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Gold and Cup
* Royal Gold Cup
File: British Museum Royal Gold Cup. jpg | Room 40-Royal Gold Cup or Saint Agnes Cup, c. AD 1370-80 ( generally agreed to be the outstanding surviving example of late medieval French plate )
It is the second most prestigious chase in England, after the Cheltenham Gold Cup.
These are the European Championship ( UEFA ), the Copa América ( CONMEBOL ), African Cup of Nations ( CAF ), the Asian Cup ( AFC ), the CONCACAF Gold Cup ( CONCACAF ) and the OFC Nations Cup ( OFC ).
Baresi is one of six players to have won all three types of World Cup Medals, having won Gold in 1982, Bronze in 1990, and Silver in 1994.
* NATIONAL BANK Cup: A two-week tournament in February and March between city teams, divided into the Gold League ( with seven teams ) and Silver League ( with six teams ).
Emerentiana and Constance appear in the scenes from the life of Agnes on the 14th-century Royal Gold Cup in the British Museum.
In the World Championships or World Cup Classic events, the top two riders from the qualifying round progress directly to the Gold and Silver medal race while the third and forth qualifiers fight it out for Bronze.
In the World Championships or World Cup Classic events the top two teams from the qualifying round progress directly to the Gold and Silver medal race while the third and fourth qualifiers fight it out for Bronze.
For example, obtaining a Gold trophy in each of the first four Cups at 50 cc unlocks the Special Cup at 50 cc, but not 100 cc or 150 cc.
Her distinctive colours of blue with buff stripes were carried by horses such as Special Cargo, the winner of the 1984 Whitbread Gold Cup, and Devon Loch, which spectacularly halted just short of the winning post at the 1956 Grand National and whose jockey Dick Francis later had a successful career as the writer of racing-themed detective stories.
* Icehouse: Icehouse is an ice lager ( 5. 5 % alcohol by volume ) and was the winner of the 2003 and 2007 Gold Medals for American-Style Specialty Lager at the Great American Beer Festival, and also won the American-style Ice Lager Gold Cup of the 1996 and 1998 World Beer Cup competitions.
* 2003 Gold Cup ( Mexico beat Brazil )
* Gold Coast Vikings, rugby league team that competed in the Queensland State League and the Queensland Cup competitions

