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print and was
I think it was a grave error to print the article at this time.
His arm had been giving him some trouble and Rector was not enough of a medical expert to determine whether it had healed improperly or whether Hino was simply rebelling against the tedious work in the print shop, using the stiffness in his arm as an excuse.
On the right window, at eye level, in smaller print but also in gold, was Gonzalez, Prop., and under that, Se Habla Espanol.
In June 2007 a new publishing company, headed by Edwin Voskamp and Eric Todd, was formed with the express purpose of bringing Amber DRPG back into print.
The latter has not been out of print since it was first published and has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.
Besides the normal print book editions, the novel was also included on a CD-ROM sold by ClariNet Communications along with the other nominees for the 1993 Hugo awards.
Even while it was busy servicing a print job from one client, a PAP server could continue to respond to status requests from any number of other clients.
This allowed other Macintoshes on the LAN that were waiting to print to display status messages indicating that the printer was busy, and what the job was that it was busy with.
Initially Aster computer b. v. was called MCP ( Music print Computer Product ), because it was specialized in producing computer assisted printing of sheet music.
Although Capp's endorsement activities never rivaled Li ' l Abner's or Fearless Fosdick's, he was a celebrity spokesman in print ads for Sheaffer Snorkel fountain pens ( along with colleagues and close friends Milton Caniff and Walt Kelly ), and — with an irony that would become apparent later — a brand of cigarettes, ( Chesterfield ).
The term " outback " was first used in print in 1869, when the writer clearly meant west of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.
When this occurred, the receiving teleprinter mechanism would activate but not print characters ( it was typing the non-printing DEL character repeatedly ).
Originally published by Fantasy Games Unlimited in 1976, only two years after the first role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons was published, this edition is now long out of print.
The World Factbook was first available to the public in print in 1975.
Because far less motion was involved than in a conventional dot matrix printer, these printers were very fast compared to dot matrix printers and were competitive in speed with formed-character line printers while also being able to print dot matrix graphics.
The phrase " riding shotgun " ( not found before 1905 ) was applied later to print and especially film depiction of stagecoaches and wagons in the Old West in danger of being robbed or attacked by bandits.
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the median wage for commercial and print models was only $ 11. 22 per hour in 2006.
Dana was enormously influential in America-his Manual of Mineralogy is still in print in revised form-and the theory became known as Permanence theory.
It has been believed that this was also why Peirce used " Santiago " (" St. James " in Spanish ) as a middle name, but he appeared in print as early as 1890 as Charles Santiago Peirce.
This volume was prepared while Smith was still living but he died before it could see print.

print and investigated
However, Robert Norman around 1576 investigated dip angle further and in 1581 described in print a device to measure this phenomenon.

print and by
Representatives of Harvard University Press, which is publishing the book this month of April, recognize and freely acknowledge that they invited such reaction by allowing Life magazine to print an excerpt from the book in advance of the book's publication date.
Some of the earliest recordings, made in the 1940's demonstrated that psychiatrists reacted immediately to anger and anxiety in the sound track, whereas written records of the same interview offered far fewer cues to therapy which -- if they were at all discernible in print -- were picked up only by the most skilled and sensitive experts.
In addition, this country has been settled by many peoples of many heritages and their lore has become acculturated slowly, in an age of print and easy communication, within an ever-expanding and changing society.
* A classic overview by one of Aristotle's most prominent English translators, in print since 1923.
# Newspaper distribution, held by Haymamul ( some newspaper editors believe that Haymamul deliberately refuses to print more newspaper copies in order to minimize the impact of unfavorable press coverage of the government )
It appeared in print in a paper written by Armand Borel with Serre.
The character originated in folktales circulated among lumberjacks in the Northeastern United States and eastern Canada, first appearing in print in a story published by Northern Michigan journalist James MacGillivray in 1906.
The prints produced by Giacometti are often overlooked but the catalogue raisonné, Giacometti-The Complete Graphics and 15 Drawings by Herbert Lust ( Tudor 1970 ), comments on their impact and gives details of the number of copies of each print.
The out of print Random House publication of The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition is widely regarded as the most accurate and least redacted of any English language edition and is sought after on that basis by scholars and collectors.
The spelling and names in both the 1609 – 1610 Douay Old Testament ( and in the 1582 Rheims New Testament ) and the 1749 revision by Bishop Challoner ( the edition currently in print used by many Catholics, and the source of traditional Catholic spellings in English ) and in the Septuagint ( an ancient translation of the Old Testament in to Greek, which is widely used by the Eastern Orthodox instead of the Masoretic text ) differ from those spellings and names used in modern editions which are derived from the Hebrew Masoretic text.
The idea that one butterfly could eventually have a far-reaching ripple effect on subsequent historic events first appears in " A Sound of Thunder ", a 1952 short story by Ray Bradbury about time travel ( see Literature and print here ).
Alexander Bunyip, created by children's author and illustrator Michael Salmon, first appeared in print in The Monster That Ate Canberra in 1972, Alexander Bunyip went on to appear in many other books and a live-action television series, Alexander Bunyip's Billabong.
Wide carriage printers were often used by businesses, to print accounting records on 11 " x 14 " tractor-feed paper.
However, as printers have improved in quality and performance, many jobs which used to be done by professional print shops are now done by users on local printers ; see desktop publishing.
Liquid ink electrostatic printer use a chemical coated paper, which is charged by the print head according to the image of the document.
Today it is common to print everything ( even plain text ) by sending ready bitmapped images to the printer, because it allows better control over formatting.
The word curling first appears in print in 1620 in Perth, in the preface and the verses of a poem by Henry Adamson.

