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Faculty and Theology
* Faculty of Catholic Theology
He was assigned to teach Dogmatic Theology at the Jesuit Faculty of Theology of Kurseong ( later shifted to Delhi, and renamed ' Vidyajyoti College of Theology ').
At the same time, Aristotelian rhetoric, owing to a revival of Thomistic philosophy initiated by Rome, regained ground in what was left of Catholic education in France, in particular at the prestigious Faculty of Theology of Paris, now a private entity.
There is some evidence of academic studies in Uppsala during the 16th century ; the Faculty of Theology is mentioned in a document from 1526, King Eric XIV appointed Laurentius Petri Gothus ( later archbishop ) rector of the university in 1566, and his successor and brother John III appointed a number of professors in the period 1569 – 1574.
* The disciplinary domain of Arts and Social Sciences includes the Faculty of Arts *, the Faculty of Social Sciences *, the Faculty of Languages *, the Faculty of Theology, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Educational Sciences ( formerly the Department of Education, that was raised to the status of a faculty in its own right in 2002 ).
* Centre for Liberation Theologies, Faculty of Theology, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
The name Sorbonne eventually became synonymous with the Parisian Faculty of Theology.
Approval was finally received from the Pope in 1384 and the University of Vienna was granted the status of a full university, including the Faculty of Catholic Theology.
# Faculty of Catholic Theology
# Faculty of Protestant Theology
* Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies ( FTSR )
* Bodleian Theology Faculty Library
Unlike previous masters, Professor Jeanrond is a full member of the Faculty of Theology at Oxford and is engaged in both teaching and research, as well as serving as head of the Hall.
The College operates as the Faculty of Theology at Acadia University and is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada.
At Oxford and Cambridge a distinction came to be drawn between the Faculties of Law, Medicine, and Theology and the Faculty of Arts in this respect, the title of Doctor being used for the former, and that of Master for the latter.
* Faculty of Theology
* Faculty of Theology

Faculty and conducts
Founded in 1950, the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering conducts research and education in a wide range of aerospace disciplines.
The Bond University Faculty of Law conducts an annual mooting competition involving student representatives from secondary schools around Australia.
Dasgupta currently lectures to graduate students in the Faculty of Economics at Cambridge and conducts a graduate seminar at the University of Manchester.
In addition to these, the faculty also includes the Liggins Institute, which conducts medical research, the Bioengineering Institute, Goodfellow ' Club ', Centre for Evidence Based Nursing Aotearoa, Advanced Clinical Skills Centre and two " support units ", Faculty Administration and Faculty Support Services.
The Faculty of Engineering trains students and conducts research in the main branches of engineering including Chemical, Civil, Computer & Electrical, Industrial, Information Technology, Mechanical, Materials, and Mining engineering.
The Faculty of Dentistry conducts a course of studies leading the degree of Bachelor of Dental Surgery ( B. D. S.

Faculty and research
The Faculty of Engineering operates the Ocean Research Centre Atlantic, which is dedicated to carrying out research and tests in the areas of naval and off-shore engineering.
In 2006, a research study at Malmö University's Faculty of Odontology suggested that performing unprotected oral sex on a person infected with HPV might increase the risk of oral cancer.
The powers and authority of the faculty are vested in the Academic Council, which is made up of tenure and non-tenure line faculty, research faculty, senior fellows in some policy centers and institutes, the president of the university, and some other academic administrators, but most matters are handled by the Faculty Senate, made up of 55 elected representatives of the faculty.
The Faculty of Law was established as a separate faculty in 1980, with legal studies and research having been conducted at the university since 1969.
The Faculty ’ s Centre for Research and Development ( CRD ) supports research of international significance and resulted in Sixty-five per cent of research in art and design being classified as either ' world leading ' or ' internationally excellent ' in the Research Assessment Exercise RAE2008.
Sixty-five per cent of research in art and design at the Faculty of Arts was classified as either " world leading " or " internationally excellent ".
It is currently used as a research and teaching site for the Faculty of Environment.
The Faculty of Arts & Design runs a number of research centres:
The Faculty of Business & Law has a number of specialist research units which cover the principal business disciplines.
Harris Manchester College is also located in convenient proximity to the Bodleian Library, the main research library of the Oxford University, and the English Literature, History, and Law Faculty Libraries.
Academic members of the Faculty are actively engaged in education and research in areas as diverse as clinical practice, domestic animal health and diseases, food safety, biology and public health.
Established in 1968, the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering has a multidiciplinary scope nurturing research activities that blend medical and biological engineering.
It's state vision is to " aintain and enhance the leading position of the Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering amongst the top departments in the world ... and to position the Faculty as the national center for research & development and human resources for the sustainable development.
The Faculty of Physics engages in experimental and theoretical research in the fields of astrophysics, high energy physics, solid state physics and biophysics.
It is particularly noted for its openness to multidisciplinary research and, in 1980, was the first Swedish university to introduce interdisciplinary thematic research at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and a cross-subject, interdisciplinary perspective in graduate schools for PhD students.
Faculty members from IIT Bombay undertake industry sponsored research and consultancy projects that are made available through the institute.
* DRG and ICD ( Canada ) from the MCHP research unit of the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Medicine.
In 2008, the former humanities Faculty submitted research in five areas for examination in the government's Research Assessment Exercise.
* 40 % of the university's research into English was given the highest grade of 4 < sup >*</ sup >, indicating world leading quality and placing the Faculty alongside the universities of Oxford and Cambridge for its research.

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