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from Brown Corpus
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most and articulate
A borderline schizophrenic young man told me that to him the various theoretical concepts about which he had been expounding, in a most articulate fashion, during session after session with me, were like great cubes of almost tangibly solid matter up in the air above him ; ;
In the first all-German elections in 1990, the PDS won only 2. 4 % of the nationwide vote, but under a one-time exception to Germany's electoral law entered the Bundestag with 17 deputies led by Gysi, one of Germany's most charismatic and articulate politicians.
His dissertation while at Harvard, small-world experiment ; would later help researchers, articulate the mechanics of social networks, and explore the mathematical relation to the degree of connectedness, most notable the six degrees of separation concept.
Harold Raymond, at his publisher Chatto and Windus, said of the manuscript, “ You are the most articulate guinea pig that any scientist could hope to engage .” The title was taken from William Blake's poem The Marriage of Heaven and Hell:
Both these delegates were on the public record of holding unswerving support for the monarchy despite being appointed to articulate the views of one of Australia's most pro-republican territories.
This play, by far Rostand's most successful work, concentrates on Cyrano's love for the beautiful Roxane, whom he is obliged to woo on behalf of a more conventionally handsome but less articulate friend, Christian de Neuvillette.
Intended to be a pre-release to Behind the Curtain, the as yet unreleased first album in Norman's Second Trilogy, first mentioned in 1983, Tourniquet was described by Dougie Adam as " perhaps Larry's deepest, most articulate album ever ... even more hard hitting than ' Only Visiting This Planet ' or ' Stranded in Babylon '".
Co-author R. Joseph Hoffmann has called Wells " the most articulate contemporary defender of the non-historicity thesis.
Due to his willingness to articulate the most brutal possibilities, Kahn came to be disliked by some, although he was known as amiable in private.
Friedrich Nietzsche is among the most articulate critics of the concept of duty.
Taine rejected the principles of the Revolution in favor of the individualism of his concepts of regionalism and race, to the point that one writer calls him one of " the most articulate exponents of both French nationalism and conservatism.
The most common and often-found macrofossils are the very hard calcareous shells of articulate brachiopods ( that is, the everyday " lampshells ") and of mollusks ( such as the omnipresent clams, snails, mussels and oysters ).
The most articulate North African critic of the Donatist position, which came to be called a heresy, was Augustine, bishop of Hippo Regius.
Brown summed his career up thus: " He wrote little, but his articles on poetic form ... are brilliant formalist analyses of poetic language ... and he was probably the most articulate exponent in Lef of the theories of ' social demand ' and ' literature of fact.
She wrote Scissorhands as a " love poem " to Burton, calling him " the most articulate person I know, but couldn't put a single sentence together ".
Darl is the most articulate character and objective narrator in the book, and therefore narrates 19 of the 59 chapters.
Now an iconic figure in France, he achieved fame through his elegant songs with their harmonically complex music for voice and guitar and articulate, diverse lyrics ; indeed, he is considered one of France's most accomplished postwar poets.
" Though she is considered by some critics to be the most intelligent, articulate, and interesting, she is difficult to characterize.
Stan Lee writes in the foreword to X-Men: The Ultimate Guide that he made Beast the most articulate, eloquent, and well-read of the X-Men to contrast with his brutish exterior.
He was one of the most articulate and energetic leaders of the CIO, and of the merged AFL-CIO.
Drawing from Noam Chomsky's idea of the language acquisition device and other work in linguistics as well as from the philosophy of mind and the implications of optical illusions, he became one of its most articulate proponents with the 1983 publication of Modularity of Mind.
They tend to vote for teams that are more articulate, and present arguments in the most appealing way.
As early as 1825 Ryerson emerged as Episcopal Methodism's most articulate defender in the public sphere by publishing articles ( at first anonymously ) and later books that argued against the views of Methodism's chief rival John Strachan and other members of the powerful Family Compact.
Moreover, by means of arrests and desertions, the Scottish movement had been deprived of most of its articulate leadership.

most and Republicans
During the Brown trial, however, the state's most powerful Democratic newspaper, the Providence Daily Post, stated that Brown was a murderer, a man of blood, and that he and his associates, with the assistance of Republicans and Abolitionists, had plotted not only the liberation of the slaves but also the overthrow of state and federal governments.
It does not take a Gallup poll to find out that most Republicans in Congress feel this understates the situation as Republicans see it.
Lincoln's decision to issue the Emancipation Proclamation angered both Peace Democrats (" Copperheads ") and War Democrats, but energized most Republicans.
However, most Republicans did not make a distinction, and " Black and Tans " was often used as a catch-all term for all police and army groups.
Most U. S. conservatives prefer Republicans over Democrats, and most factions favor a strong foreign policy and a strong military.
In January 1995, Kemp's stated reason for not entering the 1996 Republican Party presidential primaries was that his personal beliefs were out of balance with the contemporary Republican political landscape: Kemp opposed term limits, he always preferred tax cuts to anything resembling a balanced budget amendment and, unlike most Republicans, favored federal incentives to combat urban poverty.
On 17 July 1936, the Spanish Army launched a coup d ' état, leading to a prolonged armed conflict between Spanish Republicans ( the leftist national government ) and the Nationalists ( conservative, anti-communist rebels who included most officers of the Spanish Army ).
* 1995 – A budget standoff between Democrats and Republicans in the U. S. Congress forces the federal government to temporarily close national parks and museums and to run most government offices with skeleton staffs.
His famous speech at Osawatomie, Kansas, in August 1910 was the most radical of his career and openly marked his break with the Taft administration and the conservative Republicans.
Roosevelt was attacking both the judiciary and the deep faith Republicans had in their judges ( most of whom had been appointed by McKinley, Roosevelt or Taft ).
Despite the efforts of groups like the Ku Klux Klan to intimidate black voters and white Republicans, assurance of federal support for democratically elected southern governments meant that most Republican voters could both vote and rule in confidence.
Eleanor Roosevelt's biographer and very close personal friend Joseph Lash wrote " The anti-Roosevelt underground campaign in 1940 was venomous, and ( Democratic National Chairman ) Flynn accused the Republicans of conducting the ' most vicious, most shameful campaign since the time of Lincoln.
* April 7 – House Republicans celebrate passage of most of the Contract with America.
For the most part, the aldermen supported Daley and the official party position consistently, except for a small number of Republicans from the German wards on the northwest side of the city and a small number of independents ( a group that grew during Daley's mayoralty to represent groups that felt disenfranchised by Daley's policies ).
Dewey became the leader of moderate-to-liberal Republicans, who were based in the northeastern and Pacific Coast states, while Taft became the leader of conservative Republicans who dominated most of the Midwest and parts of the South.
The county is generally considered a " red county ," with Republicans usually outvoting Democrats in most statewide and national offices ( for instance, in 2004 George W. Bush defeated John Kerry in Cattaraugus County by a 60-40 margin ) though Bill Clinton won the Cattaraugus County very narrowly in 1996.
Most of the " radical " Republicans in the North were men who believed in free enterprise and industrialization ; most were also modernizers and former Whigs.
Many conservatives, including most white southerners, northern Democrats, and some northern Republicans, opposed black voting.
Furthermore most Republicans felt the war goals had been achieved by 1870 and turned their attention to other issues such as financial and monetary policies.
In the 1912 presidential elections, because of the split votes amongst Republicans in most states, Democratic candidate Woodrow Wilson was elected as president.
By 1876 white southerners had regained control of most southern states, but in one state with a black majority ( South Carolina ) and two with very large black minorities ( Louisiana and Florida ) Republicans still held power.

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