Gold and was
Hastening to the attic, the temperature of which was easily hotter than the Gold Coast, you proceeded to mask the windows with a fancy wool coverlet, some khaki pants, and the like, and to ransack the innumerable boxes and barrels stored there.
She knew that I lived at a good address on the Gold Coast, that I had once been a medical student and was thinking of returning to the university to finish my medical studies.
He said the assailant, who was armed with a automatic, entered the taxi at Pennsylvania Avenue and Gold Street.
Alarums and Excursions ( A & E ) is an amateur press association started in June 1975 by Lee Gold ( at the request of Bruce Pelz, who felt that discussion of Dungeons & Dragons was taking up too much space in Apa-L, the APA of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society ).
In the center of the helmet was a center black stripe surrounded by 2 gold stripes and 2 white stripes, These colors represented the two college rival schools in the state of Georgia ; rival schools Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets ( White and Gold ) and the Georgia Bulldogs ( Red and Black ) Although the gold was later taken out, the white remains to this day.
Behind The Eyes was eventually certified Gold by the RIAA.
The album was certified Gold in 2000.
It was followed in 1951 by the less successful Gold Rush story Paint Your Wagon.
Centerfielder Adam Jones was named to the 2009 All Star team and awarded a Gold Glove award for his defensive play.
Initially, it was relatively unsuccessful, staying at the charts for only one week, but Haley soon scored a major worldwide hit with a cover version of Big Joe Turner's " Shake, Rattle and Roll ", which went on to sell a million copies and became the first ever rock ' n ' roll song to enter British singles charts in December 1954 and became a Gold Record.
Mirroring the circumstances of his first union, Lita Grey was a teenage actress — originally set to star in The Gold Rush — whose surprise announcement of pregnancy forced Chaplin into marriage.
Soon after The Gold Rushs release he was at work on a new film: The Circus.
Chaplin could be inspired by tragic events when creating his films, as in the case of The Gold Rush ( 1925 ), which was inspired by the fate of the Donner Party.
Others believe it was a corrupted term of " Chilango ", meaning an inhabitant from Mexico City or Central Mexico ( i. e. the highland states of Mexico ( state ), Jalisco, Puebla ( state ) and Michoacán ); and even from the term " Chileno " by the Chilean presence in mid 19th-century California, when miners from Chile arrived in the California Gold Rush ( 1848 – 51 ).
This mix was included on the album Ayu-mi-x 6: Gold.
The Valley Gold investment scheme was created to help supporters fund the return to The Valley, and several players were also sold to raise funds.
They are named after the Biblical character Cush, who was traditionally identified as an ancestor of the speakers of these specific languages as early as AD 947 ( in Masudi's Arabic history Meadows of Gold ).
Alexander was awarded the First Gold Medal for Research by the American Institute of Architects in 1972.
In 2011, the Gold Coast and Hamburg Historic District was named as a 2011 America's Great Place by the American Planning Association.
It was certified as Gold Album by the Recording Industry Association of America and helped revive both Wynette's and Lynn's careers.
A second and more contemporary collaboration with Harris and Ronstadt, Trio II ( 1999 ), was released and its cover of Neil Young's " After the Gold Rush " won a Grammy Award for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals.
In 1612, a Dutch fortress was built in Mouree, along the Dutch Gold Coast.
After the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War, it became apparent that the Dutch West India Company was no longer capable of defending its own colonies, as Sint Eustatius, Berbice, Essequibo, Demerara, and some forts on the Dutch Gold Coast were rapidly taken by them.
Carmine Coppola wrote and edited the musical score, including the title song " Stay Gold ", which was based upon a famous Robert Frost poem and performed for the movie by Stevie Wonder.

Gold and switched
Soundsystem, which was certified Gold by the RIAA, was the last 311 album on Capricorn Records before the band switched to Volcano Records in 2000.
In 1962 she switched labels again, to Philips Records, where she recorded many singles and albums over a five year period, including Gold Country in 1966.
Despite its innovative characteristics, it wasn't a popular guitar, per se, and was discontinued in mid-2011, when Borland switched to Jackson Guitars, more or less beginning with the recording of Gold Cobra.
In the early 1880s, he helped his close friend Edward Morse Shepard organize the Young Men's Democratic Club of Brooklyn, took a part in the 1892 presidential campaign on behalf of Grover Cleveland, supported the Gold Democrats against William Jennings Bryan in 1896, then switched to more moderate monetary reform as a member of the executive committee of the Indianapolis Monetary Convention in 1897.
But most stations that do play post-1975 music have generally dropped the word " oldies " from their positioners, using identifiers such as " Super Hits ", " Classic Top 40 " or " The Greatest Hits of All Time " ( a la WRIT in Milwaukee, KLUV in Dallas / Fort Worth, WRBQ ( Q-105 ) in Tampa ) or " Classic Gold " ( a la the former format of CFCO in Chatham, Ontario, which has since switched to country music, or the now-defunct " Classic Gold " oldies-radio network in the United Kingdom ).
Rude switched his sights to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, making his intentions clear on August 28, 1993, when he was the guest on then-champion Ric Flair's " A Flair For the Gold " talk segment.
Gold Key Comics was created in 1962, when Western switched to in-house publishing rather than packaging content for branding and distribution by its business partner, Dell Comics.
WROR switched to another Drake-Chenault format, " Solid Gold Rock and Roll ", on November 1, 1970, evenly splitting the oldies and current music ; in early 1973, the station went to a full-time oldies format, eventually parting ways with Drake-Chenault later that year and adopting the name " The Golden Great 98 " ( Drake-Chenault's services were later utilized by WCOP-FM, now sister station WZLX, which competed with WROR in the oldies format from 1973 – 74 ).

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