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foundation and says
Dutch Reformed theologian Herman Ridderbos says " certainty of salvation does not rest on the fact that the church belongs to a certain " number ", but that it belongs to Christ, from before the foundation of the world.
An abridged excerpt says: " I ( Nebuchadnezzar ) laid the foundation of the gates down to the ground water level and had them built out of pure blue stone.
The foundation says, " Effective public institutions are essential for societies to be safe, free and prosperous.
The foundation says, " Expanding opportunities and providing fair and equitable ways for all people to earn a decent living and build economic resources is essential to creating prosperous societies.
The foundation says, " In every society, people from marginalized and disadvantaged groups deserve an education that expands opportunity, guarantees quality, and achieves equitable results.
The foundation says, " The free flow of information and ideas is essential to healthy, progressive societies.
The foundation says, " Fulfilling the rights that belong to all people depends upon an active and engaged community and public officials and institutions committed to the inherent dignity and worth of every person.
The foundation says, " Equitable access to safe, affordable housing, efficient transportation, and good jobs is fundamental to building prosperous metropolitan areas.
The foundation says, " Sexuality and the right to reproductive health are fundamental to the human experience ; all women and men should be able to exercise these rights free from coercion and violence.
The Vedas, which form the foundation of Hinduism for many, do not refer explicitly to homosexuality, but Rigveda says Vikruti Evam Prakriti ( perversity / diversity is what nature is all about, or, what seems un-natural is also natural ), which some scholars believe recognizes the cyclical constancy of homosexual / transsexual dimensions of human life, like all forms of universal diversities.
Political analyst Angelo Segrillo, in an article titled " The left-right confusion in the post-Berlin Wall world ", says that " most analysts defined PSDB as center-left as of its foundation, after all, it was the Brazilian Social Democratic Part ".
Howard says :" The argument that Livy made free use of Antias and mentioned him only in case of disagreement is absolutely without foundation, for we have seen fourteen specific instances in which, although Livy does not mention him, he nevertheless disagrees with his statements as known to us from other sources, or absolutely disregards them ...."
Petry had a strong family foundation with well-traveled uncles, who had many stories to tell her when coming home ; her father, who overcame racial obstacles, opened a pharmacy in the small town ; and her mother and aunts set a strong example: Petry, interviewed by the Washington Post in 1992, says about her tough female family members that “ it never occurred to them that there were things they couldn ’ t do because they were women .”
Aloysius Cartagenas, a professor at the Seminario Mayor de San Carlos of Cebu, “ following Church tradition, the foundation event and date of University of San Carlos should be the decree of Bishop Romualdo Jimeno on 15 May 1867 ( turning over the seminary to the Congregation of the Missions ) and the first day of classes in the history of what is now USC is 1 July 1867, the day P. Jose Casarramona welcomed the first lay students to attend classes at the Seminario de San Carlos .” Thus, he says that San Carlos cannot claim to have descended from the Colegio de San Ildefonso founded by the Jesuits in 1595, despite taking over the latter ’ s facilities when the Jesuits were expelled by Spanish authorities in 1769.
He said that a conference he attended favored scientists who " offered a perspective clearly skewed in favor of religion and Christianity ", and says that a Templeton official (…) told us that the meeting cost more than $ 1-million, and in return the foundation wanted us to publish articles touching on science and religion ".
Another version of the legend says that the people gathered up the wheat and grain of their despised ruler and threw it into the Tiber, where it eventually became the foundation of the island.
However, another local historian, Hellanicus of Mytilene, writing in the mid-5th century BCE, instead simply says Assos was an Aeolian foundation and does not specify a particular city as its founder.
With this single, the artist joins the association " Doppia difesa " of Michelle Hunziker and Giulia Bongiorno, and Feb. 5, on the cover of TV Smiles and Songs with the same Hunziker, says it will donate the proceeds arising from the above download the song foundation.
These habits of human excellence, including love for the truth, courage, and generosity, are the " foundation ", Escrivá says, of the supernatural virtues of faith and love for God.
Muggleton himself says his intention is to prophesy anew: " whereby is unfolded, and plainly declared, the whole counsel of God concerning Himself, the Devil and all Mankind from the foundation of the world to all eternity.

foundation and We
While laying the foundation stone of the National Defence Academy ( India ) in 1949, he stated: " We, who for generations had talked about and attempted in everything a peaceful way and practiced non-violence, should now be, in a sense, glorifying our army, navy and air force.
