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success and Raising
The group toured in the wake of the album's success, but the Raising Hell Tour was marred by violence, particularly fights between rival street gangs in places like Los Angeles.
TNT's success with original series includes the critically acclaimed The Closer, ad-supported cable's # 1 series of all time ; Saving Grace, which averages more than 5 million viewers along with Leverage ; and Raising the Bar, which set a new ad-supported cable viewership record when it premiered on Labor Day 2008 ( but has recently been canceled ).
Hudson subsequently appeared in several romantic comedies, including Alex and Emma and Raising Helen ; the films met with varying degrees of success.
The success of the single " Rumors ", prompted hip hop impresario Russell Simmons to hire the group as the opening act for thirty-eight dates on Run DMC's Raising Hell tour in 1986.
Raising Money – Washington travels north to secure additional funding for the Institute with which he had much success.
In the movie, the group also performs its track “ My Adidas ” from the album Raising Hell, which was created later after the success of the label, " Can You Rock it Like This ", and " You're Blind ".
His first play, a farce called Raising the Wind ( 1803 ), was a success owing to the popularity of the character of " Jeremy Diddler ".

success and Hell
The album was a commercial success and spawned three hit singles " Honest Goodbye ", " Heroes and Martyrs ", and " New Dark Ages ", and as a result, New Maps of Hell reached number 35 on the Billboard 200, marking Bad Religion's highest-ever chart position.
The final two episodes of the series feature a new arrival ( Geoffrey Whitehead ), who tries to organise a rebellion of the demons in Hell, with Thomas's help, with exactly the same degree of success that Gary and Thomas had in series 1.
The singles " Novocaine for the Soul ", " Susan's House " and " Your Lucky Day in Hell " achieved modest national and international success, winning the Best International Breakthrough Act award at the 1998 BRIT Awards.
The song " Your Lucky Day In Hell " also achieved moderate success, and was used in the horror movie Scream 2.
Gurewitz commented on the album's production on the official Bad Religion website, stating that the album was quickly produced after the release of the band's debut, How Could Hell Be Any Worse ?, because the band didn't take itself seriously and didn't think it would last very long, despite the success of their debut and popularity on the underground music scene.
After the success of Love Is Hell, more book collections followed, including Work Is Hell and Childhood Is Hell.
A song that originally appeared on the compilation album The Day Hell Broke Loose 2, Mike Jones ' " Still Tippin '", achieved mainstream success in 2004, leading to Swishahouse signing a national distribution deal with Asylum Records.
With absinthe gaining some commercial exposure by appearing in a range of movies, including From Hell, Euro Trip, Bram Stoker's Dracula, and Moulin Rouge !, Pernod-Ricard's absinthe has enjoyed some modest success in France and other countries in the EU.
That brief taste of mainstream success had a major influence on the band's next album, Between Heaven ' N Hell, which jettisoned most of the New Wave stylings of Hostage in favor of radio-friendly hard rock more akin to their Colours period.
It was the last successful TV Western drama to date until the premiere of Deadwood on HBO in March 21, 2004 and the premiere AMC Western series Hell on Wheels on November 6, 2011, and also one of the last original series to find long term success in a Saturday timeslot.
While Steinman's fans acclaim it as his biggest musical success, about 70 % of the musical score written by Steinman was recycled from his earlier projects, mainly from his less-known shows like The Dream Engine and The Confidence Man ( co-written with Ray Errol Fox ), although it also features music from his widely known records like " Total Eclipse of the Heart " ( remade as " Totale Finsternis "), the melody, but not the lyric, from a Bat Out Of Hell II song called " Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are " ( remade as " Die unstillbare Gier ") and " Original Sin ", originally written for Pandora's Box album of the same name and later sung by " Meat Loaf " in Welcome to the Neighborhood ( parts of which were remade as " Gott Ist Tot " and " Einladung Zum Ball ").
Following up on the surprise success of their breakthrough singles " Ball and Chain " and " Story of My Life ", Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell became a popular album and received positive reviews from music critics.
" He also claims that Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell " had all the earmarks of a major commercial success with some radio friendly tunes and strong production, but it never found the large audience Epic Records expected.
After " Klytaimnestra " success, David DeFeis & Landestheater Production extracted a second Metal Opera musical, named " The Rebels ", from the previous Marriage of Heaven and Hell trilogy (" The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Part I ", " The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Part II ", " Invictus ").
The success of Hell Drivers established Baker as a star and saw exhibitors vote him the 7th most popular British actor that year.
1998's Silent Radar was the band's return to commercial success, with the hit singles " Stereo ", " Any Day Now ", " Brighter Hell " and " Say Something ".
– His other outstanding success was My Happy Days in Hell ( Pokolbéli víg napjaim ), a memoir first published in 1962 in English translation, which was translated to French and German as well, but did not appear in the original Hungarian until much later.
With the addition of Paul Cutler on guitar, the band found success with the release of their first single " Black Cross " in 1981, and their contributions to the compilation Hell Comes To Your House.

