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2001 and census
: All other 2. 29 % ( 2001 census )
By 2001, the population had jumped to 206, 073, and it was 217, 988, in 48, 061 families, according to 2006 census.
As of 2001 India census, Ajaigarh had a population of 13, 979.
There was a total of 1, 557, 264 literates compared to 1, 168, 856 in the 2001 census.
This represents an increase of 2. 04 % from the 2001 census.
The population at the 2001 census was 31, 705 ( ranked 13th largest in Wales ).
The town has a population of 35, 203 according to the 2001 census and the urban area has a population of over 70, 000.
The 2001 census gave the population of Accrington town as 35, 203.
Demographic data from the 2001 Botswana census are included for comparison with 2006 CIA estimates.
The 2001 census was the first census in Botswana to comply with the SADC 2000 Census Project, the guidelines of which unify the demographic statistics in southern Africa.
Bodmin has a population of 12, 778 ( 2001 census ).
It is one of four counties of Northern Ireland presently to have a majority of the population from a Catholic background, according to the 2001 census.
The Municipality of Corinth, or Dimos Korinthion, has a population of 58, 280 ( 2011 census ) and 36, 991 ( 2001 census ).
The latest population census was conducted in Albania in April 2001.
The religion question in the 2001 census didn't allow the unaffiliated Bulgarians to be counted as such.
The last census was conducted in 2001 and the next census would be taken in 2011.
( However, the 1940 census was postponed to 1946, and the census after 1990 came in 2001.
) Since 2001 the population census has been combined with the housing statistics.
The 2001 questionnaire only asked about households and who was living in them, while no questionnaires will be mailed out for the 2011 census, since the administrative data on households is sufficient.
The last census was in 2002 ( although having been planned for 2001 ), the previous one was in 1991 and the next is planned for 2011.

2001 and recorded
She recorded a series of bluegrass-inspired albums, beginning with The Grass Is Blue ( 1999 ), winning a Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Album, and Little Sparrow ( 2001 ), with its cover of Collective Soul's " Shine " winning a Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.
It features mostly new material, plus re-recordings of four very obscure Devo songs: " I Need A Chick " and " I Been Refused " ( from Hardcore Devo: Volume Two ), " Find Out " ( which appeared on the single and EP of " Peek-A-Boo " in 1982 ), and " Beehive " ( which was recorded by the band in 1974, at which point it was apparently abandoned with the exception of one appearance at a special show in 2001 ).
In 2001 Enya recorded " May It Be ", which was featured in the first installment of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Fellowship of the Ring, and was her second consecutive single to enter the German charts at number one.
The 2001 Census recorded 50, 320 Irish-born in Australia, although this is a minimal figure as it only includes those who wrote in " Ireland " or " Republic of Ireland " as their country of birth.
This is up on the government's last census in 2001, which recorded 76 315 people, itself a rise of 9. 1 % on the previous 1991 census.
The population of the village was recorded as 1, 320 as of the 2001 census.
After being hit hard by El Niño in 1998, fisheries exports have recovered, and minerals and metals exports recorded large gains in 2001 and 2002, mostly as a result of the opening of the Antamina copper-zinc mine.
They recorded their first album, Casa ( 2001 ), mostly in Jobim's home studio in Rio de Janeiro, with Sakamoto performing on the late Jobim's grand piano.
To date, the band has recorded seven studio albums: Tormented ( 1996 ), Dysfunction ( 1999 ), Break the Cycle ( 2001 ), 14 Shades of Grey ( 2003 ), Chapter V ( 2005 ), The Illusion of Progress ( 2008 ), and their self-titled album ( 2011 ).
The Undertones have also been subject of a 2004 documentary, The Undertones: Teenage Kicks, which was recorded in 2001.
The 2001 Osama bin Laden video recorded just after United States | US-led Coalition forces launched strikes in Afghanistan
In 2001, the first full year of a privatized industry, Zambia recorded its first year of increased productivity since 1973.
The 2001 census recorded a population of 55, 182 in the town.
Several of the guest singers recorded new versions of Queen's hits under the Queen + name, such as Robbie Williams providing vocals for " We Are the Champions " for the soundtrack of A Knight's Tale ( 2001 ).
In the summer of 2001, a wide sandbar formed at the mouth of the river, marking the first time in recorded history that the Rio Grande failed to empty into the Gulf of Mexico.
In August 2001, Vanguard began re-releasing Baez's first 13 albums, which she recorded for the label between 1960 and 1971.
" The United States Environmental Protection Agency report dated October 2002 and released in December 2002 titled " Exposure and Human Health Evaluation of Airborne Pollution from the World Trade Center Disaster " authored by the EPA Office of Research and Development in Washington states that dioxin levels recorded at a monitoring station on Park Row near City Hall Park in New York between October 12 and 29, 2001, averaged 5. 6 parts per trillion, or nearly six times the highest dioxin level ever recorded in the U. S. Dioxin levels in the rubble of the World Trade Centers were much higher with concentrations ranging from 10 to 170 parts per trillion.
* In a 2001 case study, physicians reported clinical changes in a 30-year-old woman who had been exposed to a massive dosage ( 144, 000 pg / g blood fat ) of dioxin equal to 16, 000 times the normal body level ; the highest dose of dioxin ever recorded in a human.
Although the population recorded in the 2001 census is 10, 406, it has had city status since 1205.
The highest temperature ever recorded was on August 10, 2001, and the lowest ever was on February 8, 1994.
The 2001 UK census recorded 9, 548 people living in Ludlow parish.
She recorded the title track, which was written by Serge Gainsbourg but not released until 2001, when it was included in the compilation Le Cinéma de Serge Gainsbourg.

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