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from Brown Corpus
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Japanese and want
`` When Konishi gets back with the jeep, I want you to round up two or three Japanese boys.
In March 2006, Michael Anthony spoke to Japanese rock magazine Burrn !, claiming the brothers did not want him on the 2004 reunion tour, although Hagar did ( and would not play without Anthony ), but he had to agree to reduced royalties and end absolutely all association with the band after the tour in terms of rights to using the name to promote himself.
Nintendo of America disliked the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2, which they found to be frustratingly difficult and otherwise little more than a modification of Super Mario Bros. As they did not want to risk the franchise's popularity, they canceled its stateside release and eventually decided on helping the original Japanese developers to revise a Japanese Family Computer Disk System game titled into Super Mario Bros. 2.
Polydor did not want a record to stir up emotion in the Japanese ; in response, Imawano re-released the album through an independent label with the track in question.
They are a major tourist attraction drawing Japanese couples, families or company groups who want to get away from the hectic life of the city to relax.
There was also a strong desire on the part of the Japanese government " to preserve the image of the Japanese people in the eyes of the world ": Japan did not want America to pass any legislation confronting the Japanese immigrants, in response to what happened to Chinese under the Chinese Exclusion Act.
The Japanese government did not want to harm their national pride or suffer humiliation like the Chinese government in 1882 from the Chinese Exclusion Act.
While he is somewhat curious ( and rather condescending ) of Japanese imperial customs, he is even more afraid of their officers, who seem all too happy to want to extract as many Race secrets as they can from him, by cruel physical torture if need be.
Forbes describes the cost of keeping up with new manga as " astronmical ", stating that " fans expecting to read any manga they want for free isn ’ t reasonable, but neither is it reasonable to expect your audience to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars a year to stay up to date with content that their Japanese kindred spirits can get for a quarter the cost.
" The term was coined by Yoshihiro Tatsumi and adopted by other more serious Japanese cartoonists who did not want their trade to be known as manga or " irresponsible pictures.
Eroge only gets released to PC because large Japanese game companies do not want to release games with sexual content on their game consoles.
It attracts many Japanese who want tranquility with beautiful natural surroundings and yet easy access from the busy cities in the Kansai metropolitan area including Osaka.
is a song Japanese children sing when it's snowing and they want to play outside.
His name is a pun on the Japanese phrase " Horitai zo " ( 掘りたいぞ ) or " I want to dig!
I only want to do harm to the Japanese and chase them away from this country as quickly as possible.
Dionnet had to insist during several months to finally discover that the Shochiku didn't want to release Sonatine abroad, claiming the movie was " too Japanese " and would not be accepted, nor understood, by western audiences.
Since the toy's announcement, it was strongly hinted that there would be a change made between the American and Japanese figures that " would make fans want to buy both versions ".
I want to thank the Japanese for having led the way .... Now I will continue with the objective of doubling the ( IMF ) resources ," he told reporters.
They want to " Buy American ," but the Japanese manufacturers seem to offer more of the type of cars Americans need and at a better price, and from more cooperative dealers.
Rez has claimed to want to marry a synthetic personality named Rei Toei, the Idoru ( Japanese Idol ) of the title, which is apparently impossible and therefore questioned by his loyal staff, particularly by his head of security, Keith Blackwell.

Japanese and increase
American chemists, seeking to increase exports of soybeans, have adapted modern techniques and fermentation methods to improve their use in such traditional Japanese foods as tofu and miso and in tempeh of Indonesia.
Standard Japanese has become prevalent nationwide ( including the Ryūkyū islands ) due to education, mass media, and an increase of mobility within Japan, as well as economic integration.
The Mayor of Kabul Muhammad Yunus Nawandish has brought many municipal reform efforts by the U. S. Agency for International Development ’ s “ Kabul City Initiative ” project, the World Bank, Japanese Government JICA and other International Donors to build municipal capacity, improve service delivery and infrastructure, and increase municipal revenue for a cleaner and greener Kabul.
During the reign of Empress Suiko, the Yamato court began sending full-scale diplomatic missions to China, which resulted in a large increase in Chinese literacy at the Japanese court.
However, for the rest of the 1980s as a whole, the Dow made a 228 % increase from the 838 level to 2, 753 ; despite the market crashes, Silver Thursday, an early 1980s recession, the 1980s oil glut, the Japanese asset price bubble and other political distractions such as the Soviet war in Afghanistan, the Falklands War, the Iran-Iraq War, the Second Sudanese Civil War and the First Intifada in the Middle East.
Mass clusters are clusters of suicides in time but not space, and have been linked to the broadcasting of information concerning celebrity suicides via the mass media Examples of celebrities whose suicides have inspired suicide clusters include Ruan Lingyu, the Japanese musicians Yukiko Okada and Hide, and Marilyn Monroe, whose death was followed by an increase of 200 more suicides than average for that August month.
Other species ( such as Nomura's jellyfish in Japanese waters ) may experience an increase in population that negatively affects other species.
In August 2005, the then Japanese Prime Minister, Junichiro Koizumi, proposed an amendment to the constitution in order to increase Japan's Defence Forces ' roles in international affairs.
In October 2007, Harmony or Node 2, was attached to Destiny ; also managed by MSFC, this gave connection hubs for European and Japanese modules as well as additional living space, allowing the ISS crew to increase to six.
That said, the apparent increase in support from Japanese animation studios for this new distribution model would suggest that it is working quite well, and the number of fansubbing groups has decreased as many people do not feel a need for fansubs when they can stream these shows legally and for free.
The increasing popularity of Japanese animation outside of Asia during the late 1990s led to an increase in American and other Western cosplayers who portray Japanese characters.
Although this contributed greatly to an increase in literacy and the educational standard, the curriculum was centered on Japanese language and history, with the intent of assimilation of the populace into loyal subjects of the Japanese Empire.
In the late 1980s, and in line with Japanese, French and German thinking of the time, British Rail put forward a track realignment scheme to raise speeds on the WCML ; a proposed project called InterCity 250, which entailed realigning parts of the line in order to increase curve radii and smooth gradients in order to facilitate higher speed running.
With the restrictions on entering the United States, the level of Japanese immigration to Latin America began to increase.
In the Japanese series Hunter x Hunter, the superpower system Nen has some similarity to Geis, in that an individual can increase their powers by upholding any vows or restrictions placed upon themselves and their techniques, and can suffer severe consequences if they break these.
The general meaning of X-up in Japanese is " this will increase your X " and this construction is regularly used in areas such as advertising.
: To reduce the risk of “ disturbances ” in Okinawa, Reischauer proposed an increase in U. S. aid, revision of the Price Act to increase compensation for owners of land the U. S. had seized for base construction, and a loosening of the ban on flying the Japanese flag.
After the 1950s, due to rapid Japanese economic growth, Odakyu was faced with an explosive increase of population along with its lines.
Hilling (: ja: 畝 | Japanese Une 畝 ) plough ed by a Hoe ( tool ) | hoe for scallion s to increase crop yield s.
Studies have also shown that Japanese listeners do not show a developmental increase in visual influence after the age of six, as English children do.
In 1940 as part of the overall mobilization of the Army Air Forces and in response to the increase of tensions between the United States and the Japanese Empire, two additional pursuit squadrons were transferred from the United States to the 4th Composite Group at Nichols Field:

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