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song and Raven
Parsons himself only sang lead on one song (" The Raven ") through a vocoder, and can be heard singing backing vocals on a few others, including " To One in Paradise ".
* " The King ," a song by Raven on the album Nothing Exceeds Like Excess
In 2002, Steve contributed to Lou Reed's concept album The Raven with the song " Broadway Song ", and poems " Old Poe " and " The Cask ".
According to the album's liner notes, " The Raven " was the first rock song ever to feature a digital vocoder.
*" Overload ", a song by Raven from their 1987 album Life's a Bitch.
In television the song has cropped up in episodes and programs that include The Berenstain Bears and the Talent Show ; The Berenstain Bears and the Female Fullback ; Rawhide ; Garfield and Friends ; The Care Bears ; Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman ; Saved by the Bell ; All That ; Kenan & Kel ; Drake and Josh, SpongeBob SquarePants, That's So Raven ; Rugrats ; Cat in the Hat ; Peter Gunn ; Little House on the Prairie ; Our Gang ; The Twilight Zone ; Wind at My Back ; Leonardo and Shining Time Station.
* Double Dutch Bus, a 1980 Frankie Smith song with some lines in Izzle double talk, covered by Raven Samone in 2008
* " Alter ", a song by Raven from their 1994 album Glow
Other artists that covered this song include Etta James, Adam Lambert, Link Wray, The Mooney Suzuki, Slade, Rose Tattoo, Riot, The Cult, Black Sabbath, INXS, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Tomoyasu Hotei, Raven with Udo Dirkschneider, Ozzy Osbourne, Slayer, X Japan, Blue Öyster Cult, Status Quo, Kirka, Fanfare Ciocărlia, Lizzy Borden, Tanja Dexters, The Residents, Hampton String Quartet, Krokus, Wilson Pickett, Kuroyume, Hinder, and Puppet Cream.
Clark briefly joined McGuinn's solo group, with which he premiered " Silver Raven ", arguably his most celebrated post-Byrds song.
Reed re-recorded the song for his 2003 album The Raven.
* " Islands " ( song ), by Eddy Raven
* " Raven ", a song by the Dave Matthews Band from Busted Stuff
* " Sledgehammer Rock ", a song by Raven from their 1983 album All for One
" Swansong for a Raven ", a track on Cradle's 2004 album Nymphetamine, is a sequel to the song.
* " UXB ", a song by Raven from their 1982 album Wiped Out
A song, " I Can't Find Brummagem ", was written by James Dobbs ( 1781 – 1837 ), a Midland music hall entertainer and collected in Victoria's Inferno: Songs of the Old Mills, Mines, Manufactories, Canals and Railways by Jon Raven, Broadside Books, 1978, ISBN 0-9503722-3-4.
" That's How the Story Ends " is a song stlylized along the lines of " The Raven ," a poem by Edgar Allan Poe.
* " True Believer ", a song by Raven from Glow
* Raven covered the song on their 1986 album The Pack Is Back.
Its theme song was " Raven " by the band Do As Infinity, which was on their " Yesterday & Today " single.
* Professional wrestler Raven used the song as his entrance music his ECW run, then various knockoffs and sound-alikes in companies afterward.
The song was included in both the Hitman: Blood Money video game and the 2007 Hitman film, and also used on the soundtrack of the video game Raven Shield.

song and featured
Its album Pimp to Eat featured guest appearances by various members of Rhyme Syndicate, Odd Oberheim, Jacky jasper ( who appears as Jacky Jasper on the song " We Sleep Days " and H-Bomb on " War "), D. J.
This verse is also featured in William Billing's popular Sacred Harp song " David's Lamentation ", first published in 1778.
Other notable acts include Ali B ( who has been featured on other artists ' tracks, most significantly with Marco Borsato on the song " Wat zou je doen?
The song was later featured in the film The Birdcage ( 1996 ) and performed by Robin Williams and Christine Baranski.
The six main cast members participated on a 1963 Columbia soundtrack album which featured original song numbers in character.
The series generally featured no country music beyond the bluegrass banjo theme song, although country star Roy Clark and the team of Flatt and Scruggs occasionally played on the program.
" were featured in the Supermode song " Tell Me Why ".
The punk band The F. U's performed a cover of the song, featured on the album This Is Boston, Not L. A.
One song from that record, " Producer's Medley ", featured Wariner's recreation of several very famous songs which Chet Atkins both produced and performed on.
Released the same year and containing re-recorded tracks from Omikron, his album ' Hours ...' featured a song with lyrics by the winner of his " Cyber Song Contest " Internet competition, Alex Grant.
Devo's song, " Gut Feeling / Slap Your Mammy ", was featured in EA Sports ' skateboard video game, Skate.
The song " Uncontrollable Urge " is featured in the video game Rock Band 2.
Enya achieved a breakthrough in her career in 1988 with the album Watermark, which featured the hit song " Orinoco Flow " ( sometimes incorrectly known as " Sail Away ").
The second cover song was " Roadhouse Blues " by The Doors which featured on the 2nd 12 ".
" Singin ' in the Rain featured Kelly's celebrated and much imitated solo dance routine to the title song, along with the " Moses Supposes " routine with Donald O ' Connor and the " Broadway Melody " finale with Cyd Charisse.
Gaynor also recorded a disco song called " Love Is Just a Heartbeat Away " in 1979 for the vampire movie Nocturna: Granddaughter of Dracula which featured a number of disco songs.
The song featured a new verse every episode.
The album also featured Cypress Hill member, B-Real, on the song " Put Your Head Out ".
* " I. R. S .," a song by Guns N ' Roses featured on their album Chinese Democracy
His # 1 R & B hit that year, " Cold Sweat ", sometimes cited as the first true funk song, was the first of his recordings to contain a drum break and the first that featured a harmony that was reduced to a single chord.
In 1959, Cagney played a labor leader in what proved to be his final musical, Never Steal Anything Small, which featured a comical song and dance duet with Cara Williams, who played his girlfriend.
* The They Might Be Giants song " Where Your Eyes Don't Go " on their second album, Lincoln, featured the lines " You're free to come and go / Or talk like Kurtis Blow.
* The Ice Cube song " Now I Gotta Wet ' Cha " featured the line " I'll Kurtis Blow yo ass away / Like AJ ".

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