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monument and Catherine
Fifteen of Scheemakers ' works — monuments, figures and busts — are in Westminster Abbey ; two were executed in collaboration with his master Delvaux: the “ Hugh Chamberlen ” ( d. 1728, and therefore perhaps produced during his first visit to London ) and “ Catherine, duchess of Buckinghamshire .” He is best known by his monument to Shakespeare ( 1740 ), but as this work was designed by Kent the responsibility must not all be laid to Scheemakers ' account.
Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandria and a monument to José Rizal in Quezon Park.
Subsequent monarchs preferred to reside in the nearby Alexander Palace and, with only two exceptions, refrained from making new additions to the Catherine Palace, regarding it as a splendid monument to Elizabeth's wealth and Catherine II's glory.
The chief sights include the Rastrelliesque Stroganov Palace, the huge neoclassical Kazan Cathedral, the Art Nouveau Bookhouse ( Dom Knigi ), Elisseeff Emporium, half a dozen 18th-century churches, a monument to Catherine the Great, an enormous 18th-century shopping mall, a mid-19th-century department store, the Russian National Library, and the Anichkov Bridge with its horse statues.
Properly interpreted, the message told one to dig near the cross-shaped monument to Catherine of Aragon in Ampthill Park, at the precise spot touched by the tip of the monument ’ s shadow at the stroke of noon on the date of either the vernal or autumnal equinox.
Nicholas Throckmorton died on 12 February 1571, and is buried in the church of St. Catherine Cree, Aldgate, where there is a monument to his memory.
* Tomb of Henry II and Catherine de ' Medici ( 1561 – 1573 ) Abbey Church of Saint Denis Basilica-Pilon was responsible for the kneeling bronze figures on top of this monument ( depicting the king and queen alive and praying ) the moving and realistic recumbent figures of the queen and king in death at the center and the four Virtues at the corners of the monument, the construction of which was supervised by Francesco Primaticcio ( who sculpted the four corner figures ).
He had also planned a monument to Catherine II in Vilnius.

monument and Great
After his death Frederick the Great, who several times needed Algarotti writing texts in Latin, sent in a text for a monument to his memory on the Campo Santo in Pisa, Italy.
The Great War monument was not installed until the 1939 royal visit, and King intended that the replanning of the capital would be the World War II memorial.
Vladimir the Great on the Millennium of Russia monument in Novgorod
Among many of his remarkable designs at this time, the monument ( 1671 – 76 ) commemorating the Great Fire also involved Robert Hooke, but Wren was in control of the final design, the Royal Observatory ( 1675 – 76 ), and the library at Trinity College, Cambridge ( 1676 – 84 ) were the most important ones.
Another example of this " Great Forgetting " may be found on the boardwalk of Blankenberge, a popular coastal resort, where a monument shows a colonialist bringing " civilization " to the black child at his feet.
A plain stone monument to her was erected in St. Cuthbert ’ s Chapel on Great Farne Island in 1848.
A great monument of China to this day, the Great Wall still stands, open to the public to challenge its million steps.
Leeds is home to a Great War ( World War I ) monument that was constructed by the American War Mothers.
The August 4, 1921 issue of the Leeds News announced that on August 7, 1921 the monument would be given its official dedication at 3 o ' clock by the Great Northern right of way near the depot.
McComb Union Cemetery features a small Civil War monument to remember McComb's Civil War heroes, including the graves of two of the first Medal of Honor recipients, who were involved in the Great Locomotive Chase.
There are two approaches to the palace's grand entrance, one from the long straight drive through wrought iron gates directly into the Great Court, while the other, equally if not more impressive, betrays Vanbrugh's true vision: the palace as a bastion or strong citadel, the true monument and home to a great warrior.
A monument dedicated to him was destroyed in the Great Fire in 1666.
This is the earliest recorded star-war event, and is the cause of the archaeologically and epigraphically demonstrated Tikal mid-Classic hiatus, which saw a decline in Tikal's population, a cessation of monument erection, and the destruction of certain monuments in the Great Plaza.
Great Zimbabwe has since been adopted as a national monument by the Zimbabwean government, with the modern state being named after it.
Ten years after the death of Frederick the Great, the Berlin Akademie initiated a competition for a monument to the king that would promote " morality and patriotism.
This was also the time when work on the Great Pyramid began, along with another monument called the Edificio Rojo.
Further south from here is another Middle Eastern inspired monument by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows dedicated to the fallen Sydneysiders of the Great War.
The monument also offers trails through the high Great Basin xeric shrubland desert landscape and the volcanic fields.
Reptile species found in the monument include: northern sagebrush lizard ( Sceloporus graciosus graciosus ), Great Basin fence lizard ( Sceloporus occidentalis biseriatus ), western skink ( Eumeces skiltonianus skiltonianus ), Rocky Mountain rubber boa ( Charina bottae utahensis ), gopher snake ( Pituophis melanoleucus ), desert night snake ( Hypsiglena torquata deserticola ), western rattlesnake ( Crotalus viridis ).
The Stephen the Great Monument is a prominent monument in Chişinău, opposite the main government building.
Mildmay died at Hackney on 31 May 1589, and is buried beside his wife in the church of St Bartholomew the Great in London, where an elaborate monument still exists to his memory.
A magnificent monument to him stood at the high altar of Old St Paul's: ' towering above it-an outrage to the susceptibilities of the devout but an object of marvel to London sightseers-until the Great Fire of 1666 dethroned and destroyed it '.
At length, in 1830, Rauch began, along with the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel, the models for a colossal equestrian monument at Berlin to honor King Frederick II of Prussia ( Frederick the Great ).
Lighthouse and the Peter the Great monument

