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pair and are
It is not difficult to see that the stamens of the catkin are always arranged in pairs, and that each individual flower is nothing but one such pair standing on a green, black-tipped little scale.
In repetitions of the experiment from couple to couple, the votes of the two persons in a couple probably agree more often than independence would imply, because couples who visit the museum together are more likely to have similar tastes than are a random pair of people drawn from the entire population of visitors.
Then there are a pair of old biddies played by Grace Carney and Sibly Bowan who may be right off the shelf of stock Irish characters, but they put such a combination of good will and malevolence into their parts that they're quite entertaining.
Brønsted acid-base reactions are proton transfer reactions while Lewis acid-base reactions are electron pair transfers.
Fluoride " loses " a pair of valence electrons because the electrons shared in the B — F bond are located in the region of space between the two atomic nuclei and are therefore more distant from the fluoride nucleus than they are in the lone fluoride ion.
Reactions such as + → + ( the two-photon annihilation of an electron-positron pair ) are an example.
Members of the southeast Asian planthopper genus Ancyra are well known for having a pair of prolonged filaments at the tips of the forewings that arise near a pair of small glossy spots ; this creates the impression of a pair of antennae, with corresponding " eyes " ( a remarkable case of automimicry ).
For example, in humans there are typically 22 pairs of autosomes and one allosome pair.
* 2012 – At least 306 people are killed and 3, 000 others injured in a pair of earthquakes near Tabriz, Iran.
These are typically written as an ordered pair ( x, y ).
Some recent types have a parallel pair of magnetically-soft probes that are placed on either side of the conductor.
For example, the smallest pair of amicable numbers is ( 220, 284 ); for the proper divisors of 220 are 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 11, 20, 22, 44, 55 and 110, of which the sum is 284 ; and the proper divisors of 284 are 1, 2, 4, 71 and 142, of which the sum is 220.
where n > 1 is an integer and p, q, and r are prime numbers, then 2 < sup > n </ sup >× p × q and 2 < sup > n </ sup >× r are a pair of amicable numbers.
where n > m > 0 are integers and p, q, and r are prime numbers, then 2 < sup > n </ sup >× p × q and 2 < sup > n </ sup >× r are a pair of amicable numbers.

pair and attested
The Germanic peoples are attested as venerating a divine pair of twin brothers in several sources.
The affair between Francesco and Lucrezia was passionate, more sexual than sentimental as can be attested in the fevered love letters the pair wrote one another.
While not all of these languages are adequately attested, it turns out that Sursurunga instead has both a " lesser paucal " ( labeled " trial ", but in fact referring to small groups, with typically three or four members ) and a " greater paucal " ( misnamed the " quadral ", as it has a minimum of four, e. g. a pair of dyadic kin terms )— the distinction is along the lines of " a few " vs. " several ";— and that what Marshallese actually has is a trial and a paucal.
Amenhotep III's highest attested reign date comes from a pair of Year 38 wine jar-label dockets from Malkata ; though he may have lived briefly into an unrecorded 39th Year and died before the wine harvest for that year arrived.
Yamah and the related Sanskrit Yama may be interpreted as " the twin ," perhaps reflecting an Indo-Iranian belief in a primordial Yama and Yami pair that is however not attested in an Iranian context.

