serious implications for the conduct of the war.
Such dispersions are stable for 10 – 15 days with little or no chemical changes and are suitable for coating purposes or for extrusion into a precipitating bath.
Such changes occurred due to the growing influence of Islam from the east and Orthodox Christianity from the north as well as power struggles between opposing Oromo communities.
Such repetition can add a sombre tone to a poem, or can be laced with irony as the context of the words changes.
Such changes are often induced by the binding of a substrate molecule to an enzyme's active site, or the physical region of the protein that participates in chemical catalysis.
Such changes are climatically controlled in the Late Quaternary.
Such parts are usually sharp edges on the picture, sudden color or brightness changes along the picture or certain repeating patterns, such as a checker board on clothing.
Such words would be found in all branches of the Uralic and Altaic trees and should follow regular sound changes from the proto-language to known modern languages.
Such core changes brought incompatibilities:
Such changes have recently been observed.
Such changes are both existential and political, but are without a straightforward solution ( in many cases, a solution is not being sought after ).
Such persons need to be checked regularly for any changes in their moles and to note any new ones.
Such reforms were mostly via private member's bills on ' free votes ' in line with established convention, but the large Labour majority after 1966 was undoubtedly more open to such changes than previous parliaments had been.
Such historians reason arguments for each change, outlining changes in broad terms only, as befits a mere byproduct of the exercise.
Such changes affected everything from simple procedures, such as CPR, to changes in drug protocols.
Such changes feature on other Hungarian townspeople's residences, built from the mid-15th century mostly of stone and wood with a cellar, ground floor and upper storey, in the Late Gothic and Renaissance styles ; although the late medieval houses have often been considerably altered, the street façades of the old town are mostly preserved.
Such changes included rising interest in socialism, attention to the plight of the poor and the status of women, including the issue of women's suffrage, together with increased economic opportunities as a result of rapid industrialisation.
Such changes have not completely eliminated all risks ; periodic accidents have continued to result in the deaths of horses and livestock.
) Such analgesic placebos activation changes processing lower down in the brain by enhancing the descending inhibition through the periaqueductal gray on spinal nociceptive reflexes, while the expectations of anti-analgesic nocebos acts in the opposite way to block this.
Such intelligence may be scientific, technical, tactical, diplomatic, or sociological but these changes are analyzed in combination with known facts about the area in question, such as geography, demographics, and industrial capacities.
Such changes are referred to as paleomagnetic secular variation or paleosecular variation ( PSV ).
Such ' stressful life event ' can thus take many forms, including ( but not limited to ) the death of a loved one, professional loss such as unexpectedly losing one's job or otherwise becoming unemployed, or serious adverse changes in the patient's personal life, such as the breakdown of their family through divorce, etc.

Such and ended
Such reactions are often carried out in a tube that is open ended on both sides and through which the gas is passed.
Such was the case with the second season of Twin Peaks, which ended in a cliffhanger similar to the first season with a high degree of uncertainty about the fate of the protagonist, but the cliffhanger could not save the show from being canceled, resulting in the unresolved ending.
Such pageants often celebrated a birth, marriage, change of ruler or a Royal Entry and invariably ended with a tableau of bliss and concord.
According to the historian John D. Winters in his The Civil War in Louisiana, " Such a strong force of Confederate cavalry occupied the Mississippi side opposite St. Joseph that all Federal attempts to close the transit in January ended in failure.
Such a double play ended the top half of the 8th inning during Game 7 of the 1991 World Series: With one out and the bases loaded, Atlanta's Sid Bream hit a ground ball at Twins first baseman Kent Hrbek, who fielded it and threw it to catcher Brian Harper to retire Lonnie Smith at home.
Such economic conditions prompted Lange to remark: " We ended up being run very similarly to a Polish shipyard ".
Such discrimination against communists was partially relieved with the legalization of KKE in 1974, and the discrimination ended in the 1980s.
Such practices halted in 1988 due to a decision of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, which formally ended it.
Such systems, which required party-state planning at all levels, ended up collapsing under the weight of accumulated economic inefficiencies, with various attempts at reform merely contributing to the acceleration of crisis-generating tendencies.
Such improbable scenario failed to materialize and they ended up in fourth place with 14 points from 10 matches, well behind Croatia and Sweden who earned 25 and 24 points, respectively.
In South America, the scraps of food the landlords did not eat, and by mixing what they got they usually ended coming up with new plates that nowadays have been adopted into the cuisine of their respective nation ( Such being the case with the Peruvian tacu-tacu ).
In fact, the original version of " Such Sweet Sorrow " that Warner Bros. sent to NBC ended right after the scene where we see Hathaway on the plane to Seattle.
Such attempts ended without success also in the 1960s.
Experienced crew sometimes ended up changing factions ( Such as the experienced versions of killed crew becoming Black Freighter members ) or gained some secret society allegiance.
Later, the Germans were pushed back to the Ruhr and, after the war Blumentritt disagreed with the Allies ′ strategy in the west, discussing the precarious nature of the German position with its meager one armoured division against the Allies ′ 12, and he stated that had Sir Bernard Montgomery been unleashed earlier for a concentrated armoured assault ( as he wished ) rather than fighting on a broad front, " Such a breakthrough ... would have torn the weak German front to pieces and ended the war in the winter of 1944.
Such a woman, it is said, should not marry again, because marrying her carries the risk that her next husband may also die ( i. e., she will become the " cause " of his death because her marriage to her two previous husbands ended when they died.
Such a parallel was apt as, like Blair, Wilson was considered a relatively young Prime Minister, his administration ended an extended period of Conservative governments ( tarnished in the latter period by scandal ), and his early tenure coincided with a period of economic prosperity.

Such and monarchy
Such arrangements are not to be confused with supranational entities which are not states and are not defined by a common monarchy but may ( or not ) have a symbolic, essentially protocollary, titled highest office, e. g. Head of the Commonwealth ( held by the British crown, but not legally reserved for it ) or ' Head of the Arab Union ' ( 14 February-14 July 1958, held by the Hashemite King of Iraq, during its short-lived Federation with Jordan, its Hashemite sister-realm ).
Such a state in which the nation is sovereign would thence be termed a nation-state ( as opposed to a monarchy, or a religious state ).
Such changes would occur in 1889, when the Viscount of Ouro Preto, President of the last Council of Ministers of the monarchy, presented his government proposals to the General Assembly.
Such a monarchy could no longer be realised in Europe in the second half of the nineteenth century.
( Such symbolism was not lost upon Queen Elizabeth I of England, given that the English monarchy had for centuries held a historical claim to the throne of France, symbolised by the arms of the Kingdom of France having been quartered with those of the Kingdom of England since 1340 ).

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