monument and |
File: Vegreville pysanka August 2008. jpg | Easter egg monument in Vegreville, Alberta
The 1903 unveiling of the General John Graves Simcoe monument at Queen's Park ( Toronto ) | Queen's Park in Toronto.
A Karl Marx monument in the German city Chemnitz, formerly the East Germany | East German city Karl-Marx-Stadt ( Karl Marx City )
Image: Židovský hřbitov v Terezíně 2009 04. JPG | Menorah monument at Jewish Cemetery of Theresienstadt concentration camp
Millennium of Russia | A monument celebrating the millennium of Rurik's arrival to Novgorod.
A Ten Commandments monument which includes the command to Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy | " Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy ".
Theodore Judah monument in Old Sacramento State Historic Park | Old Sacramento
File: 2009-0724-CA-SuttersMillsite. jpg | The monument marking the actual site of the original mill, located near the reconstruction
File: Zendan karim khan1. JPG | Karim Khane Zand's citadel ( 18th century monument )
A bixi ( tortoise ) | stone tortoise, thought to have been created in 1193, as a monument to a Jurchen people | Jurchen general
Hercules monument ( Kassel ) | Herkules Monument and water running down the cascades during the water features.
Memorial to gay and lesbian victims of National Socialism | Memorial " to the gay and lesbian victims of National Socialism " in Cologne: The inscription on the left side of the monument ( to the viewer's right from the angle depicted ) reads " Totgeschlagen – Totgeschwiegen " (" Struck Dead – Hushed Up ").
Greco-Buddhist ( 1-200 Before Christ | BC ) Atlas, supporting a Buddhist monument, Hadda, Afghanistan.
A monument in Georgia ( US state ) | Georgia commemorating the Battle of Bloody Marsh
A 1970s-or 80s-vintage GAZ-24 Volga, in the period squad car livery, installed as a monument in front of the Nizhny Novgorod Main Directorate for Road Traffic Safety ( Russia ) | traffic police headquarters
Magnus's 16th century grave monument over his family crypts in Riddarholmskyrkan | Riddarholm Church
The monument for the memory of Robert Peary at Cape York, Greenland | Cape York, Greenland.
File: Coupvray-05. jpg | Bust and bas relief monument in Coupvray.
Mantle's monument in Monument Park ( Yankee Stadium ) | Monument Park. On Mickey Mantle Day, June 8, 1969, in addition to the retirement of his uniform Number 7, Mantle was given a plaque that would hang on the center field wall at Yankee Stadium, near the monuments to Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Miller Huggins.
A satirical monument to Anton Chekhov, who made an Anton Chekhov # Sakhalin | unfavorable mention of Tomsk in his diaries while traveling through the city on his way to Sakhalin
Image: Pius VII monument. jpg | Monument on the tomb of Pope Pius VII inside the Basilica of St. Peter
File: Stamford_Modern_Eleanor_cross_interpretation_carved_detail. jpg | detail of the carving on the new monument
< font size = 2 > Confederate States of America | Confederate soldier monument at Wilbarger County Courthouse </ font size = 2 >

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