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Page "editorial" ¶ 980
from Brown Corpus
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objective and should
New machinery of coordination should not be our primary objective in the foreseeable future -- though perhaps the `` political general staff '' of Western leaders proposed by Sir Anthony Eden would serve a useful purpose.
As was noted earlier, it is important that in valid, objective study of this sort of communication, the interested sitter should be separated from the sensitive.
The main objective of this party was Eritrea freedom but they had a pre-condition that stated that before independence the country should be governed by Italy for at least 15 years ( like happened with Italian Somalia ).
When a general said in a meeting " We should throw in a nuke once in a while to keep the other side guessing ," Dyson became alarmed and obtained permission to write an objective report discussing the pros and cons of using such weapons from a purely military point of view.
Ranke thus sent the researcher to the archives for primary sources ; there he should transcend his personal predispositions and parochial loyalties, and write objective history " wie es eigentlich gewesen " (" as it actually happened ").
International law, as it is, is an " objective " reality that needs to be distinguished from law " as it should be.
" Everything objective, extended, active, and hence everything material, is regarded by materialism as so solid a basis for its explanations that a reduction to this ( especially if it should ultimately result in thrust and counter-thrust ) can leave nothing to be desired.
There he argued that economics as science should be free of value judgments for it to be objective.
After 1871 Masurians who expressed sympathy for Poland were deemed " national traitors " by German nationalists ( this increased especially after 1918 ) According to Stefan Berger after 1871 the Masurians in the German Empire were seen in a view that while acknowledging their " objective " Polishness ( in terms of culture and language ) they felt " subjectively " German and thus should be tightly integrated into German nation-state ; to Berger this argument went directly against the German nationalist demands in Alsace where Alsatians were declared German despite their " subjective " choice.
About natural law itself, he wrote that " even the will of an omnipotent being cannot change or abrogate " natural law, which " would maintain its objective validity even if we should assume the impossible, that there is no God or that he does not care for human affairs.
The point-of-view is an objective angle, but since it falls between the objective and subjective angle, it should be placed in a separate category and given special consideration.
Each player's objective is generally to have as many disks one's own color at the end as possible and for one's opponent to have as few — or, technically in consideration of the occasional game in which not all disks are placed, that the difference between the two should be as large as possible if the winner and as small as possible if the loser.
In his letters, Moro said that the state's primary objective should be saving lives, and that the government should comply with his kidnappers ' demands.
He concludes that for a historian to attempt a more objective method, one must accept that history can only aspire to a conversation of the present with the past-and that one's methods of fact gathering should be openly examined.
The date of the book is not our main focus here, what is more important is Orosius ’ s objective in responding to Saint Augustine ’ s request by writing a book aimed at proving that Rome ’ s decadence – it should be remembered that Rome was sacked by Alaric I in 410 – had nothing at all to do with the fact that the Romans had relatively recently converted to Christianity.
The plenum condemned the conservative way of ruling, and claimed that from then on the economy should be governed by " objective laws ".
However, an official report of 1995 indicates that this argument should not be considered the primary objective because the savings are not significant.
Around six years after its birth, an international YMCA conference in Paris decided that the objective of the organisation should become " Christian discipleship developed through a programme of religious, educational, social and physical activities " ( Binfield 1973: 265 ).
The second objective was that the C shell should be better for interactive use.
A critical objective was to create a Joint Services career path for case officers to flag rank since the individual Services were inconsistent in their support of clandestine operations ; and, case officers were routinely sacrificed during reductions in force — or when the Intelligence Chiefs of the individual Services decided that espionage was immoral and military officers should not engage in " sinful activities.
Intelligence should respond to the needs of the commander, based on the military objective and the outline plans for the operation.
List maintainers themselves have been divided on the issues of whether their listings should be seen as statements of objective fact or subjective opinion and on how their lists should best be used.

objective and be
What evidence is there of an objective kind that in fact your government proposes to do just that, and that it can be done ''??
F. L. Lucas's article in SR's April 1 issue seemed to be a very fair and objective analysis of the New English Bible.
It will continue to be an objective of this division to encourage the acceptance of planning as a proper and continuing responsibility of local government.
In addition, by starting the Peace Corps now we will be able to begin training young men and women for overseas duty this summer with the objective of placing them in overseas positions by late fall.
The objective is to achieve sufficient effectiveness of control on all of the area now under treatment plus the additional acres so that after the initial period only maintenance control will be needed.
As mentioned, the primary allocation objective to be followed in the allocation of stations on clear channels is the provision of widespread service, free from destructive interference.
Maintenance of the status quo might seem to be the appropriate goal or objective of this population today.
His objective is merely to determine `` what distinctions of length and syllabicity it may be desirable to make explicit in a Kikuyu orthography '' ( 59 ).
To free the factors of production was a major objective of the rising bourgeoisie, and this objective required that governmental authority -- administrative officials and judges -- be limited as precisely and explicitly as possible ; ;
Then the enthusiasm and energy of all elements can be channeled to produce cumulative progress toward a common objective.
The objective function, which is to be maximized, is some function, usually piecewise continuous, of the product state.
It may be that the objective function depends not only on Af but also on Af, as when the cost of the operating policy is considered.
All he can do is to be an objective and careful questioner, seeking to help the sensitive in clarifying and making more specific her paranormal impressions.
Yet it exists and has an objective reality which can be experienced and known.
The main objective of the ATS is to ensure < cite > in the interests of all humankind that Antarctica shall continue forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene or object of international discord </ cite >.
As freedom of expression or movement is the objective, the most appropriate responses cannot be anticipated, but are observed and chosen in the moment.
He concluded that, because people act as if is morality is an objective truth, then it must be, and that God must exist.
Parkinson challenges the argument from moral objectivity by arguing that, for the argument to be successful, it must be shown that morality is objective and commanded by God, rather than just a human invention.
American philosopher Michael Martin argues that it is not necessarily true that objective moral truths must entail the existence of God, suggesting that there could be alternative explanations: he argues that naturalism may be an acceptable explanation and, even if a supernatural explanation is necessary, it does not have to be God ( polytheism is a viable alternative ).

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