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crematorium and mausoleum
While the LNC never built its own crematorium, in 1910 Lord Cadogan decided he no longer wanted to be interred in the mausoleum he had commissioned at Brookwood.
Sir Henry Doulton's mausoleum with crematorium in the background

crematorium and designed
The crematorium in Golders Green was designed by the architect Sir Ernest George and his partner Alfred Yeates.
* Ernest George, English architect ( and who designed this crematorium with Alfred Yeates )
Some locations are drawn to resemble Twentieth Century cities, with civil buildings, museums, pubs, shopping centers and so on ; a few levels are centered upon a particular location, like a mortuary, train station, carnival, sewer, hospital or lumber mill, and each is designed to include elements typical of these places ( e. g. a crematorium in the mortuary, attractions at the carnival and so on ).
It was built to complement an existing crematorium designed by Cahill in 1895.

crematorium and by
In 1982, a crematorium was constructed within the cemetery grounds by Glasnevin Trust.
The land for the crematorium was purchased in 1900, costing £ 6, 000, and the crematorium was opened in 1902 by Sir Henry Thompson.
Over 70 SS men were killed, including two who were pushed alive into a crematorium oven after being stabbed by a member of the Sonderkommando.
A crematorium may be part of a chapel or a funeral home or may be an independent facility or a service offered by a cemetery.
Cremations can be " delivery only ", with no preceding chapel service at the crematorium ( although a church service may have been held ) or preceded by a service in one of the crematorium chapels.
An official certificate of cremation prepared under the authority of the crematorium accompanies the remains, and if required by law, the permit for disposition of human remains, which must remain with the cremated remains.
In 2002 the city was also struck by floods during which the crematorium was damaged.
On 5 February 1945, 30-year-old Lilian Rolfe was executed by the Germans and her body disposed of in the crematorium.
Eventually shipped to Ravensbrück concentration camp, sometime between 25 January 1945 and 5 February 1945, 29-year-old Denise Madeleine Bloch was executed by the Germans and her body disposed of in the crematorium.
Initially, the camp did not have a gas chamber of its own and the so-called Muselmänner, or prisoners who were too sick to work, after being maltreated, under-nourished or exhausted, were then transferred to other concentration camps for extermination ( mostly to the infamous Hartheim Castle, which was away ), or killed by lethal injection and cremated in the local crematorium.
Shortly after, Yumiko follows a funeral procession and lingers at the crematorium, until Tamio arrives by car to pick her up, at which point she says she just wants to know why Ikuo killed himself.
The crematorium was founded by Tommy Marsh in the mid-1970s and was located in the Noble community in northwest Georgia, north of the city of LaFayette.
František Louka, a middle-aged Czech man dedicated to bachelorhood and the pursuit of women, is a concert cellist struggling to make out a living by playing funerals at the Prague crematorium.
In 1892 a crematorium opened in Manchester, followed by one in Glasgow in 1895 and one in Liverpool in 1896.
His funeral service, held at the city's Morriston crematorium, was attended by hundreds of people including many famous footballers.
The Avatar volunteers, but Sir Dupre, driven by guilt for the deeds he committed while possessed by the Bane of Wantonness, insists on sacrificing himself instead and hurls himself into the crematorium.
Brigitte escapes to the disused crematorium, in the basement, by crawling through air vents following Ghost's trail marks.
Clashing with the beast, Brigitte's leg is broken by the werewolf, but her transformation is so advanced, she heals immediately, and makes her escape after burning the beast in the crematorium.
The estimated number of victims is 80-2700, with 43 being accounted for specifically: 24 bodies gathered in the city were burned in the crematorium of the former concentration camp in Terezín on 1 August ; a list was made of the 17 missing clerks from the Schicht factory, who were returning from work by way of the bridge at the time of the explosion ; and two are mentioned in other sources.
The rest of the camp documents were burned by escaping SS overseers in pits or in the crematorium.

crematorium and wall
Here's a wall of flame, a mile high, five miles ( 8 km ) wide, traveling 90 to, hotter than a crematorium, turning sand into glass.
The resulting explosion demolishes most of the house and spits the money up through the crematorium chimney and onto the throngs of people waiting outside ; Daddy is thrown through the corral wall and into the sewer, where he dies.

crematorium and along
In 1893, a crematorium was added to the cemetery, along with other features like a scattering garden, an indoor columbarium and an outdoor columbarium.

crematorium and with
In an interview with The Times, Curbishley quipped, " I emailed back saying Keith now resides in Golders Green crematorium, having lived up to the Who's anthemic line ' I hope I die before I get old '... If they have a round table, some glasses and candles, we might contact him.
The only documentary evidence that suggests that such a move would be possible is in the will of Pavlova's husband, who stipulated that if Russian authorities agreed to such a move and treated her remains with proper reverence, then the crematorium caretakers should agree to it.
In July 1891 he proposed that the LNC build its own crematorium and columbarium ( building for the storage of cremated remains ) within the cemetery, with the ultimate goal of taking over all funeral arrangements for the Cremation Society.
On 6 July 1944, Rowden, Leigh, Borrel, and Olschanezky were shipped to the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp in the Vosges Mountains of Alsace ( France ), where they are thought to have been injected with phenol and disposed of in the crematorium.
Later that day they were injected with phenol and placed in the crematorium furnace.
It is a mixture of cleared, manicured, and mature landscaping, and includes Anglican and unconsecrated burial grounds, a crematorium, memorial gardens, columbarium, recordia, chapel, vaults and catacombs on top of a gently rolling hill, with views across South London.
Later that day, they were injected with phenol and put in the crematorium furnace.
His work fell out of favour after the Second World War and at the time of his death he had slipped into obscurity, with only a handful of mourners at his funeral, held at Golders Green crematorium.
The crematorium, with its remarkable Faith, Hope, and Holy Cross Chapels was Gunnar Asplund's final work of architecture, opened shortly before his passing in 1940.
Police, accompanied with immediate family members carried the body to crematorium ...
So it came to pass whilst lying in her coffin, in the crematorium, the Oddballs were confronted with all her loving family, tears and all.
During her stint at The Edge, Noel appeared on ABC Television's Wife Swap as a shock jock who traded lives with a woman who ran a pet crematorium.
* Bikaner-Devi Kund near Bikaner is the royal crematorium place with a number of cenotaphs.
Entirely with their own funds, survivors bought the plot of land surrounding the crematorium and built the Gusen Memorial, dedicated on May 8, 1965.
He was seen yelling at someone in Bump And Grind, grabs a camera from a man taking pictures of a dead hooker in Man Up, loudly tells Brass about an irate witness being a jerk who claimed that the victim had a young daughter in 418 / 427, and physically stops two shady crematorium workers with a wooden plank, much to Nick's amazement.

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