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Summarizing and on
" As referenced above in the section on " The economic calculation problem ", Hayek wrote that " there is no reason why ... the state should not help to organize a comprehensive system of social insurance ...." Summarizing on this topic, Wapshott writes " advocated mandatory universal health care and unemployment insurance, enforced, if not directly provided, by the state.
" Summarizing Drawing Down the Moon as being " unmatched " in its " sweeping survey " of the Pagan movement, Pike notes that in providing an overview of the subject it failed to focus on " detailed examination of specific issues and events.
* Judaism and Gender Issues Essay Summarizing responsa of the Tzitz Eliezar on transsexuality
Summarizing the ensuing scholarly debate on this issue, José Álvarez Lopera, curator at the Museo del Prado, Madrid, concludes that the presence of " Byzantine memories " is obvious in El Greco's mature works, though there are still some obscure issues concerning his Byzantine origins needing further illumination.

Summarizing and writes
Summarizing this poem, a threnody, William Lyon Phelps writes:

Summarizing and new
Summarizing briefly, stimulated by Einstein's works and quantum theory, Lupasco founded a new logic, questioning the tertium non datur principle of classical logic.
Summarizing his 1985 review of studies of a number of new religious movements, such as The Jesus Movement, the Unification Church, the Children of God group in Europe and the Divine Light Mission, James T. Richardson stated that " life in the new religions is often therapeutic instead of harmful ", and suggested that the young people attracted to these movements were affirming their idealism by their involvement.

Summarizing and .
Summarizing his account of Honorius ' reign, the historian J. B.
" Summarizing what she calls the " Ruby Hat ," the mayor's wife paraphrases FitzGerald's Quatrain XII from his 5th edition: " People lying out in the woods eating sandwiches, and drinking directly out of jugs with innocent young girls.
* Summarizing planned and faced risks, effectiveness of mitigation activities, and effort spent for the risk management.
Summarizing Pialat's stance as a filmmaker in a profile for Film Comment, critic Kent Jones wrote: " To say that Pialat marched to the beat of a different drummer is to put it mildly.
Summarizing this travel, the painter admired the beauty of the ancient monuments.
Summarizing an analysis of NG photographs from 1950 to 1986, the authors argue the following themes: " The people of the third and fourth worlds are portrayed as exotic ; they are idealized ; they are naturalized and taken out of all but a single historical narrative ; and they are sexualized.
Summarizing the view points, competitive advantage is a key determinant of superior performance and it will ensure survival and prominent placing in the market.
* Summarizing the creationist view of Lucretius's role: " As this is the viewpoint of modern evolutionists, the reader may appreciate that Lucretius, not Darwin, has been the principal spokesman for evolution during the last two millennia.
Summarizing, the main disadvantage to neutron diffraction is the requirement for a nuclear reactor.
Summarizing data from several sage grouse studies, Gill found a range of nesting success from 23. 7 to 60. 3 %, with predation accounting for 26 to 76 % of lost nests.
Summarizing the social policies carried out by Frondizi's administration it could be said that overall it was not a progressive one ; but, rather one careful to abide by conservative interests.
Summarizing the four definitions above, we can compile the following list of characteristics for a business process.
Summarizing his review, Jones stated, " This is a very good game, full of the renowned Nintendo magic: a classic in many ways.
Summarizing the evidence found by ERN studies it appears to be the case that ACC receives information about a stimulus, selects an appropriate response, monitors the action, and adapts behavior if there is a violation of expectancy.
Summarizing the substantial and growing body of study results showing deleterious health effects of breathing ozone, in 1976, and reiterated in 2006, the United States Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) reflects the scientific consensus that ozone is a toxic gas which has, as yet, no demonstrated safe medical application in specific, adjunctive, or preventive therapy.
Summarizing, touristic commercialization of the cave is very difficult due to lacks of infrastructure – a situation which can be seen as a case study for the difficulties in developing touristic structures in Oudomxay.
Summarizing all responses to questions related to evacuees ' current family status, one-third of all surveyed families live apart from their children, while 50. 1 percent live away from other family members ( including elderly parents ) with whom they lived before the disaster.
Summarizing previous reports and adding his own clinical and pathological observations, Charcot called the disease sclerose en plaques.