We repeat, then, in the light of this recapitulation of events, almost too recent to be called history, but which are familiar to us all, and on the most casual examination of the language of these amendments, no one can fail to be impressed with the one pervading purpose found in them all, lying at the foundation of each, and without which none of them would have been even suggested ; we mean the freedom of the slave race, the security and firm establishment of that freedom, and the protection of the newly made freeman and citizen from the oppressions of those who had formerly exercised unlimited dominion over him.
We are justified by faith alone, but not by a faith that is alone ,’ Luther stated, and this recurring affirmation of the new birth and sanctification as necessarily linked to justification leads one to wonder how the caricatures continue to be perpetuated without foundation.
Stelios Papadimitriou, president of the foundation, has remarked: " We are not going to turn the Onassis Foundation over to someone who has no connection with our culture, our religion, our language or our shared experiences, and who never went to college or worked a day in her life.
" One of the projects of Jemison's foundation is The Earth We Share ( TEWS ), an international science camp where students, ages 12 to 16, work to solve current global problems, like " How Many People Can the Earth Hold " and " Predict the Hot Public Stocks of The Year 2030.
: We build on a sure foundation
We would therefore recommend to the Colony at large to cultivate that Christian Union, Harmony and tender affection which is the only foundation upon which our invaluable privileges can rest with any security, or our public measures be pursued with the least prospect of success.
We must take the faith as our inviolable foundation ; it will aid us to reunite the churches.
# We recommend the establishment of a National Counterterrorism Center ( NCTC ), built on the foundation of the existing Terrorist Threat Integration Center ( TTIC ).
We are not prepared to give up in a short moment the liberty which our city has enjoyed from its foundation for 700 years.
The Hasan foundation chairwoman Seeme Hasan issued an initial statement saying in part, " We will conduct an independent, internal investigation and if the allegations are proven to be true, we will demand Mr. McInnis return all monies paid to him by the Foundation.
" We have now clearly set forth how it is, and how it was, that God became an object of faith for rational beings ; and also, upon what foundation the testimony was based which excited the inquiry and diligent search of the ancient saints to seek after and obtain a knowledge of the glory of God ; and we have seen that it was human testimony, and human testimony only, that excited this inquiry, in the first instance, in their minds.
We foster in one another creativity, critical insight, empathy, and intellectual courage, the hallmarks of a transformative liberal education and the foundation for active citizenship and lifelong inquiry.
The foundation charter states: We we will and decree that it shall be called “ The Monastery of St Saviour and St Bridget of Syon, of the Order of St Augustine ” through all successive ages.
Ted Shawn's nine published books provided a foundation for Modern Dance, and particularly Fundamentals of a Dance Education, Dance We Must and Every Little Movement.
We are at present not in need of beautiful scenery that looks good to the eyes, but what we need are foundation stones that will bury themselves in the soil to make the building standing on them strong.
We the undersigned protest the year 2000 Guggenheim grant to well-known author Rick Moody, because it exemplifies the practice of giving financial assistance to already successful and affluent writers, well-connected, who clearly don ’ t need the help — while other writers abjectly struggle — and because this runs counter to the implicit charitable purpose behind the tax-exempt status of a foundation like John Simon Guggenheim.
" Whether it's John Adams saying our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people ... Ben Franklin, only a virtuous people are capable of freedom, as nations become corrupt and vicious they have more need of masters ... We have been at war with the very pillars, the very foundation of this country.
Then, some weeks later, Quebec sovereignty again collided with the monarchy, when Quebec separatists threatened to mount demonstrations should the Queen be in attendance at the ceremonies for the 400th anniversary of the founding of Quebec City ; Mario Beaulieu, Vice-President of the Société Saint-Jean Baptiste announced that the Queen's presence would be a catalyst for action, saying: " You can be sure that people will demonstrate in protest ... We are celebrating the foundation of New France, not its conquest.
: The first official action of this nation declared the foundation of government in these words: " We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
The foundation began on September 22, 2001, when Rodgers and Tommy Boy Music president Tom Silverman brought 200 musicians, celebrities, and personalities together in New York City and Los Angeles to re-record Rodgers ' song " We Are Family " ( best known in its 1979 hit version performed by Sister Sledge ) to start the healing process after the events of September 11.
We are convinced that by concentrating on improving distribution processes and customer service we can build the foundation for the future sustainability of the airbridge ”
For this purpose, Fontanelli sets up the foundation " We The People Organisation " ( WTPO, instead of WTO ) to conduct the election of a world speaker.
We can give here scarcely more than a list of the names, with the dates of the foundation.

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