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club and hosts
In the South of the city you can find Aachen's biggest tennis club " TC Grün Weiss ", which hosts the famous ATP Tournament once a year.
However the club also hosts home matches at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Docklands Stadium ( currently also known by its sponsorship name as " Etihad Stadium ").
USA Ultimate also hosts a national Junior's club team tournament and sends a representative team to the World Junior Ultimate Championships, held every two years.
The club hosts their annual regattas on the River Soar, typically held in mid-April which sees competitors from all over the UK race over a course.
He now hosts The Coalition Chart Show on East Village Radio, which streams from New York, and works as a club DJ.
The town hosts a football club named R. A. E. C.
It hosts the Danville Braves baseball club of the Appalachian League.
* Cannon Grange, " a kind of 4-H club for adults ," hosts an annual fair.
The fairgrounds also contains a modern rodeo arena that hosts the Olla Rodeo, sponsored by the local Kiwanis International club, annually.
* In May, the Kiwanis club hosts the Apple Blossom Parade and Carnival.
It also hosts an annual swim meet with a club from Derry, Northern Ireland.
The town officially hosts the Greeneville Astros baseball club of the Appalachian League, though the club actually plays in nearby Tusculum.
Juliet High School hosts a student-run news program called BNN ( Bear News Network ) on Channel 9 each school day for a short period with club meetings and announcements and the station runs the rest of the time with school and community information in the form of a slide presentation.
Pasco's Gesa Stadium hosts the Tri-City Dust Devils baseball club of the Northwest League.
The town hosts the Princeton Rays baseball club of the Appalachian League.
Broome hosts a lawn bowling club and a golf club.
* Ox Ridge Hunt Club – On, the club hosts a popular annual horse show held since 1926.
There is a local community centre, the Folk Hall, which hosts activities such as keep-fit, yoga, snooker, and a junior youth club.
McCoy is drunk at a posh medical dinner ; Scott is teaching Engineering while the Bird of Prey from The Voyage Home is pulled from San Francisco Bay ; Uhura hosts a call-in radio show and is glad to escape ; and Chekov is playing chess at a club.
* Maasmechelen hosts the football club named K. Patro Maasmechelen.
The club has hosted the World Science Fiction Convention several times, initiated the regional science-fiction convention Westercon, and hosts a yearly science fiction convention called Loscon.
It maintains a web site and discussion forum, publishes ( at irregular intervals ) an amateur magazine called Shangri L ' Affaires, and hosts the collations of a weekly amateur press association, APA-L, as well as its own official monthly publication, De Profundis, named for the club motto, De Profundis ad Astra (" From the Depths to the Stars ").
The school holds dances about once a month and annually, Magnet hosts a talent show and the Coffee House, which is put together by the drama club.

club and wide
Upon his return to England, Chapman became involved with the Dangerous Sports Club ( an extreme sports club which introduced bungee jumping to a wide audience ).
Intramural and club sports are offered in a wide variety of activities such as Jiu Jitsu, water polo, and crew.
Originally an X-rated movie theater this striptease club pioneered lap dancing in 1980, and was a major force in popularizing it in strip clubs on a nationwide and eventually world wide basis.
: One of the busiest areas of the club, this wide, spacious area has at least thirty tables that can seat over 120 people.
Given the wide variety of clientele at the club, which includes Willie the Giant and Elliott the Dragon, the amount of seating at the club could vary wildly at times.
Additionally, RIT has a wide variety of club, intramural, and pick-up sports and teams to provide a less-competitive recreational option to students.
Maywood Avenue School ( 4-8 ; 493 ), which offers a wide variety of after school activities ranging from cheerleading to chess club, and where all students have the opportunity to contribute to their school newspaper, The Hawk, and eighth graders may assist with their yearbook.
This was the final spur for Gabriel Hanot, the editor of L ' Équipe, who had long campaigned for a Europe wide club tournament to be played under floodlights.
A wide portfolio of important 20th century musical acts appeared at the club.
The Manchester Museum of Science and Industry now holds a variety of Hacienda and Factory records artefacts, including the main loading bay doors from the club, and a wide array of posters, fliers and props.
He switched to offense as a wide receiver for his second season with the club and ranked second in the NFL for receiving yardage, with 997 yards on fifty-six catches, including seven touchdowns.
At the start of the 21st century, ties widened to wide, with a broad range of patterns available, from traditional stripes, foulards, and club ties ( Ties with a crest or design signifying a club, organization, or order ) to abstract, themed, and humorous ones.
Modern ties appear in a wide variety of colours and patterns, notably striped ( usually diagonally ); club ties ( with a small motif repeated regularly all over the tie ); foulards ( with small geometric shapes on a solid background ); paisleys ; and solids.
St Kilda has a wide range of other minor sports including the Collegians-X hockey club, the St Kilda baseball club, an ultimate disc club and several social soccer clubs.
These organizations offer students a wide range of sports, cultural activities ranging from all levels of sports like field hockey, rowing and rugby to extremes like kitesurfing, glider-flying, all for student-friendly prices and development aid organisations and encouragement to start a new club of some sort at all times.
The club caters for a wide range of ages from 11 +.
These scarves come in a wide variety of sizes and are made in a club's particular colours and may contain the club crest, pictures of renowned players, and various slogans relating to the history of the club and its rivalry with others.
The college has a wide range of thriving student clubs and societies, including a boat club, rugby club, music society, Geographical Society ( HUGS — Homerton Undergraduate Geographical Society ), weekly discussion group ( The King's Head Society ), allotment society, and a resident drama society-HATS ( Homerton Amateur Theatrical Society ).
A new Students ' Union venue opened in October 2008 called TEN squared, which provides a hub for students to socialise in during the day and hosts a wide range of evening entertainment including club nights, society events and quiz nights.

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