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scandal and also
Ibsen wrote A Doll's House at the point when Laura Kieler had been committed to the asylum, and the fate of this friend of the family shook him deeply, perhaps also because Laura had asked him to intervene at a crucial point in the scandal, which he did not feel able or willing to do.
The institution, also called BankItalia, was established in 1893 from the combining of three major banks in Italy after the Banca Romana scandal.
* Earl Jellicoe and Lord Lambton sex scandal ( 1973 ): Conservatives, junior defence minister Lambton is arrested for using prostitutes and Cabinet minister Jellicoe also confesses.
He also stood behind Joan Bennett and insisted on her as his co-star in We're No Angels when a scandal made her persona non grata with Jack Warner.
The Iran – Contra affair (, ), also referred to as Irangate, Contragate or the Iran-Contra scandal, was a political scandal in the United States that came to light in November 1986.
Other debilitating scandals included " Arms to Iraq " – the ongoing inquiry into how government ministers including Alan Clark ( also involved in an unrelated scandal involving the revelation of his affair with the wife and both daughters of a South African judge ) had encouraged businesses to supply arms to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s, in breach of the official arms embargo, and how senior ministers had, on legal advice, attempted to withhold evidence of this official connivance when directors of Matrix Churchill were put trial for breaking the embargo.
Another scandal was " Cash for Questions ", in which first Graham Riddick, and David Tredinnick accepted money to ask questions in the House of Commons in a newspaper " sting ", and later Tim Smith and Neil Hamilton were found to have received money from Mohamed Al Fayed, also to ask questions in the House.
But in 1982 the economy experienced a sharp recession ; and also a protracted scandal over tax-avoidance schemes run by prominent Liberals plagued the government.
It is also revealed on a Simpsons DVD commentary that he was to appear in the episode " Bart Star " but, due to the scandal, was replaced by Roy Firestone.
When President Bill Clinton attempted to use executive privilege regarding the Lewinsky scandal, the Supreme Court ruled in Clinton v. Jones,, that the privilege also could not be used in civil suits.
* The Rubygate, a scandal involving Silvio Berlusconi and the prostitute Karima El Mahroug – also known by the stage name Ruby Rubacuori ( Italian for " Ruby Heart-stealer ")
The government may also seek to have a bill introduced unofficially by a backbencher so as not to create a public scandal ; such bills may also be introduced by the loyal opposition — members of the opposition party or parties.
The committee also investigated possible KCIA influence on the Unification Church's campaign in support of Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal.
Following the darbepoetin scandal, the International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) initially let Mühlegg keep his gold medals from the first two races, but in December 2003 a ruling by the Court of Arbitration for Sport ( CAS ) found that these medals should also be withdrawn.
In some jurisdictions, in addition to indicting people for crimes, a grand jury may also issue reports on matters that they investigate apart from the criminal indictments that it produces, particularly when the grand jury investigation involves a public scandal.
In the wake of the Abramoff scandal in Washington and the massive impact that this had on the lobbying scene in the United States, the rules for lobbying in the EU — which until now consist of only a non-binding code of conduct -— may also be tightened.
A few years after the Ambrosiano scandal, many suspects pointed toward Gelli with reference to his possible involvement in the murder of the Milanese banker Roberto Calvi, also known as " God's banker ", who had been jailed in the wake of the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano.
Martha Stewart, the founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia ( Waksal had dated Stewart's daughter ) also became embroiled in the scandal after it emerged that she sold about $ 230, 000 in ImClone shares on December 27, just a day before the announcement of FDA decision.
The English agent Thomas Randolph also hinted at this time of a scandal involving his sister Jean Hepburn.
" However, Sauvé also attracted negative attention due to her husband's eventual elevation as a Crown minister ; in a piece in The Globe and Mail, Progressive Conservative MP Louis-Joseph Pigeon expressed concern over the wife of a minister being paid " fabulous sums by the CBC ," calling the circumstances a " shame and a scandal.
