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new and generation
The professed mission of this disaffiliated generation is to find a new way of life which they can express in poetry and fiction, but what they produce is unfortunately disordered, nourished solely on the hysteria of negation.
If love reflects the nature of man, as Ortega Y Gasset believes, if the person in love betrays decisively what he is by his behavior in love, then the writers of the beat generation are creating a new literary genre.
Under these conditions a new generation of Europeans began to discover the bonds of long association and shared values that for so long had been subordinated to nationalist xenophobia.
The immense amount of interest that the new jazz had for the younger generation must have impressed him, and he began working toward the merger of jazz and poetry, as he had previously attempted the union of graphic art and poetry.
In Berlin he published his views of the chemical laws of nature in German and this was issued in French translation ( Paris, 1813 ) under the title Recherches Sur l'identite Des Forces chimiques et electriques, a work held in very high esteem by the new generation of research chemists.
After another two weeks, the first young emerge, four to eight small daughters that begin to play the role of worker bees, collecting pollen and nectar in the field and caring for the new young generation while the queen retires to a life of egg laying.
An equally tenable thesis is that the dearth of new thought was created by the Senate's own penchant for crucifying anyone whose ideas seem unorthodox to the next generation.
He does not mean, in fact he addresses himself specifically to reject the proposition, that `` if we took the risk of surrendering, a new generation in Britain would soon begin to amass its strength in secret in order to reverse the consequences of that surrender ''.
Each new generation hopes to be the one to see the world destroyed, another world coming, and the saints governing a new earth.
According to some scholars Ali ibn Yusuf was a new generation of leadership that had forgot the desert life for the comforts of the city.
This very first generation of children created a new dialect that was to become the language of the nation.
Even as his works dropped from performance, and he wrote no new operas after 1804, he still remained one of the most important and sought after teachers of his generation and his influence was felt in every aspect of Vienna's musical life.
A new generation of MAOIs has been introduced ; moclobemide ( Manerix ), known as a reversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase A ( RIMA ), which is as effective as SSRIs and tricyclic antidepressants, in depressive disorders, acts in a more short-lived and selective manner and does not require a special diet.
In addition, a 2010 Cochrane Collaboration review of trials of Risperidone, one of the biggest selling antipsychotics and the first of the new generation to become available in generic form, found only marginal benefit compared with placebo and that, despite its widespread use, evidence remains limited, poorly reported and probably biased in favor of risperidone due to pharmaceutical company funding of trials.
Brooks led a new generation of self-reflective baby-boomer comics appearing on NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.
In the late 20th century, interest in Whorf's ideas experienced a resurgence, and a new generation of scholars began reading Whorf's works, arguing that previous critiques had only engaged superficially with Whorf's actual ideas, or had attributed him ideas he had never expressed.
They arrive at the borders of Canaan and send spies into the land, but on hearing the spies ' report the Israelites refuse to take possession of Canaan and God condemns them to death in the wilderness until a new generation can grow up and carry out the task.
The book ends with the new generation of Israelites in the plain of Moab ready for the crossing of the Jordan River.
Against this, Numbers also demonstrates the importance of holiness, faithfulness and trust: despite God's presence and his priests, Israel lacks faith and the possession of the land is left to a new generation.
This view has the advantage of anchoring Numbers to the Pentateuch as a whole, but an alternative is to see it as structured around the two generations of those condemned to die in the wilderness and the new generation who will enter Canaan, making a theological distinction between the disobedience of the first generation and the obedience of the second.
In the final section the Israelites of the new generation follow Yahweh's instructions as given through Moses and are successful in all they attempt.

new and DJs
Beginning with the advent of beat match DJ ' ing, in which Bronx DJs ( Disc Jockeys ) including Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa and DJ Kool Herc extended the breaks of funk records, a major new musical genre emerged that sought to isolate the percussion breaks of hit funk, disco and soul songs.
The change from pure hardware to software is on the rise, and big DJs are introducing new equipment to their kits such as the laptop, and dropping the difficulty of carrying hundreds of CDs with them.
While it would take sometime for this novel concept to catch on with the " die hard Vinyl DJs ", This would soon become the first step in the new Digital DJ revolution.
Between 1998 to 2003, there were only several new releases, including a number of DJ Mix-CDs mixed by various DJs like Oliver Bondzio, Frank Lorber and Plank.
Ono had great success with new versions of " Walking on Thin Ice ", remixed by top DJs and dance artists including Pet Shop Boys, Orange Factory, Peter Rauhofer, and Danny Tenaglia.
CFNY would send DJs to host regular new wave dance parties, both to build a community amongst its fans and to supplement the station's limited advertising revenue through admission fees.
In support of their new policies and format, station management quickly attempted to put a stop to this by ordering that DJs were to refuse all such calls and fulfill only those requests which were for Top 40 music.
However, Brigadier General Taylor ( Noble Willingham ) and the other DJs quickly grow to like the new man and his brand of comedy.
This motif was new to the DJing scene, and compelled other DJs to host similar concerts.
Wanting to give fans something new after the massive radio and video airplay for not only the 6 singles but also the Album tracks that Radio DJs were playing off the album, the band performed " Tear It Down ", a Hysteria B-side at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards.
A new single, Dream On — which featured remixed versions of the forthcoming album track, Dreaming In Colour — was released to club DJs later that year, showcasing mixes by Way Out West.
Resident DJs Fabio and Grooverider, amongst others, began to take the hardcore sound to a new level.
More sophisticated methods of scratching were developed during that decade, with crews and individual DJs concentrating on the manipulation of the record in time with the manipulation of the cross fader on the mixer to create new rhythms and sonic artefacts with a variety of sounds.
These new ways of scratching were all given names, from flare to crab or orbit, and spread as DJs taught each other, practiced together or just showed off their new techniques to other DJs.
In 2010, new remixes of " Fade to Grey " were produced by club DJs Michael Gray and Lee Mortimer to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the song.
They opened a new recording studio on the outskirts of Leeds with fellow Leeds DJs and producers Riley & Durrant in 2008.
Notable nights and resident DJ's included DJs Blackstone ( who spun hip-hop and rap on Wednesday nights ), DJ Pause ( who spun hip-hop and rap on Monday nights ), DJ Damon and DJ Matt ( who spun alternative, gothic, 80's and industrial ) and Kelly Spencer ( who played punk and new wave on Tuesdays ).
This meant that the movement was sustained ( and " new " recordings added to playlists ) by prominent DJs discovering rare and previously overlooked records.
The new line-up for 2012 has been announced, featuring some of the world's top DJs.
One of its noted DJs on-air at the time was Gary Crowley, who had a weekend show which regularly showcased new and unsigned bands, often not getting much airplay on commercial radio stations, and to a lesser extent, Radio 1.

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