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plants and along
They germinate quickly, the tiny plants appearing in a week, and grow along lustily.
Eastern Anatolia, along side Mesopotamia and the Levant, is also a heart region for the Neolithic revolution, one of the earliest areas in which humans domesticated plants and animals.
* Israel: Israel's land primarily consisted of desert until the construction of desalination plants along the country's coast.
After the development of xylem and phloem, vascualar plants developed along two lines: cryptogams which reproduce by spores and which developed first, and spermatophytes, which reproduce by seed.
In Santiago, his brother Facundo M. Bacardí continued to manage the company along with Schueg, who began the company's international expansion by opening new bottling plants in Barcelona ( 1910 ) and New York City ( 1915 ).
Timber-related concerns include five veneer plants and a large 50-year-old plywood factory in Port-Gentil, along with two other small plywood factories.
Durgapur along with Rourkela Steel Plant | Rourkela and Bhilai Steel Plant | Bhilai were the three integrated steel plants set up under India's Five-Year Plans of India # Second Five-Year Plan ( 1956 – 1961 ) | Second Five-Year Plan in the late 1950s.
During the winter months, manatees often congregate near the warm water outflows of power plants along the coast of Florida instead of migrating south as they once did, causing some conservations to worry they have become too reliant on these artificially-warmed areas.
Likewise, the development of a series of hydroelectric plants along the Río Paraná linked Paraguay to its neighbors and provided it access to cherished energy resources and badly needed export revenues.
Large cascades of hydropower plants are built in European Russia along big rivers like Volga.
This order includes many familiar plants like ginger, cardamom, turmeric, galangal and myoga of the Zingiberaceae or ginger family, and bananas and plantains of the Musaceae or banana family, along with arrowroot of the Marantaceae or arrowroot family.
By 1963, the Hanford Site was home to nine nuclear reactors along the Columbia River, five reprocessing plants on the central plateau, and more than 900 support buildings and radiological laboratories around the site.
There are bulletin boards with maps and information about local plants and wildlife, as well as signposts along the trails.
Such drugs include various psychedelic mushrooms containing psilocybin, muscimol, and muscarine ( to name a few ), and cacti containing mescaline and other chemicals, along with myriad other psychoactive-chemical-containing plants.
The first thing to be done in this process is to run a horse-hoe, called a scraper, along the intervals, keeping at such a distance from the young plants that they shall not be injured ; this operation destroys all the annual weeds which have sprung up, and leaves the plants standing in regular stripes or rows.
When there was not enough industry in the areas Hill was building, Hill brought the industry in, often by buying out a company and placing plants along his railroad lines.
Other hydropower plants were also being built along the Niagara River.
An example of one South American biotope type might be lots of bog-wood, a few native plants, with dark substrata and subdued lighting with floating plants, along with marbled hatchets, angels, cardinals, otos, corys and plecostomus.
In plants with secondary growth, the vascular cambium, originating between the xylem and the phloem, forms a cylinder of tissue along the stem and root.
In Europe there are no dedicated epiphytic plants using roots, but rich assemblages of mosses and lichens grow on trees in damp areas ( mainly the western coastal fringe ), and the common polypody fern grows epiphytically along branches.
The largest corporate producers worldwide, each with plants in numerous countries, include BASF, Bayer, Braskem, Celanese / Ticona, Arkema, Degussa, Dow, DuPont, Eastman Chemical Company, ExxonMobil, Givaudan, INEOS, LyondellBasell, Mitsubishi, PPG Industries, SABIC, Shell, and Wanhua along with thousands of smaller firms.
In the wild, Melaleuca plants are generally found in open forest, woodland or shrubland, particularly along watercourses and the edges of swamps.

plants and Route
It is interesting to note how many of the plants on Massachusetts' Route 128 draw most of their income either from the government in non-competitive cost-plus arrangements, or from the exploitation of patents which grant at least a partial monopoly.
There are three different plants in Mapleton, all located along U. S. Route 24: an Evonik chemical plant, a Lonza Group plant, and a Caterpillar Inc. foundry.
The road remains largely as it was on opening day, though the plants in its median have given way to a steel guard rail, and most recently to concrete barriers, and it now carries the designation State Route 110, not historic U. S. Route 66.

plants and 128
In addition to placing 128 part-time chaplains ( including both Protestant and Catholic Christians and Muslim Imams ) in 78 Tyson plants, in 2006, the company invited their customers to download a prayer book, containing prayers from many faiths, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and American Indian spirtuality, from the company's website to read during mealtime.

plants and are
In order to attract new industries, 15 states or more are issuing tax free bonds to build government owned plants which are leased to private enterprise.
In the clay are entombed millions of pollen grains and spores which came from plants growing in the region at the time.
or a skilled labor force is trained before there are plants available in which they can be employed.
They are conscious of this state's new feeling of optimism and assurance and are definitely impressed by the number of new plants and construction projects in Rhode Island.
Our take-up machines and our twister-coners are undergoing important pilot plant testing for application with new high polymer yarns, in several fiber producing plants.
When they have 4 to 6 leaves and are thrifty little plants, it's time to set them out where they are to remain.
If the plants are cared for and protected over the winter, the second year is more prolific than the first.
A group of native trees or plants which are outstanding in a particular county can be featured at the site.
The big factories which are relatively near the centers of our cities -- the rubber factories in Akron, Chrysler's Detroit plants, U.S. Steel's Pittsburgh works -- often began on these sites at a time when that was the edge of the city, yet close to transport ( river ), storage ( piers ) and power ( river ).
They are all suburban plants, relying on the roads to keep them supplied with workers.
plants are being taught to grow ''.
I now grok you are my people -- teach plants another way.
Most are photosynthetic like plants, and " simple " because their tissues are not organized into the many distinct organs found in land plants.
Algae lack the various structures that characterize land plants, such as phyllids ( leaves ) and rhizoids in nonvascular plants, or leaves, roots, and other organs that are found in tracheophytes ( vascular plants ).
Many food plants are, or are grown as, annuals, including virtually all domesticated grains.

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