All of Domino's clients who had their tickets stolen are also being held there and used as slave labor, both to make a profit with the coral mining and as a way to keep Hector's scandal quiet.
His experiences there — which included a scandal over his traveling with his lover rather than his wife — deepened his contempt for the " bourgeois soul " but also his admiration for the boldness of the American spirit.

scandal and resulted
Sterne ’ s uncle was an ardent Whig, and urged Sterne to begin a career of political journalism which resulted in some scandal for Sterne and, eventually, a terminal falling-out between the two men.
The scandal after the publication of Bulgarian Folk Songs resulted in the sacking of the Macedonian Minister of Culture, Dimitar Dimitrov.
In mid-1987, the Bofors scandal broke his honest, corruption-free image and resulted in a major defeat for his party in the 1989 elections.
* 2009: Staff of The New York Times, " for its swift and sweeping coverage of a prostitution scandal that resulted in the resignation of Gov.
The Watergate scandal resulted in 69 government officials being charged and 48 being found guilty.
These were brought about in late 2003 by the Parmalat scandal which caused the parent company to collapse and resulted in the club operating in controlled administration until January 2007.
A scandal with the program arose in the 1990s in which at least 700 houses were sold for profit by real estate speculators taking the loans ; at least 19 were arrested, and the situation devastated the housing market in Brooklyn and Harlem and resulted in $ 70 million in HUD loans going into default.
Chewco Investments L. P., was a limited partnership associated with the Enron scandal, which resulted in the bankruptcy of Enron.
* In 1987 writings on the phenomenon appeared in the United Kingdom along with incidents featuring broadly similar accusations such as the Cleveland child abuse scandal ; allegations of SRA in Nottingham resulted in the " British McMartin ", advised in part by the British journalist Tim Tate's work on the subject.
The scandal resulted in the loss of draft picks and a fine of almost one million dollars, which exacerbated the club's poor on-field and off-field positions.
* 2008: The Kids for Cash scandal resulted in federal convictions and sentences of juvenile court judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan.
The contracting of the construction of the new Harbor Campus had resulted in a huge scandal.
Sargent enjoyed international acclaim as a portrait painter, though not without controversy and some critical reservation ; an early submission to the Paris Salon, his " Portrait of Madame X ", was intended to consolidate his position as a society painter, but it resulted in scandal instead.
Most of that land resides in adjacent Jasper county, where a Swamplands scandal in the early 1860s resulted in a county official, who was accused of embezzlement, burning down the local courthouse to cover his tracks before skipping town.
The widespread public outrage arising after this scandal came to light resulted in the Sisters of Mercy being thereafter referred to by some of their most ardent critics as the Sisters of Cruelty.
However, due to a lack of vocations and private funds-partly due to the shocking abuse scandal caused by the order's founder, Father Marcial Maciel Degollado ( who had at one time been admired by Blessed Pope John Paul II ), which resulted in a Vatican investigation and revision-the entire course of Seminary studies will now be taken at the Legionaries ' Seminary in Rome, Italy and the building will be sold.
The Bennett scandal resulted in his excommunication and the disaffection of several others.
The operation failed, and because he had neither informed Colombia, Brazil, nor President Chirac of the mission, it resulted in a political scandal.
W. Mark Felt an agent of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation who retired in 1973 as the Bureau's Associate Director, acted on conscience to provide reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein with information that resulted in the Watergate scandal.
The scandal resulted Allied Irish Banks being forced to reach a settlement of € 90 million with the Revenue Commissioners in respect of Deposit Interest Retention Tax evasion in 2000 in addition to thousands of tax-evaders being prosecuted including the former Minister for Justice Pádraig Flynn.
The scandal was initially discovered by then-New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and resulted in significantly increased regulation of the industry.
The scandal even resulted in the declining ratings of quizzes that were not rigged, such as You Bet Your Life.
" Less than a year later, in 1998, the Lewinsky scandal broke and resulted in calls for Clinton's impeachment and possible eviction from his position.
Novak broke the story in his column, which resulted in a government scandal.

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