print and museum
In 2008, a print of Lang s original cut of the film was found in a museum in Argentina.
Instead, public access to these materials is provided by a dedicated print study room located within the museum.
* The official NMSI print website containing over 40, 000 images from the various museum collections
Conceding, " there's something undeniably Colonel Blimp-ish in making fun of the locals for their flawed command of your own mother tongue "; Fallows observed a Shanghai museum with " Three Georges Dam " banners advertising a Three Gorges Dam exhibit, and wrote, " it truly is bizarre that so many organizations in China are willing to chisel English translations into stone, paint them on signs, print them on business cards, and expose them permanently to the world without making any effort to check whether they are right.
As a result it is not advised to store or present the print in chemically buffered museum board, as this will cause the image to fade.
In addition to the auctioned print, the other two versions are held in museum collections.
The One-Hour Exhibitions take place one Friday each month at 3: 00 p. m. in the museum s print viewing room.
* Book and print history museum
On April 17, 2011, a print of Piss Christ was vandalized " beyond repair " by Christian protesters while on display during the Je crois aux miracles ( I believe in miracles ) exhibition at the Collection Lambert, a contemporary art museum in Avignon, France.
The museum states that its collection of Northwest Coast ethnographic material is the fifth largest in the world, including some 10, 000 objects, among which are " the important early Swan, Eells, Emmons, and Waters collections, as well as the unmatched Blackman-Hall and Ottenberg contemporary silkscreen print collections, and the Steinman contemporary Northwest Coast sculpture collection.
Forces considered to be loyal to the old regime ( spontaneously nicknamed " terrorists ") opened fire on the crowd and attacked vital points of socio-political life: the television, radio, and telephone buildings, as well as Casa Scânteii ( the centre of the nation's print media, which serves a similar role today under the name Casa Presei Libere, " House of the Free Press ") and the post office in the district of Drumul Taberei ; Palace Square ( site of the Central Committee building, but also of the Central University Library, the national art museum in the former Royal Palace, and the Ateneul Român ( Romanian Athaeneum ), Bucharest's leading concert hall ); the university and the adjoining University Square ( one of the city's main intersections ); Otopeni and Băneasa airports ; hospitals, and the Ministry of Defence.
The museum owns paintings, several hundred print graphics, and a collection of books illustrated by the artist.
But in 1950 the museum was able to buy a counterproof of the fourth state of The three crosses: an interesting addition to the states of the print already in the museum s possession.
In the same way that a museum shop might sell a print of a painting or a replica of a vase, copies of statues, paintings, and other precious artifacts have been popular through the ages.
Out of print, available only as a used book ( deals with the collection of the former GDR history museum )
The results of her investigations are hung in museum and gallery exhibitions and form an essential part of personal fine print collections by artists and activists alike.

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