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brief and preface
Regarding article 1 of the preface of Dei Verbum, Joseph Ratzinger writes, " The brief form of the Preface and the barely concealed illogicalities that it contains betray clearly the confusion from which it has emerged.
The publication is written in Classical Chinese and contains a preface, the alphabet letters ( jamo ), and brief descriptions of their corresponding sounds.
For example, he mentioned in the preface to chapter 15 that the chronicle records of the feudal states kept in the Zhou's archive were burnt by Qin Shihuang because they contained criticisms and ridicule of the Qin, and that the Qin annals were brief and incomplete.
The history of the problem is explored in fascinating detail in the preface to J. W. Camerer's brief Apollonii Pergaei quae supersunt, ac maxime Lemmata Pappi in hos Libras, cum Observationibus, & c ( Gothae, 1795, 8vo ).
His first appearance in print was, however, his preface to Robert Greene's Menaphon, which offers a brief definition of art and overview of contemporary literature.
As he writes in the preface to Testimony, Volkov's interviews with Shostakovich consisted of questions to which the composer provided " brief " and " reluctant " answers, and which Volkov compiled in a " mound of shorthand notes.
Long wrote a brief preface to the stillborn edition of Lovecraft's The Shunned House ( 1928 ).
According to Fihrist's brief preface, it is meant to be an index of all books written in Arabic, whether by Arabs or others.
The collection consists of 58 chapters, each with a brief preface traditionally attributed to Confucius.
The first paragraph of the preface makes the following brief statement about the agencies which led up to the formation of DTRA.
In the brief preface Dumage explains that these are his first works, and that he modelled him after the music of his former teacher Marchand.
The author includes a brief preface in the book stating that, due to restrictions of the magazine format, she could not develop the story as she wished and, consequently, " various short passages have been inserted, and several new chapters added.

brief and quotes
In a brief chapter dealing with `` Various Other Diagnoses '', he quotes isolated passages from some writers whose views seem to corroborate his own, and finds it `` most remarkable that a critical view of twentieth-century society was already held by a number of thinkers living in the nineteenth.
Tertullian, " On Monogamy " ch. vi quotes a brief phrase —" follow the better things "— from 3 John 1. 11 " Beloved, imitate not that which is evil, but that which is good ", a phrase that might also have been adapted from the Septuagint Psalm xxxvi.
He quotes the official history of the U. S. Army Air Forces ' brief reference to the Eighth Air Force attack on Royan and also, in the same chapter, to the bombing of Pilsen in what was then Czechoslovakia.
Imaginative accounts of the sun, voyaging at night from west to east in a golden bed, and of Jason the Argonaut voyaging to " Aeetes ' city, where the rays of the swift Sun lie in a golden storeroom at the edge of Oceanus ", survive in brief quotes by ancient authors.
* Some brief quotes, showing the Letters &# x27 ; influence on the American revolutionaries
Since the useful time-span of individual quotes is very brief, they generally had not been sent long distances ; aggregated summaries, typically for one day, were sent instead.
Dirk Pitt quotes a brief line of the Inchcape Rock by Robert Southey, " No stir in the air, no stir in the sea, the ship was still as she could be .” while describing his feelings when observing a completely automated vessel.
and quotes two brief epigrams about the town.
The New York Times, following the film's opening day at the Rivoli Theater ( Indianapolis, Indiana ), had just ' a few words-only a very few-about Q, offering a brief neutral synopsis and a couple of quotes.

