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movie and ultimately
Before and during their marriage, Crawford worked to promote Tone's Hollywood career but Tone was ultimately not interested in being a movie star and Crawford eventually wearied of the effort.
The movie ultimately achieved a primary goal of introducing audiences to Anakin Skywalker.
* Brooke's poetry is used as character and plot device in the 1981 movie Making Love and the child ultimately born to the character Claire Elliott, played by Kate Jackson, is named after him.
Cellist Fred Katz and Hamilton wrote a score for the movie, which was ultimately rejected in favor of one by Elmer Bernstein.
Robert Ryan was ultimately cast in the part after Peckinpah saw him in the World War II action movie The Dirty Dozen ( 1967 ).
An earlier script penned by director Werner Herzog also deliberately included Orellana in the movie, but was ultimately left out.
* In the movie The Mummy Returns, Karnak is one of the places Rick O ' Connell and the others must go to, in order to ultimately reach the Scorpion King.
In 1989, Cates and actor Kevin Kline were married having first met in 1983 during her audition for the movie role that Meg Tilly ultimately won in The Big Chill.
In the movie, Baron Munchausen is portrayed as multi-dimensional, colorful, non-conformist man living in a gray, plain, dull and conformist society that ultimately tries to destroy him.
* In the movie version of Alan Moore's " League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ", the Phantom ( a character created for the movie ) owes more than a little to Fantômas, although he is ultimately revealed to be Professor Moriarty.
He wrote, " In telling the story of Mr. Carter's protracted and ultimately successful fight for freedom and justice, The Hurricane rides to glory on an astonishing performance by Denzel Washington .... That is to say, Mr. Washington leans into an otherwise schlocky movie and slams it out of the ballpark.
" Box office returns were low ; the film garnered only a little over a third of the $ 10 million production cost -- but the movie ultimately developed a cult following.
According to Osborne, the actress seemed hesitant to answer at first, but ultimately admitted that her research on the evidence and letters in the case led her to believe that the woman she played in the movie was probably guilty.
The plan was ultimately foiled by the Federation's Londo Bell taskforce, headed by Bright Noa, and his old adversary from the One Year War, Amuro Ray, when Amuro managed to push the falling Axis away, sacrificing himself and killing Char in the process ( while their deaths were never officially confirmed in the movie, their deaths are confirmed in the novelization of Char's Counterattack ).
Some theater chains threatened not to screen the movie at all when distributor 20th Century Fox announced plans to rush it to VHS and DVD a mere six weeks after its opening weekend, but Fox ultimately relented and pushed the release date back a number of months.
Filmed in 2000, the movie was originally bought by Universal Pictures, and a large portion of it was filmed on the Universal Studios backlots, but it was ultimately shelved by the company in fear that it would receive an NC-17 rating.
Maguire follows the 1939 movie in having Glinda ultimately become the Witch of the North, not the South.
Another anamorphic lens on the movie theatre projector ultimately corrects ( optically decompresses ) the picture.
Initially regarded as one of the hottest scripts in Hollywood, the movie had a troubled production and was finally given a limited theatrical release of only five theaters for one week, and was met with poor critical reviews ; but the film has grossed about $ 50 million in domestic video sales and ultimately developed a large cult following.
The media dubs the three as " the Saints ", and the movie ends with various candid interviews with the public, reflecting on the question " Are the Saints ultimately good ... or evil?
This facility was decommissioned and at one point a movie studio expressed interest, but was ultimately purchased by a member of the public.
The video editor's responsibilities involve the decisions about the selection and combining of shots into sequences, selecting and sound effects and music and ultimately creating a finished movie television program commercial, promo, snipe.
Rat then left baby Wren alone so that he could catch a movie, causing the infant to nearly be attacked by the Crocodiles, who were ultimately killed by Wren, who was portrayed as a " street-smart " and swearing character capable of talking.

movie and grossed
Worldwide, the movie grossed $ 210, 409, 945 and was the 18th highest grossing film of 1995.
The movie grossed $ 262 million worldwide.
" The movie grossed $ 90 million worldwide.
The movie grossed $ 114 million during its opening weekend in North America and went on to earn $ 822 million worldwide.
" The movie grossed $ 72 million worldwide.
The movie was a box office hit, grossing more than $ 106 million at the United States box office and grossed over $ 212. 7 million worldwide.
The movie has grossed over $ 800 million worldwide, spawning two sequels: Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3, both directed by Raimi and both grossing roughly $ 800 million each.
The movie, in the USA and abroad, grossed over $ 150 million.
It has grossed over $ 309 million to date, making it her domestic highest grossing film and the first movie in history to pass the $ 200 million mark with only one top-billed female star.
" Tracy received strong reviews for his performance, and the movie grossed $ 4 million worldwide.
" This movie grossed over $ 78 million at the box office and was well received by critics.
It was considered a surprise hit movie as it grossed over $ 50 million in America and almost $ 80 million worldwide.
Parenthood grossed over $ 126 million dollars and received two Academy Award nominations, making it her most successful movie performance to date since The Goonies.
The film grossed $ 13, 020, 565 in its opening weekend, ranking # 2 behind Analyze This ; released in 2, 312 theaters, the movie raked in $ 75, 902, 208 worldwide.
The movie grossed approximately $ 20 million in North America.
The movie eventually grossed $ 141, 600, 000 ( US ).
The movie grossed more than $ 100 million in the United States and became the first non-Disney animated movie to ever earn that much.
The previous Star Trek movie, First Contact, grossed $ 92, 027, 888 in the USA and $ 146, 027, 888 worldwide.
The movie grossed a total of $ 167 million worldwide, just exceeding its budget of $ 155 million.
The movie grossed approximately $ 23 million in the United States, with a worldwide total of $ 37 million, less than the production budget of $ 52 million.
The movie reached as high as No. 11 at the box office, and it grossed $ 6 million in total.
In 1994 it was made into a movie, starring Robin Givens and Marco Hofschneider, but it grossed only $ 113, 000 at the box office.
On a reported budget of $ 50 million, the movie grossed $ 50, 547, 998 in the United States.
The movie grossed nearly $ 65 million in the United States, and helped establish Costner as a star.

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