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space and character
Experience is not seen, as it is in classical rationalism, as presenting us initially with clear and distinct objects simply located in space and registering their character, movements, and changes on the tabula rasa of an uninvolved intellect.
The space character is considered a non-printing graphic.
The parentheses could not correspond to 9 and 0, however, because the place corresponding to 0 was taken by the space character.
Many theorems which are provable using choice are of an elegant general character: every ideal in a ring is contained in a maximal ideal, every vector space has a basis, and every product of compact spaces is compact.
Since a maximal ideal in A is closed, is a Banach algebra that is a field, and it follows from the Gelfand-Mazur theorem that there is a bijection between the set of all maximal ideals of A and the set Δ ( A ) of all nonzero homomorphisms from A to C. The set Δ ( A ) is called the " structure space " or " character space " of A, and its members " characters.
Equipped with the topology of pointwise convergence on A ( i. e., the topology induced by the weak -* topology of A < sup >∗</ sup >), the character space, Δ ( A ), is a Hausdorff compact space.
Other characters are mainly printing, printable, or graphic characters, except perhaps for the " space " character ( see ASCII printable characters ).
In spaces that are compact in this latter sense, it is often possible to patch together information that holds locally — that is, in a neighborhood of each point — into corresponding statements that hold throughout the space, and many theorems are of this character.
The ambiguous character of the axioms as originally formulated by Euclid makes it possible for different commentators to disagree about some of their other implications for the structure of space, such as whether or not it is infinite ( see below ) and what its topology is.
In case an isolated kanji character has a long reading — for example ( where reads, tazusa )— the furigana may instead spill over into the space next to the neighboring kana characters, without condensing or changing spacing.
He is best known as the creator of the space opera franchise Star Wars and the archaeologist-adventurer character Indiana Jones.
Instead, poetry and painting each has its character ( the former is extended in time ; the latter is extended in space ).
Views of Saturn from the space station inhabited by the character Caroline Holmes in this section were inspired by images of Saturn taken during the Voyager flybys.
He believed that the configuration and arrangement of every architectural element, particularly including the character of enclosed space, must contribute to a unified expression.
There, the input is performed by two sets of three keys plus a space bar ( as in the Perkins Brailler ), while output is via a refreshable braille display consisting of a row of electromechanical character cells, each of which can raise or lower a combination of six ( or in some cases, eight ) round-tipped pins.
The most important of these commands was the space character, which means " go on to the next thing ", where the next thing could be the next page, the next article, or the next newsgroup, depending on where the user was in the process of reading news.
The Star Wars franchise helped spark a new interest in space opera, focusing more on story and character than on scientific accuracy.
In the non-canonical Voyager relaunch novels, written by Christie Golden, the character Chakotay is promoted after the ship returns to Federation space, and became Captain of Voyager.
* Space Cadets: guidelines for a space opera setting, in the form of various types of character classes, SF weaponry and psychic powers.
Most of his reputation declined with that of Socialist Realism, but his children's tale character Buratino retains his strong legacy with the younger audience of Russia and across the former Soviet space, appearing as popular reading, a movie, and a variety of derivative forms.
The " idle " condition of the circuit is a continuous marking state, with the start of a character signalled by a " start bit ", which is always a space.
Following the start bit, the character is represented by a fixed number of bits, such as 5 bits in the Baudot code, each either a mark or a space to denote the specific character or machine function.

space and had
Keith Sterling had looked down on the Brahmaputra more times than he could remember, during the war days when he flew over the Hump of the world, thinking it high adventure in those times before man was guiding himself through outer space.
In the center of any open space remaining our grandfathers had planted syringa and sweet-shrub, snowball, rose-of-Sharon and balm-of-Gilead.
If, on the other hand, they opted for representation, it had to be representation per se -- representation as image pure and simple, without connotations ( at least, without more than schematic ones ) of the three-dimensional space in which the objects represented originally existed.
One had to manage the given subjects, three diverse recent events, so as to make them part of a classical frieze, -- that is, a pattern of large figures filling the space, with not much else, against a blank background.
One had taken a flight into uncharted space, in the service of science, to return as a living hero.
The other had assumed the right to explore the equally uncharted space of the human spirit.
It was that oddly shaped space at the very top of the house, where ceiling heights had to accommodate themselves to the varying angles of roof slope.
He knew how to spread himself against the borders of the space that had to separate them.
Today, he looked like an Astronaut who had left his vitamin pills on the bureau and spent six months in space: hollow eyes, hollow cheeks, hollow stomach.
She had explained it -- something about summer people's eating out and not enough space in the units.
From here on out, the Ariadne was going to be hotter than any space cruiser man had ever dreamed of.
Over the years, he had had buddies in space in whom he thought he could confide.
At the time of Kennedy's proposal, only one American had flown in space — less than a month earlier — and NASA had not yet sent an astronaut into orbit.
It became clear that managing the Apollo program would exceed the capabilities of Robert Gilruth's Space Task Group, which had been directing the nation's manned space program from NASA's Langley Research Center.
In September 1962, by which time two Project Mercury astronauts had orbited the Earth, Gilruth had moved his organization to rented space in Houston, and construction of the MSC facility was under way, Kennedy visited Rice to reiterate his challenge in a famous speech:
One of nineteen astronauts selected by NASA in April 1966, Charles Duke had never flown in space before Apollo 16.
House Rock had numerous bullet hole-like marks where micrometeroids from space had impacted the rock.
By the beginning of World War II, many towns and cities had built space, and there were numerous qualified pilots available.
When the Universe was very young, it was likely infused with dark energy, but with less space and everything closer together, gravity had the upper hand, and it was slowly braking the expansion.
Lemaître, however, thought thatIf the world has begun with a single quantum, the notions of space and time would altogether fail to have any meaning at the beginning ; they would only begin to have a sensible meaning when the original quantum had been divided into a sufficient number of quanta.

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