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company and existed
The word “ frooglepoopillion ” is occasionally used for an extremely large number, a word coined by the marketing department at the company where Dilbert works, in a strip where it was revealed that the company owed so much money that no word existed to describe the number.
Although the brand originates from the original 1947 model, Land Rover as a company has only existed since 1978, prior to this it was a product line of the Rover Company which was subsequently absorbed into the Rover-Triumph division of the British Leyland Motor Corporation ( BL ) following Leyland Motor Corporation ’ s takeover of Rover in 1967.
Microware Systems Corporation existed as a separate entity from 1977 until September 2001, when it was bought by RadiSys Corp., and became a division of that company.
The company was reorganized and initially renamed General Instruments Inc. Because there already existed a firm named General Instrument, the company was renamed Texas Instruments that same year.
It existed because at the time the złoty was not convertible and its official rate of exchange was set by the Government, and there existed several exchange rates depending on the purpose of the transaction and who was exchanging, i. e. given amount in złoty could be exchanged for say US dollars at one of several official exchange rates depending on what was to be bought for the hard currency and the company that was buying foreign exchange ; it worked similarly when a company had some earnings in Western currency and wanted ( or had ) to convert them into złotych.
* Morbidelli or Morbidelli-Benelli Armi, an Italian motorcycle company that existed from 1976 to 1990
The two brands existed because the StarOffice brand was owned by another company in certain Asian countries.
Among ancient Christian pseudepigrapha, one Book of Enoch states that He who is called “ Son of man ,” who existed before the worlds were, is seen by Enoch in company with the “ Ancient of Days ”
* Santa Cruz Operation, a company founded in 1979 that existed under that name until 2001
Electronics Boutique, when it existed as an independent company, had its headquarters in West Goshen Township.
This company existed as Mawson, Swan and Morgan until 1973, formerly located on Grey Street in Newcastle upon Tyne near Grey's Monument.
Charlton Comics was an American comic book publishing company that existed from 1946 to 1985, having begun under a different name ( T. W. O.
The former helped to popularise the format for horror films — although they had existed as far back as Unheimliche Geschichten ( 1919 )— and British company Amicus made several such films in the 1960s and 1970s.
The Grand Junction Railway ( GJR ) was an early railway company in the United Kingdom, which existed between 1833 and 1846 when it was merged into the London and North Western Railway.
The Midland Counties Railway ( MCR ) was a railway company in the United Kingdom which existed between 1832 and 1844, connecting Nottingham, Leicester and Derby with Rugby and thence, via the London and Birmingham Railway, to London.
The concept of limited liability created by these laws inspired the legal establishment of the limited liability company form in other countries, although the concept of a limited liability company already existed in the United Kingdom.
Securitas AB, owns the Swiss security company Protectas AG, in Switzerland there already existed a security company called Securitas AG, part of the Swiss Securitas Group.
It existed in the company of dinosaurs.

company and until
His company then carried out a confused retreating movement until it was surrounded by the Germans, a few days before France capitulated.
* STN Atlas Elektronik GmbH was a German defence company producing electronics until 2003
Postal service in Belgium is in many cases performed by Belgian Post Group, a semi-privat public company which has as a monopoly on letters until 50g weight.
Nielsen remained with the company until January 2009, when he accepted the position of Chief Operating Officer at VMware ; CFO Erik Prusch then took over as Acting President and CEO.
The San Jose Mercury News reported that, " Philippe Kahn, who founded the company in 1983 and headed it until 1994, called the deal a ' great fit and synergism for both companies and excellent outcome for employees, customers and shareholders.
* The CEO-The PFY's uncle Brian from 1996 until 2000, when the BOFH and PFY moved on to a new company
A company undergoing Chapter 11 reorganization is effectively operating under the " protection " of the court until it emerges.
" Tramiel gave this account in many interviews, but Opel's Commodore didn't debut until 1967, years after the company had been named.
Ben Rosen provided the venture capital financing for the fledging company and served as chairman of the board for 18 years from 1983 until September 28, 2000, when he retired and was succeeded by Michael Capellas who served as the last Chairman and CEO until its merger with HP.
The company organization of each camp had a dual-authority supervisory staff: firstly, Department of War personnel or Reserve officers ( until 1 July 1939 ), a " company commander " and junior officer, who were responsible for overall camp operation, logistics, education and training ; and secondly, ten to fourteen technical service civilians, including a camp " superintendent " and " foreman ," employed by either the Departments of Interior or Agriculture, responsible for the particular field work.
From 1580 until two years before his death, Oxford was the patron of a company of players.
Lyly installed Henry Evans, a Welsh scrivener and theatrical affectionado, as the manager of the new company of Oxford's Boys, composed of the Children of the Chapel and the Children of Paul's, and turned his talents to play writing until the end of June, 1584, when the original playhouse lease was voided by its owner.
The most successful motion picture company in the United States, with the largest production until 1900, was the American Mutoscope company.
By 1905, Pathé was the largest film company in the world, a position it retained until World War I. Léon Gaumont began film production in 1896, with his production supervised by Alice Guy.
The Khanzhonkov company quickly became much the largest Russian film company, and remained so until 1918.
The rights to the series remained with Granada until Carlton's recent acquisition of the company.
Eric was brought up in the company of his mother and sisters, and apart from a brief visit in the summer of 1907, they did not see the husband and father Richard Blair until 1912.
The name Gibtelecom begun to be used in July 2002, and as of 1 October 2003 this name was formally adopted by the company ( which up until then was still Gibraltar Nynex Communications ).
The gun was not accepted by the Union Army until 1866, but a " sales engineer " of the manufacturing company demonstrated it in combat.
Considered by most to have been the first mercenary company in Western Europe, the Catalan Company proceeded to occupy the Duchy of Athens, which they placed under the protection of a prince of the House of Aragon and ruled until 1379.
During this time, HMBB was the first company to assemble bodies for Ford Australia until their Geelong, plant was completed.

