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nickname and has
One well-known association the town has is with the ' Accrington Pals ', the nickname given to the smallest home town battalion of volunteers formed to fight in the first world war.
For years many sources have listed " Pilgrims " as the early Boston AL team's official nickname, but researcher Bill Nowlin has demonstrated that the name was barely used, if at all, during the team's early years.
A user often has a user account and is identified by a username ( also user name ), screen name ( also screenname ), nickname ( also nick ), or handle, which is derived from the identical Citizen's Band radio term.
Among some amateur astronomers, NGC 246 has garnered the nickname " Pac-Man Nebula " because of the arrangement of its central stars and the surrounding star field.
Since then it has been eroding, creating dramatic incised valleys, and providing the sediment that gives the Yellow River its yellow color and that causes the flooding of the river in the lower reaches ( hence the river's nickname ' China's sorrow ').
The story of Æthelred's notorious nickname, " Æthelred the Unready ", from Old English Æþelræd Unræd, goes a long way toward explaining how his reputation has declined through history.
She has blue eyes like Gerald O ' Hara and Melanie gives her the nickname, " Bonnie Blue ," in reference to the Bonnie Blue Flag of the Confederacy.
Idaho's nickname is the " Gem State ", because nearly every known type of gemstone has been found here.
It has earned the praise of Pope Benedict XVI and the nickname " The Pope's Favorite Rabbi ".
During this time, he picked up the nickname " Black Jack ", which has been variously attributed to his dark hair and stubble, to his " ruthless " approach on the track, and to his " propensity for maintaining a shadowy silence ".
Because they were marked with the letter K ( for Voronezh Komintern Factory ), Red Army troops adopted a nickname from Mikhail Isakovsky's popular wartime song, " Katyusha ", about a girl longing for her absent beloved, who has gone away on military service.
Many assume his nickname is derived from KIBO, the acronym for Knowledge In, Bullshit Out, although Parry himself has repeatedly denied this.
The legendary monster has been affectionately referred to by the nickname Nessie () since the 1950s.
While the term " Mormon Church " has long been attached to the church as a nickname, it is an unauthorized title, and the Church's style guide says, " Please avoid the use of ' Mormon Church ', ' LDS Church ' or the ' Church of the Latter-day Saints.
The city has gained the nickname " Hub City " because of its central location and also because Moncton has historically been the railway and land transportation hub for the Maritimes.
Egypt became occupied by Muslim Arabs as early as 640, and since then so many mosques have appeared throughout the country that its capital city, Cairo, has acquired the nickname of city of a thousand minarets.
The nickname " A's " has long been used interchangeably with " Athletics ," dating to the team's early days when headline writers wanted a way to shorten the name.
The brand name Gramophone was not used in the USA after 1901, and the word fell out of use there, though it has survived in its nickname form, Grammy, as the title of the Grammy Awards.
Rhode Island's official nickname is " The Ocean State ," a reference to the State's geography, since Rhode Island has several large bays and inlets that amount to about 14 % of its total area.
This has earned him the nickname of " the one-man film crew.
A Scandinavian origin has been proposed ( compare, for example, Norwegian slengenamn, which means " nickname "), but is discounted by the Oxford English Dictionary based on " date and early associations ".
This later design has gained the nickname " Series 3-4 Sonic " ( relating to the fact that at the start of Series 3, in " Smith and Jones ", the first Sonic Screwdriver was supposedly destroyed ), even though strictly speaking it first appeared in Series 4.
The event earned Christian II the nickname of Kristian Tyrann in Sweden which he has retained till this day.

nickname and alternatively
These became the homes of civil servants, officers, bankers, artists and politicians among others, and earned the area the nickname " Millionaires ' Quarter " although its official designation was Friedrichvorstadt ( Friedrich's Suburb ), or alternatively the Tiergartenviertel ( Tiergarten Quarter ).
He was nicknamed "' Beast ' Butler " or alternatively "' Spoons ' Butler ," the latter nickname derived for his alleged habit of pilfering the silverware of Southern homes in which he stayed.
* La La Land ( disambiguation ), a nickname for Los Angeles, California ; alternatively, a state of being out of touch with reality
One theory is that, as a very young professor, he was flaunting his youth in front of his older peers or alternatively that he was known by the affectionate nickname of " Young Simpson " and decided to incorporate it into his name.
His name is given alternatively as Muhammad ibn Abdallah or Muhammad ibn Tumart, with al-Baydaqh suggesting " Tumart " was actually his father Abdallah's nickname.

nickname and been
The younger men, Vere, and Pembroke, who was also Edward's cousin and whose Lusignan blood gave him the swarthy complexion that caused Edward of Carnarvon's irreverent friend, Piers Gaveston, to nickname him `` Joseph the Jew '', were relatively new to the game of diplomacy, but Pontissara had been on missions to Rome before, and Hotham, a man of great learning, `` jocund in speech, agreeable to meet, of honest religion, and pleasing in the eyes of all '', and an archbishop to boot, was as reliable and experienced as Othon himself.
* Molly Pitcher was a nickname given to a woman said to have fought in the American Battle of Monmouth, who is generally believed to have been Mary Ludwig Hays McCauly.
On their 1950 tour of New Zealand and Australia they also adopted the nickname British Lions, first used by British and South African journalists on the 1924 South African tour, after the lion emblem on their ties, the emblem on their jerseys having been dropped in favour of the four-quartered badge with the symbols of the four represented unions.
The club was originally called the Chicago White Stockings, after the nickname abandoned by the Cubs, and the name was soon shortened to Chicago White Sox, believed to have been because the paper would shorten it to Sox in the headlines.
Comiskey moved his St. Paul club to the Near South Side and renamed it the White Stockings, grabbing a nickname that had once been used by the Chicago Cubs.
The club nickname and its cartoon logo have been criticized for perpetuating Native American stereotypes.
While attempts to implement a similar system had been made before and other networks have since developed registration services of their own, at the time DALnet's successful decision to allow and enforce nickname and channel registration was considered to be unique and even controversial, as it went against established practice.
When the churchyard of St. George's was redeveloped in the 1960s, his skull was disinterred ( in a manner befitting somebody who chose for himself the nickname of " Yorick "), partly identified by the fact that it was the only skull of the five in Sterne's grave that bore evidence of having been anatomised, and transferred to Coxwold Churchyard in 1969.
Allegedly, he chose the " Peter " to honor a young girl whom he remembered as an unrequited love ( it had been her nickname ).
Some of these theories posit that " Robin Hood " or " Robert Hood " or the like was his actual name ; others suggest that this may have been merely a nickname disguising a medieval bandit perhaps known to history under another name.
She is reluctant to reveal this part of her background, as she does not want to be known by a nickname she had been called earlier in life -- the Dancing Doctor.
Toledo sits north of what had been the Great Black Swamp, giving rise to another nickname, Frog Town.
Toyotomi Hideyoshi had been given the nickname Kozaru, meaning " little monkey ", from his lord Oda Nobunaga because his facial features and skinny form resembled that of a monkey.
George W. Bush has been given the nickname " Dubya ", after the colloquial pronunciation of W in Texas.
Her nickname, Murasaki, was most probably given at a court dinner in an incident she recorded in her diary: in c. 1008 the well-known court poet Fujiwara no Kintō inquired after the " Young Murasaki "— an allusion to the character named Murasaki in Genji — which would have been considered a compliment from a male court poet to a female author.
Various theories have been put forward for the nickname, including the descendant relation to cotton duck fabric, the waterproof characteristics of a duck bird, and even the 1942 amphibious military vehicle DUKW which was pronounced " duck ".

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