pair and both
Grant then made a few more albums before dropping out of college to pursue a career in music — Never Alone, followed by a pair of live albums in 1981 ( In Concert and In Concert Volume Two ), both backed by an augmented edition of the DeGarmo & Key band.
Let ( m, n ) be a pair of amicable numbers with m < n, and write m = gM and n = gN where g is the greatest common divisor of m and n. If M and N are both coprime to g and square free then the pair ( m, n ) is said to be regular, otherwise it is called irregular or exotic.
In every known case, the numbers of a pair are either both even or both odd.
( That is, the same pair of parentheses is used to indicate both function application and the formation of an ordered pair.
Cleveland then won a playoff game 8-3 against the New York Giants on December 17 behind a pair of Groza field goals, turning the tables on a team that handed the Browns both of their regular-season losses.
It involves four balls teamed in pairs, with both balls going through every hoop for one pair to win.
The team set a major-league record by scoring 658 runs at home on the season, and Burks and Bichette became the first pair of teammates since Darryl Strawberry and Howard Johnson of the 1987 New York Mets to both steal 30 bases and hit 30 homers in the same season.
We say that the mutation is recessive because the organism will exhibit the wild type phenotype ( ordinary trait ) unless both chromosomes of a pair have the mutation ( homozygous mutation ).
The modern Cartesian coordinate system in two dimensions ( also called a rectangular coordinate system ) is defined by an ordered pair of perpendicular lines ( axes ), a single unit of length for both axes, and an orientation for each axis.
A new pair of ducks will not appear until both of the previous pair have either escaped or been shot down.
Another example is the pair of homophones plain and plane, where both are pronounced but are have two different spellings of the vowel.
Pairs perform elements specific to the discipline such as throw jumps, in which the man ' throws ' the woman into a jump ; lifts, in which the woman is held above the man's head in one of various grips and positions ; pair spins, in which both skaters spin together about a common axis ; death spirals ; and other elements such as side-by-side jumps and spins in unison.
In pair skating, spins may be performed side by side with both partners doing the same spin or combination spin at the same time.
Additionally, in pairs and in ice dancing, there are pair and dance spins, during which both skaters rotate around the same axis while holding onto each other.
The Acts of Union between the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland were a pair of Parliamentary Acts passed by both parliaments in 1707, which dissolved them in order to form a Kingdom of Great Britain governed by a unified Parliament of Great Britain according to the Treaty of Union.
The upgrade was a pair of chips that replaced both the 80386 and 80387.
The popularized version of a scissor kick is, while lying down, or jumping, the kicker brings both legs to both sides of the opponent's legs or to their body and head, then brings both in as a take down ( as the name states, leg motions are like that of a pair of scissors ).
The largest failure for the Kampfgeschwader, however, was saddling them with an aircraft meant to be as big and as apparently capable as any Allied four-engined " heavy bomber " – the perpetually-troubled Heinkel He 177 – which had been condemned to being designed to carry out moderate angle dive bombing missions from the day that the RLM accepted it for production in November 1937, making it overweight from the start, and mandating design features that led its " welded-together engines ", a pair of cumbersome Daimler-Benz DB 606 " power systems ", to perpetually catching fire in flight during operational missons over both the Eastern Front and the United Kingdom.

pair and Poetic
Poetic Justice ( The Haunt of Fear # 12, March – April 1952 ) – Edward Elliott ( David Markham ) and his son James ( Robin Phillips ) are a snobbish pair who resent their neighbor, retired garbage man Arthur Grimsdyke ( Peter Cushing ) who owns a number of animals and entertains children in his house.

pair and Edda
According to the Prose Edda, the water of this well is so pure and holy that all things that touch it turn white, including this original pair of swans and all others descended from them.

pair and compiled
It is notable as the first constellation listed in the pair of tablets containing the canonical star lists compiled around 1000 BC, which are thus known as the MUL. APIN by their incipit.
That share probably will increase to 18 percent by 2010 as more investment banks bypass the NYSE and NASDAQ and pair buyers and sellers of securities themselves, according to data compiled by Boston-based Aite Group LLC, a brokerage-industry consultant.
Churchill ’ s book was all but obliterated by the review, " four fifths " of which, it said, " could have been compiled by anyone with a pair of scissors, a pot of paste and a built-in prejudice against Mr Butler and Sir William Haley ".
During those six seasons Garcia compiled a record of 104 wins against 57 losses, posting a pair of 20-win campaigns and leading the American League in earned run average ( ERA ) and shutouts twice each.
The pair also compiled Welcome To, a collection of original New Zealand House Music in 2001.
The interviews have also been compiled into several books and CD releases, two of which " Great Interviews of the 20th Century " and " The Annual Report " won the pair the ARIA Award for ' Best Australian Comedy Record '.
Essays from The Smart Set, Village Voice, and The Writer and Tim Pratt's fanzine Flytrap were compiled, along with original material, into the writing handbook Starve Better in 2011, and published by Apex Publications His essay " The Term Paper Artist " originally from The Smart Set, about his experiences as an academic ghostwriter for pay, has been discussed on National Public Radio, and reprinted in a pair of textbooks, both published by Nelson Education.
A pair of two-part episodes from series 6, Vendetta for the Saint and The Fiction Makers, were compiled into feature films and distributed to theatres in Europe, and often show up on late-night television in America.
NMSU's women's basketball team has also compiled a pair of undefeated home seasons in the building.
From 1999 to 2001, the men's basketball team compiled a 75 – 1 win-loss record ( including a 62-game winning streak ) earning a pair of Texas Class 5A state titles.
McNabb followed APPBOBOTEP with a live acoustic album, Live at Life ( 2000 ), compiled from a pair of Christmas gigs in 1999.
Memory Palace ( 1999 ) compiled a number of tracks recorded as joint demos by the pair, as well as the tribute " Listen to Me ", while RoL also released albums by Skyline and Subterraneans.
He is best remembered for a pair of minuets that were copied into the 1725 Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, compiled by Anna Magdalena Bach and her husband Johann Sebastian Bach.

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