Eliade's and on
* Some authors insist on Zalmoxis ' relation with Pythagoras, stating that he has founded a mystical cult ; partly this theory may be found in Eliade's work ;
After completing his primary education at the school on Mântuleasa Street, Eliade attended the Spiru Haret National College in the same class as Arşavir Acterian, Haig Acterian, and Petre Viforeanu ( and several years the senior of Nicolae Steinhardt, who eventually became a close friend of Eliade's ).
Eliade's views at the time focused on innovation — in the summer of 1933, he replied to an anti-modernist critique written by George Călinescu:
Mariana Klein, who became Şora's wife, was one of Eliade's female students, and later authored works on his scholarship.
Eliade's articles before and after his adherence to the principles of the Iron Guard ( or, as it was usually known at the time, the Legionary Movement ), beginning with his famous Itinerar spiritual (" Spiritual Itinerary ", serialized in Cuvântul in 1927 ), center on several political ideals advocated by the far right.
For instance, Eliade's The Sacred and the Profane partially builds on Otto's The Idea of the Holy to show how religion emerges from the experience of the sacred, and myths of time and nature.
Eliade's understanding of religion centers on his concept of hierophany ( manifestation of the Sacred )— a concept that includes, but is not limited to, the older and more restrictive concept of theophany ( manifestation of a god ).
Anthropologist Alice Kehoe is highly critical of Eliade's work on Shamanism, namely because he was not an anthropologist but a historian.
French researcher Daniel Dubuisson places doubt on Eliade's scholarship and its scientific character, citing the Romanian academic's alleged refusal to accept the treatment of religions in their historical and cultural context, and proposing that Eliade's notion of hierophany refers to the actual existence of a supernatural level.
Many of Mircea Eliade's literary works, in particular his earliest ones, are noted for their eroticism and their focus on subjective experience.
" A specific aspect of this focus on experience is sexual experimentation — Călinescu notes that Eliade's fiction works tend to depict a male figure " possessing all practicable women in given family ".
Polemically, Călinescu proposed that Mircea Eliade's supposed focus on " aggressive youth " and served to instill his interwar Romanian writers with the idea that they had a common destiny as a generation apart.
The notion was in turn linked to Eliade's own thoughts on transcendence, and in particular his idea that, once " camouflaged " in life or history, miracles become " unrecognizable ".
One of Eliade's earliest fiction writings, the controversial first-person narrative Isabel şi apele diavolului, focused on the figure of a young and brilliant academic, whose self-declared fear is that of " being common ".
One of Eliade's best-known works, the novel Maitreyi, dwells on Eliade's own experience, comprising camouflaged details of his relationships with Surendranath Dasgupta and Dasgupta's daughter Maitreyi Devi.
Allan himself stands alongside Eliade's male characters, whose focus is on action, sensation and experience — his chaste contacts with Maitreyi are encouraged by Sen, who hopes for a marriage which is nonetheless abhorred by his would-be European son-in-law.
Eliade's 1934 novel Întoarcerea din rai (" Return from Paradise ") centers on Pavel Anicet, a young man who seeks knowledge through what Călinescu defined as " sexual excess ".
Eliade's fantasy novel Domnişoara Christina, was, on its own, the topic of a scandal.
Paul Cernat notes that Eliade's statement includes an admission that he " counted on support, in order to get back into Romanian life and culture ", and proposes that Eliade may have expected his friend to vouch for him in front of hostile authorities.
In August 1954, when Horia Sima, who led the Iron Guard during its exile, was rejected by a faction inside the movement, Mircea Eliade's name was included on a list of persons who supported the latter — although this may have happened without his consent.
Based on Mircea Eliade's admiration for Gandhi, various other authors assess that Eliade remained committed to nonviolence.
Andrei Oişteanu, who proposed that Eliade's critics were divided into a " maximalist " and a " minimalist " camp ( trying to, respectively, enhance or shadow the impact Legionary ideas had on Eliade ), argued in favor of moderation, and indicated that Eliade's fascism needed to be correlated to the political choices of his generation.

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