success and is
and the success of such an endeavor is, as suggested above, glaringly rare.
Its success is a tribute, above all, to Trevelyan's brilliance as a literary stylist.
But the secretary insists that the success of the American farmer is the `` greatest single source of strength '' in the struggle to insure freedom around the world.
Mr. Richard Preston, executive director of the New Hampshire State Planning and Development Commission, in his remarks to the Governors Conference on Industrial Development at Providence on October 8, 1960, warned against the fallacy of attempting to attract industry solely to reduce the tax rate or to underwrite municipal services such as schools when he said: `` If this is the fundamental reason for a community's interest or if this is the basic approach, success if any will be difficult to obtain ''.
When one powerful nation strives to emulate the success of another, it is only natural.
The day is now appropriately set aside to honor the American men and women who have contributed to the success of our merchant marine fleet in peace and war.
The quality of a president's leadership is measured first by his success in building up the faculty.
At the recent horse show convention in New York it was stated that this Intermediate Judging Class is meeting with great success and will be a great help to future judges in the horse world.
A well-publicized entrant which has achieved success only recently is the built liquid detergent, with which the major problem today is incorporation of builder and active into a small volume using a sufficiently high builder/active ratio.
Each of the N trials is either a success or a failure.
It is natural from the marksman's viewpoint to call a bull's-eye a success, but in the mice example it is arbitrary which category corresponds to straight hair in a mouse.
In some programs, treatment is concentrated over a short period of time, while in others, after the initial contact is established, flexible spacing of interviews has been experimentally used with apparent success.
In the primary grades, reading permeates almost every aspect of school progress, and the children's early experiences of success or failure in learning to read often set a pattern of total achievement that is relatively enduring throughout the following years.
While the phonemes can be very easily stated, no one is likely to be satisfied with the statement until phonemic occurrences can be related in some way to morphemic units, i.e. until the morphophonemics is worked out, or at least far enough that it seems reasonable to expect success.
What they should recognize is that children who have been placed in one of these groups on a narrow academic basis still differ widely in attributes that influence success, and that they still must be treated as individuals.
The quest of the historical Homer is likely never to have further success ; ;
It is only fairly recently, however, that linguists have developed a systematic way of charting voices on paper in a way that tells even more about the speakers and about the success or failure of human communication between two people.
I believe the situation is improving, but the success stories need to be heavily publicized.
With loud huzzahs for the artistic success of the Presbyterian-St. Luke's Fashion show still ringing in her ears, its director, Helen Tieken Geraghty ( Mrs. Maurice P. Geraghty ) is taking off tomorrow on a 56 day world trip which should earn her even greater acclaim as director of entertainment for next summer's International Trade fair.
And you wonder if that is why the little man lost his job and his car and stayed drunk about a year before he straightened out and moved to St. Louis, where he got to be a big unhappy success.

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