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entrepreneurs and who
In his book The Myth of the Robber Barons, Burton W. Folsom, Jr. distinguished those that engage in crony capitalism — designated by him " political entrepreneurs "— from those who compete in the marketplace without special aid from government, whom he calls " market entrepreneurs " who succeed " by producing a quality product at a competitive price "
The entrepreneurs who commit the worst errors by forming the least accurate expectations of future consumer demands incur financial losses.
Those entrepreneurs who anticipate future market trends therefore waste the least amount of real capital and find the most favorable terms for finance on markets for financial capital.
The value of capital goods is brought into line with the value of future consumer goods through competition in financial markets, because competition for profits among capitalists financiers rewards entrepreneurs who value capital more correctly ( i. e. anticipating future prices more correctly ) and eliminates capitalists who value capital least correctly.
For example, J. B. Clark saw the co-ordinating function in production and distribution as being served by entrepreneurs ; Frank Knight introduced managers who co-ordinate using their own money ( financial capital ) and the financial capital of others.
The sociologist C. Wright Mills refers to " new entrepreneurs " who work within and between corporate and government bureaucracies in new and different ways.
With the advent of the Union and the demise of Jacobitism, access to London and the Empire opened up very attractive career opportunities for ambitious middle-class and upper-class Scots, who seized the chance to become entrepreneurs, intellectuals, and soldiers.
Rich merchants, industrialists, and entrepreneurs were arrested by Chiang, who accused them of being " counterrevolutionary ", and Chiang held them until they gave money to the Kuomintang.
Also, as a result, several entrepreneurs who had borrowed money denominated in foreign currency suddenly faced insurmountable debt.
Telecommunications entrepreneurs who had hoped for a sweeping deregulation will be facing a regime of guided deregulation instead.
This was followed by a wave of Sinhalese migrants who worked for Italian entrepreneurs in the early 1980s.
Major entrepreneurs were ethnically Chinese who eventually became Siamese nationals.
He discovered a correlation between working with former entrepreneurs and how often these individuals become entrepreneurs themselves, compared to those who did not work with entrepreneurs ( Rigoglioso 2009 ).
Hunter has studied the experiences of 133 entrepreneurs who started commercial enterprises between 1880 and 1910.
The iron industry was pursued by both private entrepreneurs who owned their own smelters as well as government-supervised smelting facilities.
In the 1980s, there was an attempt by unknown entrepreneurs to seek from Rupert Murdoch, who owned The Times, the right to use the Times Roman name ; separately, a legal action was also initiated to clarify the right of Monotype to use the name in the US despite Linotype's registration.
Other colonies succumbed during the late 20th century to cultural entrepreneurs who have redeveloped villages in the effort to simulate, within certain kitsch parameters, the ' authentic ' appearance of the colony during its artistic heyday.
: He was part of a forward-looking group of entrepreneurs in this country and abroad who believed that providing better living conditions for their workers resulted in better workers … Milton Hershey conceived of building a community that would support and nurture his workers.

entrepreneurs and form
If the seller is a competitive firm, the tax burden is distributed over the factors of production depending on the elasticities thereof ; this includes workers ( in the form of lower wages ), capital investors ( in the form of loss to shareholders ), landowners ( in the form of lower rents ), entrepreneurs ( in the form of lower wages of superintendence ) and customers ( in the form of higher prices ).
* social movement entrepreneurs and protest organizations are the catalysts which transform collective discontent into social movements ; social movement organizations form the backbone of social movements
This meant a ready supply of cattle bones, and local entrepreneurs, Thomas Frye and Edward Heylyn, developed a means to mix this with clay and create a form of fine porcelain, said to rival the best from abroad, and this became known as Bow Porcelain.
Another current project is the Club's Social Entrepreneurship series, interviews with American social entrepreneurs that form the basis of the book The Real Problem Solvers, by Ruth Shapiro, which is schedule to be released by Stanford University Press in Fall 2012.
In December 1994, two entrepreneurs from the Turks and Caicos Islands, Harold Charles ( a native of Haiti ) and John Shearer, joined forces putting together a hangar facility and 2 small piston-engine aircraft to form a small charter airline.
Those who may want to set up a CIC are expected to be philanthropic entrepreneurs who want to do good in a form other than charity.
The Martin Trust Center is responsible for driving entrepreneurial education throughout MIT courses, as well as providing assistance to student entrepreneurs in the form of office resources, space, expert mentorship, and grants and awards.
This is a form of fraud that appears to be a field in which Nigerian entrepreneurs were pioneers, and remain prominent.