company and 1994
In 1994, Commodore filed for bankruptcy and its assets were purchased by Escom, a German PC manufacturer, who created the subsidiary company Amiga Technologies.
According to Autodesk company information, the AutoCAD software is now used in a range of industries, employed by architects, project managers and engineers, amongst other professions, and as of 1994 there had been 750 training centers established across the world to educate users about the company's primary products.
In October 1994, Borland sold Quattro Pro and Paradox to Novell for $ 140 million in cash, repositioning the company on its core software development tools and the Interbase database engine and shifting toward client-server scenarios in corporate applications.
The company was converted into the Bermuda-registered Bunge International in 1994, retaining the Bunge y Born name only in Argentina.
* Commodore International ( also known as Commodore Business Machines ), a computer company founded in 1954 and declared bankrupt in 1994, or several of its products and affiliates, including:
The company declared bankruptcy in April 1994.
Second Commodore logo, with mixed-case company name ( 1985 – 1994 ).
An article in the US newspaper Baltimore Sun reported in 1995 that European aerospace company Airbus lost a $ 6 billion contract with Saudi Arabia in 1994 after the US National Security Agency reported that Airbus officials had been bribing Saudi officials to secure the contract.
In 1994, Davis's company, Paws, Inc., purchased all rights to the strips from 1978 to 1993 from United Feature.
In 1994, the company purchased all rights to the Garfield comic strips from 1978 to 1993 from United Feature Syndicate.
The company merged in 1994 with Allied Lyons to become Allied Domecq.
The company was founded in 1994 in Sweden by Christian von Koenigsegg, with the intention of producing a world-class supercar.
In order to make money for his newly founded company, he made The Kingdom ( Riget, 1994 ) and The Kingdom II ( Riget II, 1997 ), a pair of miniseries recorded in the Danish national hospital, the name " Riget " being a colloquial name for the hospital known as Rigshospitalet ( lit.
During SGI's ownership of MIPS, the company introduced the R8000 in 1994 and the R10000 in 1996 and a follow up the R12000 in 1997.
In 1994, the investment communication company ( OJSC “ Sviazinvest ”) was established by the Presidential Decree # 1989 dated 10 October 1994 “ On the specific features of the state management of the electric communication network for public use in Russian Federation ”.
This new wave of TB-303 clones began with a company called Novation Electronic Music Systems, who released their portable Bass Station keyboard in 1994.
In the following years, Škoda became the fourth brand of the German group, as the Volkswagen Group raised its equity share first on December 19, 1994 to 60. 3 %, followed on December 11, 1995 to 70 % and finally taking 100 % ownership of the company on May 30, 2000.
On January 8, 1994, Hayao Nakayama, then CEO of Sega, ordered his company to make a 32-bit cartridge based console that would be in stores by Christmas 1994.
In 1994, Tandy Corporation offered O ' Sullivan as a public company.
After Rational Software Corporation hired James Rumbaugh from General Electric in 1994, the company became the source for the two most popular object-oriented modeling approaches of the day: Rumbaugh's Object-modeling technique ( OMT ), which was better for object-oriented analysis ( OOA ), and Grady Booch's Booch method, which was better for object-oriented design ( OOD ).
In 1992, chairman Lee Iacocca retired, and the company began a remarkable revival, introducing the new LH platform and " Cab-Forward " styling, along with a highly successful redesign of the full-sized Dodge Ram in 1994.
In 1991, Hawker Siddeley was absorbed by BTR Aerospace Group .</ br > In 1994, Hawker Pacific Aerospace merged with Dunlop Aviation Inc and in 1996, Hawker Pacific Aerospace was sold </ br > by BTR and became a stand-alone company.

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