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RDMA and Consortium
* RDMA Consortium

RDMA and have
Both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise MRG have support for RDMA.

RDMA and protocols
In particular, zero-copy RDMA protocols require that the memory pages involved in a transaction be pinned, at least for the duration of the transfer.
RDMA ( Remote Direct Memory Access ) protocols deeply rely on zero-copy techniques.

Software vendors such as Red Hat and Oracle Corporation support these APIs in their latest products, and network adapters that implement RDMA over Ethernet are being developed.

RDMA and for
* SCSI RDMA Protocol, for transferring SCSI commands and data between a SCSI initiator port and target port at an RDMA layer, i. e. Infiniband
In order to mitigate these problems, several techniques for interfacing with RDMA devices were developed:
* A Critique of RDMA for High-Performance Computing
* iSER, the iSCSI Extensions for RDMA computer network storage protocol

RDMA and by
RDMA supports zero-copy networking by enabling the network adapter to transfer data directly to or from application memory, eliminating the need to copy data between application memory and the data buffers in the operating system.
If this is not done, RDMA pages might be paged out to disk and replaced with other data by the operating system, causing the DMA engine ( which knows nothing of the virtual memory system maintained by the operating system ) to send the wrong data.
Much like other HPC interconnects, RDMA ’ s acceptance is currently limited by the need to install a different networking infrastructure.
Remote Direct Memory Access ( RDMA ) is permitted when supported by underlying networks such as Quadrics Elan, Myrinet, and InfiniBand.

RDMA and standards
However, new standards enable Ethernet RDMA implementation at the physical layer and TCP / IP as the transport, combining the performance and latency advantages of RDMA with a low-cost, standards-based solution.

RDMA and .
NFS over RDMA is an adaptation of NFS that uses RDMA as a transport.
In computing, remote direct memory access ( RDMA ) is a direct memory access from the memory of one computer into that of another without involving either one's operating system.
When an application performs an RDMA Read or Write request, the application data is delivered directly to the network, reducing latency and enabling fast message transfer.
RDMA reduces network protocol overhead, leading to improvements in communication latency.
The net result of not pinning the pages in a zero-copy RDMA system can be corruption of the contents of memory in the distributed system.
Microsoft supports RDMA in Windows Server 2012 via SMB Direct and native NIC Teaming.
Common RDMA implementations include the Virtual Interface Architecture, InfiniBand, and iWARP.
Lustre will take advantage of remote direct memory access ( RDMA ) transfers, when available, to improve throughput and reduce CPU usage.

Consortium and have
A Chianti may have a picture of a black rooster ( known in Italian as a gallo nero ) on the neck of the bottle, which indicates that the producer of the wine is a member of the Gallo Nero Consortium, an association of producers of the Classico sub-area sharing marketing costs.
Since 1996, the HTML specifications have been maintained, with input from commercial software vendors, by the World Wide Web Consortium ( W3C ).
Several major computer-related organizations have originated at MIT since the 1980s: Richard Stallman's GNU Project and the subsequent Free Software Foundation were founded in the mid-1980s at the AI Lab ; the MIT Media Lab was founded in 1985 by Nicholas Negroponte and Jerome Wiesner to promote research into novel uses of computer technology ; the World Wide Web Consortium standards organization was founded at the Laboratory for Computer Science in 1994 by Tim Berners-Lee ; the OpenCourseWare project has made course materials for over 2, 000 MIT classes available online free of charge since 2002 ; and the One Laptop per Child initiative to expand computer education and connectivity to children worldwide was launched in 2005.
In recent years, UCSF and UC Hastings have increased their collaboration, including the formation of the UCSF / Hastings Consortium on Law, Science, and Health Policy.
Carnegie Mellon students and faculty also have access to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh libraries through the Oakland Library Consortium.
CMU students and faculty also have access to the University of Pittsburgh library system, as well as the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, through the Oakland Library Consortium.
Through the Five College Consortium, students have access to more than 8 million volumes.
Later researchers have argued that the conclusion from the Human Genome Sequencing Consortium cannot be drawn due to a lack of a comprehensive gene database for comparison.
A connector specification that allows a slot-based peripheral to have direct connection to a microprocessor using a HyperTransport interface was released by the HyperTransport Consortium.
World Wide Web Consortium founder Tim Berners-Lee and free software movement founder Richard Stallman also have offices within.
' Several of Rendon's non-governmental clients also have headquarters in Kuwait: Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Kuwait University, American Housing Consortium, American Business Council of Kuwait, and KPMY / Peat Marwick.
The grammar schools have organised groupings to run their own tests, the Post-Primary Transfer Consortium ( mostly Catholic schools ) and the Association for Quality Education.
According to the Southwest Consortium for Environmental Research and Policy ( SCERP ), all streams and rivers in the border region have been ecologically devastated as a consequence of the maquila industry.
The three libraries of the Gregorian Consortium have nearly 1. 2 million volumes, particularly noteworthy in areas of theology, philosophy, culture, and literature.
Westinghouse and the AP1000 have been selected as the supplier and technology of choice for a combined total of at least 14 new plants announced by the NuStart Consortium, Duke Power, Progress Energy, Southern Nuclear and SCE & G.
In 2008 six European universities united to create the Master in International Communication ( MIC ), Hanze University Groningen have named themselves the Geert Hofstede Consortium
Selected from over 370 applications, Stockton's Town Team Consortium, comprising Stockton Council, Tees Music Alliance, Durham University Queen's Campus, town centre retailers, A Way Out and Stockton Heritage in Partnership, will have the opportunity to share in expert advice and guidance from a range of retail experts.
New methods of cooperation such as consortia and federations have been introduced within universities ( e. g., University of Turku and Turku School of Economics Consortium ).
Various versions of Narcissus Garden have been presented worldwide venues including Le Consortium, Dijon, 2000 ; Kunstverein Braunschweig, 2003 ; as part of the Whitney Biennial in Central Park, New York in 2004 ; and at the Jardin de Tuileries in Paris, 2010.
As a member of The Claremont College Consortium, Pitzer students have access to nearly all facilities available to students enrolled at the other colleges, in addition to all facilities administered by the Claremont College Consortium.
As part of the Five College Consortium, the UMass Amherst Libraries also have access to material from its partners in the Consortium: Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, and Smith College.
The Intelligent Transportation Systems Society of Canada ( ITS Canada ) has brought together a consortium, the Canada 511 Consortium, Nova Scotia, and the Yukon Territory each have 5-1-1 systems.
Implementors commonly build SOAs using web services standards ( for example, SOAP ) that have gained broad industry acceptance after recommendation of Version 1. 2 from the W3C ( World Wide Web Consortium ) in 2003.

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