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protagonists and are
Like Case, many cyberpunk protagonists are manipulated, placed in situations where they have little or no choice, and although they might see things through, they do not necessarily come out any further ahead than they previously were.
The protagonists may also travel to places that are not of this earth, represented in the Dreamlands ( which can be accessed through dreams as well as being physically connected to the earth ), as well as travel to other planets or the voids of space.
* In the 1983 comedy Strange Brew, which is loosely based on Hamlet, the protagonists are given jobs at Elsinore Brewery.
In the first story of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Die Wichtelmänner, the title protagonists are two naked mannequins, which help a shoemaker in his work.
In this book the hapless protagonists are ensnared in a web of deceit by a malignant monk called Schedoni and eventually dragged before the tribunals of the Inquisition in Rome, leading one contemporary to remark that if Radcliffe wished to transcend the horror of these scenes she would have to visit hell itself.
Charlotte's Jane Eyre and Emily's Cathy are both examples of female protagonists in such a role.
The female protagonists pursued in these texts are often caught in an unfamiliar and terrifying landscape, delivering higher degrees of horror.
As female protagonists in novels like Adeline in The Romance of the Forest learn that their superstitious fantasies and terrors are replaced with natural cause and reasonable doubt, the reader may understand the true position of the heroine in the novel:
With Rhett's " swarthy face " juxtaposed against Scarlett's " magnolia-white skin ", the two white protagonists are a metaphor for an interracial couple, and their romance represents racial conflict.
A pictorial parody in which the the slaves are white and the protagonists are black appeared in a 1995 issue of Vanity Fair titled, " Scarlett ' n the Hood ".
There is no strong antipathy of race or religion ; the war turns on no political events ; the capture of Troy lies outside the range of the Iliad ; and even the protagonists are not comparable to the chief national heroes of Greece.
The protagonists of Jarmusch's films are usually lone adventurers.
The protagonists of his films are often strong, independent girls or young women.
In all the books except Ethan of Athos and Falling Free, the protagonists are connected to the planet Barrayar, home of the Vorkosigan clan.
Names of characters also often carry puns, such as Ash Ketchum and Goku (" kakarot "), the protagonists of the anime series Pokémon and Dragonball, respectively, both franchises which are known for including second meanings in the names of many of their characters.
His protagonists are usually very intelligent teenagers who have to make their way in the adult society they see around them.
While the two protagonists are separated, one or both of them usually realizes that they are ideal for each other, or that they are in love with each other.
Nihilism, post-modernism, and film noir techniques are common elements, and the protagonists may be disaffected or reluctant anti-heroes.
While Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten, Unter uns, Verbotene Liebe and Alles was zählt are currently the only daily soaps on the air, the telenovelas Sturm der Liebe and Rote Rosen are considered soaps by the press as well, thanks to the changing protagonists every season.
When the protagonists are captured and imprisoned by a Norman baron, Scott interrupts the story to exclaim: It is grievous to think that those valiant barons, to whose stand against the crown the liberties of England were indebted for their existence, should themselves have been such dreadful oppressors, and capable of excesses contrary not only to the laws of England, but to those of nature and humanity.
In other stories which are found in One Thousand and One Nights, protagonists who had to leave their homeland and travel to the unknown places of the world saw signs which proved that Solomon had already been there.

protagonists and also
It also included an innovative scene that would combine a series of on stage dances with singing from both solo protagonists and the chorus.
Jumping on the spy bandwagon, other writers also started writing about spy fiction featuring female spies as protagonists, such as The Baroness, which has more graphic action and sex, as compared to other novels featuring male protagonists.
* The Tattooed Map, a novel by Barbara Hodgson also published by Raincoast Books, reads as a journal being kept by the protagonists as they travel to Morocco, complete with hardwritten notes, photos and magazine cutouts from the journey.
In early times, horror films such as My Bloody Valentine ( 1981 ), Halloween ( 1978 ), and Friday the 13th ( 1980 ) pertained mostly to a male audience in order to " feed the fantasies of young men ".< ref name = Nowell > Their main focus was to express the fear of women and show them as monsters ; however, this ideal is no longer prevalent in horror films .< ref name = Williams > Women have become not only the main audience and fans of horror films but also the main protagonists of contemporary horror films.
In international law interpretation is within the domain of the protagonists, but may also be conferred on judicial bodies such as the International Court of Justice, by the terms of the treaties or by consent of the parties.
It also includes segments of fictitious silent films starring its protagonists.
With the proliferation of male protagonists in the spy fiction genre, writers and book packagers also started bringing out spy fiction with a female as the protagonist.
Not only Esmond but also Barry Lyndon and Catherine are set then, as is the sequel to Esmond, The Virginians, which takes place in America and includes George Washington as a character who nearly kills one of the protagonists in a duel.
They were also linked by a common focus on the advancement of scientific knowledge, de Camp's chosen protagonists being explorers, artisans, engineers, innovators and practical philosophers rather than famous names from antiquity, who are relegated to secondary roles.
The two protagonists of NO Quarter, Maestro and Bone, also appear as minor characters in the Dragons novels.
The films establish that there was originally a Jedi Knight named Anakin who fell to the dark side of the Force ; he is also revealed to be the father of both Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa, the two main protagonists of the original trilogy.
Forsyth also mentions the OAS in The Dogs of War, with several of its protagonists having joined the movement.
In addition to the two main protagonists, several of the fictional characters depicted in the film also have real-life counterparts.
Although the protagonists in the novel were fictional, several historical figures, such as Andrew Mellon, Henry Clay Frick and Daniel Morrell were also depicted in the book.
There is also a greater difference between the two protagonists abilities.
Joyce also used epiphany as a literary device within each short story of his collection Dubliners as his protagonists came to sudden recognitions that changed their view of themselves or their social condition and often sparking a reversal or change of heart.
He also has two sisters: Sidonie, who appears in La curée, and Marthe, one of the protagonists of La conquête de Plassans.
He also has two sisters: Sidonie, who appears in La curée, and Marthe, one of the protagonists of La conquête de Plassans.
Although the relationship between these two protagonists is the primary focus of the series, many of the supporting characters are also well-developed.
" Gerry " is also a slang term used throughout the misadventure by both protagonists, meaning " to screw up ".
* Tomás de Torquemada is one of the main protagonists of Jerzy Andrzejewski's novel And Darkness Covered the Earth ( also translated as The Inquisitors ).
The protagonists are frequently ordinary citizens unaccustomed to danger, although commonly in crime thrillers, they may also be " hard men " accustomed to danger such as police officers and detectives.

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