entrepreneurs and most
To capitalise upon these advances, it took a class of entrepreneurs, of which the most famous is Richard Arkwright.
While exploration and mining can sometimes be conducted by individual entrepreneurs or small business, most modern-day mines are large enterprises requiring large amounts of capital to establish.
Julius Popper, a Romanian explorer, was one of the most successful entrepreneurs.
By the mid 1990s, the best-connected former nomenklatura leaders accumulated considerable financial resources, while on the other hand, the most successful entrepreneurs became acquainted with government officials and public politicians.
His stereographs, the popular format of the time, were sold by various galleries and photographic entrepreneurs ( most notably the firm of Bradley & Rulofson ) on Montgomery Street, San Francisco's main commercial street during those years.
Nowadays the ' Grotestraat ' ( the main street and most important street of downtown Gendringen ) is a nice shopping street, where most of the entrepreneurs of the town are situated.
In the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, most businesses in Wyandanch ( grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants, gasoline stations and auto repair shops, liquor stores, butcher shops, barber shops, bars and lumber yards ) were owned and operated by either Italian-American of German-American entrepreneurs.
He is one of the most financially successful hip hop artists and entrepreneurs in America, having a net worth of over $ 450 million as of 2011.
When Brazilian entrepreneurs turned their attention to coffee in the 1930s, Argentina, which had long been the prime consumer, took over as the largest producer, resurrecting the economy in Misiones Province, where the Jesuits had once had most of their plantations.
USR was founded in 1976 in Chicago, Illinois ( and later moved to Skokie, Illinois ), by a group of entrepreneurs, including Casey Cowell, who served as CEO for most of the company's history and Paul Collard who designed modems into the mid-80's.
In the 1870s, white entrepreneurs bought most of the successful black companies.
Bhatia's success has earned him widespread acclaim ; the venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson named him ' Entrepreneur of the Year 1997 ', MIT chose him as one of 100 young innovators who are expected to have the greatest impact on technology and awarded ' TR100 ', San Jose Mercury News and POV magazine selected him as one of the ten most successful entrepreneurs of 1998 and Upside magazine's list of top trend setters in the New Economy named him ' Elite 100 '.
In 1966, he founded the mining company COMSUR, later becoming one of the most successful mining entrepreneurs in the country.
In Mongolia, most tutoring is labor intensive, while entrepreneurs in the Republic of Korea make use of computers and other forms of technology.
Unlike most entrepreneurs, who were nonconformist, he attended the Church of England.
Energetic entrepreneurs, most notably George Brown, James Elkins and James Abercrombie, landed hundreds of millions of dollars in federal wartime investment in technologically complex facilities.
Occupations in which the achievement motive were most predominant were technical jobs, sales persons, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs.
* American's 25 most fascinating entrepreneurs Inc. com magazine
ACES ( Spanish acronym: Aerolíneas Centrales de Colombia ) was an airline with its headquarters in the Edificio del Cafe in Medellín, Colombia and founded on August 30, 1971 by a group of 13 Colombian entrepreneurs, amongst them, most notably Orlando Botero Escobar and German Peñaloza Arias from Manizales and Luis H. Coulson, Jorge Coulson R., Alberto Jaramillo and Hernán Zuluaga from Medellín.
Among the most successful entrepreneurs was Pocklington, whose business empire eventually exceeded $ 2 billion in sales.
Yang was born on October 6, 1952 near Wenzhou, Zhejiang, the hometown of some of China's most energetic entrepreneurs.
Yang is himself one of China's most successful scientific entrepreneurs.

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