brief and Shakespeare
* Siegfried de Rachewiltz, De Sirenibus: An Inquiry into Sirens from Homer to Shakespeare, 1987: chs: " Some notes on posthomeric sirens ; Christian sirens ; Boccaccio's siren and her legacy ; The Sirens ' mirror ; The siren as emblem the emblem as siren ; Shakespeare's siren tears ; brief survey of siren scholarship ; the siren in folklore ; bibliography "
A brief shot of William Shakespeare laughing uproariously is shown before the end credits.
Shakespeare follows Holinshed's account of Macduff closely, with his only deviations being Macduff's discovery of Duncan's body in 2. 3, and Macduff's brief conference with Ross in 2. 4.
Michal gives the following brief synopsis of the story: instead of being the literary genius the world thinks him to be, William Shakespeare does not pen his own plays ; instead, whenever he wants something written, he jabs a little pygmy woman who he keeps in a box and she, in turn, composes a play for him ( Shakespeare takes the credit ).

brief and
After a brief pause, Marlborough s equerry, Colonel Bringfield ( or Bingfield ), led up another of the Duke s spare horses ; but while assisting him onto his mount, the unfortunate Bringfield was hit by an errant cannonball that sheared off his head.
1977 saw a brief liaison with Arista Records that yielded the Prime Time album and, in October 1978, the single " It Doesn t Matter Anymore ".
The most popular film of the brief era of Stalinist musicals was Alexandrov s 1938 film Volga-Volga.
Dubcek s relaxation of censorship ushered in a brief period of freedom of speech and the press .< ref > Williams, Tieren.
The following year ( October 830 ), after a brief rebellion and reconciliation between Louis and his sons, Gregory declared that Louis second wife Judith was to be released from the convent where she had been forced to take the veil, and to be returned to Louis.
Boehm criticised Sadger s Die Lehre von den Geschlechtsverwirrugen ... auf psychoanalytischer Grundlage for its brief analyses, many of which lasted only weeks or months.
Following praise of St Helena s coffee given by Napoleon during his exile on the island, the product enjoyed a brief popularity in Paris during the years after his death.
Cromwell s brief instructions establishing the registration system did not specify what sort of register book was to be provided.
The vacuum of power created by Sidónio Pais murder on 14 December 1918, led the country to a brief civil war.
In his brief two years on the throne, King Radama II re-opened trade with Mauritius and Réunion, invited Christian missionaries and foreigners to return to Madagascar, and re-instated most of Radama I s reforms.
The bulk of the precipitation typically falls within August, the one month that forms the city s very brief wet season.
His brief reign saw an attempt to restore the Byzantine Empire s military capability and reputation.
The discussion above was just a brief overview of the process, so it s difficult for members of the public to delve into the issues and confront the models that planners use.
This conflicted with the government s need for the tax revenue generated by sales, leading to long intervals promoting manufacturing and consumption, punctuated by brief periods of severe restrictions and outright prohibition.
By 1340 the O Connor s regained possession of it, and, except for a few brief intermissions, they held it for two centuries until 1569, when Sir Henry Sidney, Lord Deputy seized it.
By 1966, the Society had found a permanent base at St Mark s Church Hall, Church Hill Rd, Surbiton, to which it has returned in September 2012 after a brief absence during the rebuilding of the church hall.
After a brief tenure at Matthew Boulton s Birmingham ( Soho ) Mint, Droz returned to France and in 1799 was appointed Keeper of the Coins and Medals at the Paris Mint, which post he held throughout the Napoleonic era.
Muldoon refused to accept official advice that devaluation was the only way to stop the currency crisis and provoked a brief constitutional crisis when he initially declined to implement the incoming government s instruction that he devalue.
The film ends with the narrator s brief poem for the lovers: " And all of our hearts free to let all things base go / As taught by Juliet and her Tromeo ".
There was a brief setback in 1858 when a tornado swept through the down damaging Cochrane s and Kent s house and twisting the newly laid rails, but growth quickly resumed.
It served as a model for labour colleges around the world, and Gandhi made a point of visiting during a brief stay in Oxford in 1931 because he had been so inspired by the writings of John Ruskin on workers education, just as the college founders had been.
Although his history as a supporting character was very brief, Uncle Ben is an overshadowing figure in Spider-Man s life, often appearing in flashbacks.

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