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camera and system
Alternatively, the image can be photographically recorded by exposing a photographic film or plate directly to the electron beam, or a high-resolution phosphor may be coupled by means of a lens optical system or a fibre optic light-guide to the sensor of a CCD ( charge-coupled device ) camera.
In 1985, Minolta introduced a new autofocus SLR camera system named " Maxxum " in the United States.
The despun section's instruments included the camera system ; the near infrared mapping spectrometer to make multi-spectral images for atmospheric and moon surface chemical analysis ; the ultraviolet spectrometer to study gases ; and the photo-polarimeter radiometer to measure radiant and reflected energy.
Korotkov's GDV camera system consists of hardware and software to directly record, process and interpret GDV images with a computer.
There are two types: ( 1 ) a telescopic rod lens system, that is usually connected to a video camera ( single chip or three chip ), or ( 2 ) a digital laparoscope where the charge-coupled device is placed at the end of the laparoscope, eliminating the rod lens system.
Multiple incisions are required for technology such as the " Da Vinci " system, which uses a console located away from the patient, with the surgeon controlling a camera, vacuum pump, saline cleansing solution, cutting tools, etc.
* The stabilisation of the camera picture because the whole static workload is conveyed by the assistance system.
Nikon F of 1959 — an early example of 135 film | 35 mm film system camera
The 1994 film version of The Shadow includes a sequence in which the camera follows a message capsule as it speeds through a pneumatic tube system.
Physical examination of the nervous system is typically normal apart from the presence of papilledema, which is seen on examination of the eye with a small device called an ophthalmoscope or in more detail with a fundus camera.
A single-lens reflex ( SLR ) camera is a camera that typically uses a mirror and prism system ( hence " reflex ", from the mirror's reflection ) that permits the photographer to view through the lens and hence see exactly what will be captured, contrary to viewfinder cameras where the image could be significantly different from what will be captured.
The Canon Pellix film camera was an exception to the moving mirror system, wherein the mirror was a fixed beamsplitting pellicle.
Another 35 mm camera system that used a rotary shutter, was the Robot Royal cameras, most of which were rangefinder 35 mm cameras.
Other medium-format SLRs also using leaf shutters include the now discontinued Zenza-Bronica camera system lines such as the Bronica ETRs, the ETRs ' i ( both producing a 6 × 4. 5 cm.
Rollei later switched to a camera system of leaf-shutter design, ( i. e., the 6006 and 6008 reflexes to name a few ) and their current medium-format SLRs are now all of the between-the-lens shutter design.
File: Nikonf. jpg | The 35 mm film-based Nikon F, 1959, the world's first single-lens reflex system camera
Remarkably, in 1927 Baird also invented the world's first video recording system, " Phonovision ": by modulating the output signal of his TV camera down to the audio range, he was able to capture the signal on a 10-inch wax audio disc using conventional audio recording technology.
In 1926, Hungarian engineer Kálmán Tihanyi designed a television system utilizing fully electronic scanning and display elements, and employing the principle of " charge storage " within the scanning ( or " camera ") tube.
Originally, the show was to be filmed with a special effects camera system developed by Doug Trumbull called Magicam.
When the area of the sampling spot ( the size of the pixel sensor ) is not large enough to provide sufficient spatial anti-aliasing, a separate anti-aliasing filter ( optical low-pass filter ) is typically included in a camera system to further blur the optical image.
It also found itself popular among the academic world for research and analysis of audio, and for more clandestine operations, such as speech analysis and manipulation by the intelligence services, submarine sonar and sound analysis by the Navy, flight simulators for Boeing, and even by NASA as the core of the digital camera system on board the Galileo Probe sent to study and photograph Jupiter and its moons.

camera and was
I seized the rack and made a western-style flying-mount just in time, one of my knees mercifully landing on my duffel bag -- and merely wrecking my camera, I was to discover later -- my other knee landing on the slivery truck floor boards and -- but this is no medical report.
In all of this extensive and expensive effort, the camera was downgraded to the status of recording instrument for art work produced elsewhere by the actor or by the author.
He was in his car with his camera and equipment bag in less than two minutes, and it took him only three more to reach the corner, a block from Columbus Avenue.
When arrested, he had the submarine secrets on a roll of candid camera film as well as anti-submarine secrets in Christmas gift wrapping, it was testified.
A $25 billion advertising budget in an $800 billion economy was envisioned for the 1970s here Tuesday by Peter G. Peterson, head of one of the world's greatest camera firms, in a key address before the American Marketing Assn..
The day's next task was to deploy the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package ( ALSEP ); while they were parking the lunar rover, on which the TV camera was mounted, to observe the deployment, the rear steering began functioning without explanation.
* 2007: On September 16, 2007, hunter Rick Jacobs captured an image of a supposed Sasquatch by using an automatically triggered camera attached to a tree, prompting a spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Game Commission to say that it was likely an image of " a bear with a severe case of mange.
The conclusion of the countdown was altered in 2008 to feature the new presentation style, rather than a data stream moving in towards the camera.
In the documentary " Eat the Sun " ( 2011-Peter Sorcher ), he was caught on camera eating a big meal in a restaurant on 500 Haight Street, San Francisco, U. S. A.
In the final scene he even shows, on camera, the crane he was able to rent with his budget by including it in the scene somewhat.
The use of a Polaroid camera was standard but has since been replaced by the advent of digital cameras.
He did not go so far as to say that the photographs showed fairies, stating only that " these are straight forward photographs of whatever was in front of the camera at the time ".
Subsequent investigations proved that the appearance of flying rods on video was an optical illusion created by the slower recording speed of the camera.
Spending $ 478. 28 of that on purchasing the second-hand Bolex camera " of dreams ," Lynch produced a new animated short, but upon getting the film developed, realized that the result was simply a blurred, frameless print.
The camera was broken and what I've done hasn't turned out.
Archer, like Hammett's fictional heroes, was a camera eye, with hardly any known past.
Arriving in an open-top Mercedes convertible, the singer waved to the crowd in a gesture that some alleged was a Nazi salute, which was captured on camera and published in NME.
Leveritt also mistakenly presumed that the crime scene video was shot minutes after Detectives Mike Allen and Bryn Ridge recovered two of the bodies, when in fact the camera was not available for almost thirty minutes afterward.
Vertov is known for many early writings, mainly while still in school, that focus on the individual versus the perceptive nature of the camera lens, which he was known to call his " second eye ".
The mission was saved when the MICAS camera was reprogrammed to substitute for the star tracker.
This, plus Braille's lower albedo, meant that the asteroid was not bright enough for the autonav to focus the camera in the right direction, and the picture shoot was delayed by almost an hour.

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