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from Brown Corpus
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actual and function
It is uncertain what the actual role and function of Abraxas was in the Basilidian system, as our authorities often show no direct acquaintance with the doctrines of Basilides himself.
Some thinkers, for instance, have argued that the difference between fine art and applied art has more to do with the actual function of the object than any clear definitional difference.
In this case the actual functionality might be defined in a single generic function, which takes a string and returns the errors.
The final stage of the audition process in some orchestras is a test week, in which the performer plays with the orchestra for a week or two, which allows the conductor and principal players to see if the individual can function well in an actual performance setting.
The actual technical maintenance work of maintenance of the central Internet address pools and DNS root registries ICANN performs pursuant to the " IANA function " contract.
In Dutch, the image is commonly used for strict party discipline, e. g., eliminating actual debate when passing a law ( compare the Whip function in English ).
The notion of the noumenal can only function as a heuristic of reason, not as an actual something to be experienced by contingent beings.
Or understood as something more fundamental underlying an actual mass or density function.
The actual function of the actinofibrils is unknown, as is the exact material from which they were made.
3 is the actual parameter value that is substituted for the formal parameter in the function definition.
Described by the Government as " The oldest military formation in the Republic, nominated in the statutes of 1295 ", its uniform is medieval in design, and although it is a statutory military unit, it has no actual military function today.
Analysis of an actual experiment found that measurement alone ( for example by a Geiger counter ) is sufficient to collapse a quantum wave function before there is any conscious observation of the measurement.
These images are of an actual then-Soviet mountaintop site of disputed function.
However, the actual orbit differed from the planned and would not have allowed descent until 20 days postlaunch while the life support system was designed to function for only 10 days.
The time error function x ( t ) is the difference between expected nominal time and actual normal time
Noise temperature is generally a function of frequency, unlike that of an ideal resistor which is simply equal to the actual temperature of the resistor at all frequencies.
The actual value of a likelihood function bears no meaning.
The actual values of the function have no importance.
This represents the value ( or values ) of the argument x in the interval that minimizes ( or minimize ) the objective function x < sup > 2 </ sup > + 1 ( the actual minimum value of that function is not what the problem asks for ).
represents the pair ( or pairs ) that maximizes ( or maximize ) the value of the objective function, with the added constraint that x lie in the interval ( again, the actual maximum value of the expression does not matter ).
This can be likened to the funfair game " guess your weight ," where someone guesses the contestant's weight, with closer guesses being more correct, and where the guesser " wins " if he or she guesses near enough to the contestant's weight, with the actual weight being completely correct ( mapping to 1 by the membership function ).
* Controlling-is a function that evaluates quality in all areas and detects potential or actual deviations from the organization's plan.
This type of prototype will allow designers to explore the basic size, look and feel of a product without simulating the actual function or exact visual appearance of the product.

actual and communism
But one cannot escape the suspicion that all this non-stop harping on the misdeeds of the long liquidated `` anti-party '' group would be totally unnecessary if there were not, inside the party, some secret but genuine opposition to Khrushchev on vital doctrinal grounds, on the actual methods to be employed in the `` transition to communism '' and, last but not least, on foreign policy.
It has long been debated whether " war communism " represented an actual economic policy in the proper sense of the word or merely a set of desperate measures intended to win the civil war at any cost.
Thus pink could describe a " lighter form of communism ", purportedly promoted by supporters of socialism who were not themselves actual or " card carrying " communists.
Sociologist Irving Louis Horowitz argues that left-wing fascism in the United States consists of a rejection of American democracy and a devotion to socialism that is merely an idealized abstraction, combined with an unwillingness to confront the actual history of communism.
Although Bakdash is often referred to as the doyen or elder statesman of Arab communism, his actual influence on other Arab communist parties was not as great as this phrase might suggest.

actual and was
At this, the students let out a yell, knowing full well the actual frontier was beyond the town of Kehl.
He never let me know that my visit was about to terminate until the actual morning I was to leave for Lymington.
The actual impelling force which severed me from evangelical effort was of another sort.
and this first section was somehow preserved ( there are always these annoying little mysteries about the actual facts of Malraux's life ) when the Gestapo destroyed the rest.
In order to further refine the management of passenger vehicles, on July 1, 1958, the actual title to every vehicle was transferred, by Executive Order, to the Division of Methods, Research and Office Services.
that he was `` devoting an average of 100 hours a month to actual preaching publicly '', in addition to 50 to 75 hours in other ministerial duties, and that he opposed war in any form.
Its ground for this recommendation was that, while petitioner claimed before the local board August 17, 1956 ( as evidenced by its memorandum in his file of that date ), that he was devoting 100 hours per month to actual preaching, the headquarters of the Jehovah's Witnesses reported that he was no longer doing so and, on the contrary, had relinquished both his Pioneer and Bible Student Servant positions.
Timothy Palmer, who invented and later patented the arch type of construction for wooden bridges, was the genius who planned and supervised the building of the Essex, or `` Deer Island '' bridge although the actual work was carried out under the direction of William Coombs, who received $300 as recompense.
When I looked up the actual date of his birth and found it to be March 15th, I realized that Roy was born under the right zodiacal sign for a watercolorist: the water sign of Pisces ( February 18 thru March 20 ).
The actual pressure was not determined because the pressure was beyond the upper limit of the apparatus on hand.
Final ratings were made on the basis of a point system which was developed after studying the distributions of actual behaviors recorded and assigning weight values to each type of behavior that was deviant from the discovered norms.
Voting preparations began in the fall of 1959, although the actual demarcation and planning for the rural communes was completed in 1958.
The Summary Report, which was prepared for this Conference, indicates, first, that actual or pending school desegregation is increasing ; ;
It was for this reason, and no other that I can see, that in September 1912, Braque took the radical and revolutionary step of pasting actual pieces of imitation-woodgrain wallpaper to a drawing on paper, instead of trying to simulate its texture in paint.
If the symbolic name or actual address of an index word or electronic switch appears or is included in the operand of an XRELEASE or SRELEASE statement ( see page 101 ), the specified index word or electronic switch will again be made available, regardless of the method by which it was reserved.
At any rate, the substance of Eichmann's testimony was that all his actions flowed from his membership in the party and the SS, and though the Prosecutor did his utmost to prove actual personal hatred of Jews, his success on this score was doubtful and the anti-Semitic lesson weakened to that extent.
Her first actual flight, for she and her kind had made mock flights on dummy panels since she was eight, showed her complete mastery of the techniques of her profession.

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