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Bagginses and .
He tells the Black Rider, " There are no Bagginses round here.

Bag and End
The plots share the same basic structure progressing in the same sequence: the stories begin at Bag End, the home of Bilbo Baggins ; Gandalf sends the protagonist into a quest eastward ; Elrond offers a haven and advice ; the adventurers escape dangerous creatures underground ( Goblin Town / Moria ); they engage another group of elves ( The Elf King's realm / Lothlórien ); they traverse a desolate region ( Desolation of Smaug / the Dead Marshes ); they fight in a massive battle ; a descendant of kings is restored to his ancestral throne ( Bard / Aragorn ); and the questing party returns home to find it in a deteriorated condition ( having possessions auctioned off / the scouring of the Shire ).
After the War of the Ring, Sam married Rose " Rosie " Cotton and moved to Bag End with Frodo.
Before Frodo left, he gave the estate of Bag End to Sam, as well as the Red Book of Westmarch for Sam to continue, hinting that Sam might also be allowed to travel into the West eventually.
pl: Bag End
At the very doorstep of Bag End, they meet Sharkey, who is revealed to be the evil wizard Saruman, and his servant Gríma.
* The Double End Bag: Also known as the floor-ceiling bag, crazy bag, or the reflex bag, the double end bag is hooked up by two thin elastic ropes to the gym's ceiling and floor, and because of that, it moves around easily, giving the boxer good equipment for target practice and timing.
Placenames and other features were also presented as having been translated from an original form: Rivendell ( Sindarin Imladris, " cloven valley ") was actually called Karningul, and Bag End was actually called Labin-nec, after Labingi, the real form of Baggins.
J. R. R. Tolkien used the name Bag End as a literal translation of " cul-de-sac ", to poke fun at the British use of French terms.
* June 22, 2942-Bilbo Baggins returns to Bag End
* September 23-Frodo leaves Bag End
* May 1 3020-Samwise Gamgee marries Rosie Cotton and together they move to Bag End on Bagshot Row
* October 6-Sam arrives back in Bag End
Ultimately, the returning Hobbits find that the thugs ' ringleader is the fallen wizard Saruman, who has taken up residence at Frodo's former home, Bag End, along with his servant Wormtongue.
Scales along the top and left of each map show the distance east / west ( mainly east ) and north / south ( mainly south ) from Bag End.
The nearby Moseley Bog ( now a nature reserve ) was probably the inspiration for the Old Forest-and the hill on which Spring Hill College stands, which even today, according to local legend, is criss-crossed with secret tunnels, could easily have become Tolkien's Bag End.
Rahman Selects Bag End Bass Speakers
Of all the dwarves in the quest, he was the only one Tolkien describes as visiting Bilbo afterwards at Bag End.
* End of the Line ( 2004 ) – Bag Lady
* Bagshot Row, a fictional street near Bag End, the residence of Bilbo Baggins, and later Frodo Baggins before he bequeathed it to Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings
The same basic process was used for much of the size-changing special effects in the films, including the scenes where Gandalf sits down to tea at Bag End.
* Bag of Bones at Worlds Without End
In the movie, Frodo and Sam set out from Bag End alone and run into Merry and Pippin stealing vegetables ( not mushrooms ) from Maggot's fields.
* Bag End 2-21st Century Hobbit Hole
On the master board there are three locations Bag End, Rivendell, and Lothlórien.

Bag and were
Despite his somewhat authoritarian attitude, he cares about the bears as if they were his children ... although he once bamboozled them into cleaning up the park for him ( so that he could nap in a hammock ) by singing the jazzy ditty " In the Bag ":
While scenes for Murder, She Wrote were being filmed in Mendocino, residents say that it was not uncommon to see Angela Lansbury, who played Jessica Fletcher, stop to speak with a toddler, or for Tom Bosley to sign his autograph on a Glad Bag box presented by a shopper stepping out of the local grocery store.
The earliest known case of Russian crime in the area was in the mid-1970s by the " Potato Bag Gang ," a group of con artists disguised as merchants that told customers that they were selling antique gold rubles for cheap, but in fact, gave them bags of potatoes when bought in thousands.
Several songs that appeared on Delirium Trigger were based on a series of science fiction comics written by Claudio Sanchez called The Bag. On. Line Adventures, which was later renamed The Amory Wars.
Arno women are renowned for their production of the Kili Bag, a popular handwoven handbag / purse, named after another island in the Marshall Islands ( to which the people of Bikini were eventually relocated as a result of the US nuclear tests that were conducted on their home atoll ).
In 2004, two Torchic design toys, the " Torchic Plush Keychain " and " Plush Bean Bag Torchic ", were part of a major recall by Tomy of 13 plush Pokémon toys.
The religious stories and legends of the Trinity River Wintu were told by Grant Towendolly to Marcelle Masson, who published them in A Bag of Bones ( 1966 ).
Another pair of episodes, " The Baby's Jacket " and " The Spectacles ," were based on the same case, as were " The Tan Shoe " and " The Leather Bag.
Acme would also acquire a number of stores from Kmart Foods, as did A & P, Safeway, and Kroger ; however, in the later 1970s, many recently closed 1950s-era supermarkets in Philadelphia and close suburbs were reopened as independents IGA or Thriftway / Shop ' n Bag.
Many of the columns which debuted in CGF, such as Scorpion's Tale and The Rumor Bag, were incorporated into CGW, which went monthly in 1988.
Bebe the Circus Queen ( Beatrice Aschard ) would perform a variety of stunts such as having a watermelon placed on her back and split with a sword, lying on a bed of nails while weights were placed on her chest ... or the " Plastic Bag Of Death ", where she gets into a large plastic bag and one of the other performers sucks all of the air out with a vacuum cleaner.
They were discovered by Speech from Arrested Development, who produced several tracks on their debut album Brown Bag.
Knight was also dropped from Capitol soon after the Grand Funk court actions were resolved and began his own label, Brown Bag Records, releasing albums and singles by Mom's Apple Pie, John Hambrick, Wild Cherry and Faith.
Several demos and singles on Knight's Brown Bag label distributed by United Artists were produced including " Get Down " ( 1973 ) and " Show Me Your Badge " ( 1973 ).
Many features previously optional were made standard, including the 300-watt Bose audio system, RearView Monitor, 7-inch color display, Advanced Air Bag System ( AABS ), leather seating surfaces with heated front seats, 10-way power driver ’ s seat with power lumbar support and 8-way power passenger ’ s seat.
The original stations on the line were Bolton, Bag Lane and Leigh in Westleigh.
The United States Naval Academy, to a huge extent, was created due to Matthew Maury's " Scraps From The Lucky Bag " that were published under noms de plumes in newspapers, copied, and passed around in flyers in and outside of the USN to stir people to action for changes in the Navy and transcribed by William Maury Morris for these modern times.
Three years later on April Fools ' Day, Woot staged a " Bag of Crap " flash game, which users were instructed to play in order to win the privilege of buying Bags of Crap.
Later in the day, once the Bag of Crap selling period was over, a Woot admin said that there were over seven million attempts to get the Bags of Crap.
Many of the implementation techniques were borrowed from Maclisp: bibop memory organization ( BIg Bag Of Pages ), small integers represented uniquely by pointers to fixed values in fields, and fast arithmetic.
Following Parsons ' dismissal, a further three songs (" Draggin '", " I'm So Restless ", and " Bag Full of Money ") were taped by the band at Wally Heider Studios in Los Angeles during July 1972.

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