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project and later
The books and records with respect to each project shall be maintained for the duration of the project, or until the expiration of three years after final disbursement for the project has been made by the United States, whichever is later.
A crack corps of 50 pilots was formed from the ranks of volunteers, but the project was halted before the end of the war, and the missiles later fell into Allied hands.
Most Aster CT-80's ( about 10 thousand of them ) were sold to schools for computer education, in a project first known as the " honderd scholen project " ( one hundred schools project ), but which later involved many more than just one hundred schools.
The project was originally called the Atari 3600, though was later renamed the Atari 7800.
Legacy Engineering was later commissioned to create another 7800 project that was subsequently cancelled after prototypes were made.
Adam Bosworth initiated and headed up the Quattro project until moving to Microsoft later in 1990 to take over the project which eventually became Access.
Television series executive producer Marti Noxon later reflected that this story might have been produced by the studio in order to frighten Whedon into taking the reins of the project.
The work was later taken over by Franck Goddio, who led a major project to explore the bay in 1998.
A rehabilitation project, begun in 1974 and completed ten years later, centered on three highways running north, west, and south from Nola.
It was not until Nupedia and later Wikipedia that a stable free encyclopedia project was able to be established on the Internet.
At first a number of leading Esperantists put their support behind the Ido project, but the movement stagnated and declined, first with the accidental death of one of its main proponents and later as people proposed further changes, and the number of current speakers is estimated at between 250 and 5000.
The project was abandoned two years later when a distance-record attempt flight crashed, killing the pilot.
Using camera obscura, it was possible to project a moving image, but there was no means of recording the image for later viewing.
Tony Moran later formed his own project, Concept of One, and the duo continued to produce reestyle artists into the early 1990s.
He was later invited to join the Defense Department's newly-formed Think Tank project, VISTA, but was denied the necessary clearance.
Crick began a Ph. D. research project on measuring viscosity of water at high temperatures ( which he later described as " the dullest problem imaginable ") in the laboratory of physicist Edward Neville da Costa Andrade at University College, London, but with the outbreak of World War II ( in particular, an incident during the Battle of Britain when a bomb fell through the roof of the laboratory and destroyed his experimental apparatus ), Crick was deflected from a possible career in physics.
It was in The Mythical Man-Month that Brooks made the now-famous statement: " Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.
Due to Loren ’ s unavailability, the project was shelved and resurrected twenty-five years later as Lovers and Liars ( 1981 ), a comedy directed by Mario Monicelli with Goldie Hawn and Giancarlo Giannini.
Zorn later formed the Painkiller project with ambient dub producer Bill Laswell on bass guitar and Mick Harris on drums, which also collaborated with Justin Broadrick on some work.

project and called
RCA Victor has an ambitious and useful project in a stereo series called `` Adventures In Music '', which is an instructional record library for elementary schools.
The project uses the patronage business model and is called " Lords of Gossamer and Shadow ".
One of the other songs from the project called " European Boy " was recorded in 1987 by disco group Splash.
In January 2010, he stated in an interview that his new film project is called Bruce vs. Frankenstein.
Another vital referent is Leibniz ’ s project of an ideographic language called " universal character ", based on the principles of Chinese characters.
Bud United ’ s next project is another reality series called The Big Time.
Initially, Cygwin was called gnuwin32 ( not to be confused with the current GnuWin32 project ).
Tymshare was already somewhat familiar with NLS ; back when ARC was still operational, it had experimented with its own local copy of the NLS software on a minicomputer called OFFICE-1, as part of a joint project with ARC.
It has also been an instrument used for the fusion of tribal rhythms with a black metal sound, a music project called Naakhum that used the spirituality of the Aboriginal people and many others as an approach.
Another project based on JFDuke3D called xDuke ( unrelated to the xDuke project based on Duke3d_w32 ) runs on the Xbox.
The Tarantula research project, which most likely would have been called EV9, would have been the first Alpha processor to feature a vector unit.
In 2003, some of the members from Devo were alleged to have partaken in a side project called The Network, which featured Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool and Jason White of Green Day.
A quote from the Akron Beacon Journal elucidates, "... Devo recently finished a new project in cahoots with Disney called Devo 2. 0, which features the band playing old songs and two new ones with vocals provided by children.
An International Development Agency project called nabuur. com, started with the support of former American President Bill Clinton, uses the Internet to allow co-operation by individuals on issues of social development.
Lomax spent the last 20 years of his life working on an interactive multimedia educational computer project he called the Global Jukebox, which included 5, 000 hours of sound recordings, 400, 000 feet of film, 3, 000 videotapes, and 5, 000 photographs.
Besides the Mutoscope, American Mutoscope also made a projector called the Biograph, which could project a continuous positive film print made from the same negatives.
Special effects director Eiji Tsuburaya was planning on working on other projects at this point in time such as a new version of a fairy tale film script called Kaguyahime ( Princess Kaguya ), but he postponed those to work on this project with Toho instead since he was such a huge fan of King Kong.
Their project attracted a great deal of attention, including from the Miami Herald and the final report was published in a book written by the boys called Big Sky, Little Bullet.
His final project was to have been a TV series called Jake's Journey.
In November 2002, as the result of several discussions on the topic Gritti made the decision to cease his work in Galeon and fork the project and started development of a HIG-compliant web browser he called Epiphany ( now known as Web ).
He called the project " WorldWideWeb ".
Cutler had been developing a follow-on to VMS at DEC called Mica, and when DEC dropped the project he brought the expertise and around 20 engineers with him to Microsoft.

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