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traditional and definition
If Bultmann's own definition of myth is strictly adhered to ( and it is interesting that this is almost never done by those who make such pronouncements ), the evidence is overwhelming that he does not at all exaggerate the extent to which the mythological concepts of traditional theology have become incredible and irrelevant.
The traditional definition of Anatolia within modern Turkey
This traditional geographical definition is used, for example, in the latest edition of Merriam-Webster's Geographical Dictionary, as well as the archeological community.
Using the traditional definition, the anode switches ends between charge and discharge cycles.
CECA's notoriety immortalized the name Capoeira Angola as definition of the traditional Capoeira style.
Social conservatives ( in the first meaning of the word ) in many countries generally favor the pro-life position in the abortion controversy and oppose human embryonic stem cell research ( particularly if publicly funded ); oppose both eugenics and human enhancement ( transhumanism ) while supporting bioconservatism ; support a traditional definition of marriage as being one man and one woman ; view the nuclear family model as society's foundational unit ; oppose expansion of civil marriage and child adoption rights to couples in same-sex relationships ; promote public morality and traditional family values ; oppose atheism, especially militant atheism, secularism and the separation of church and state ; support the prohibition of drugs, prostitution, and euthanasia ; and support the censorship of pornography and what they consider to be obscenity or indecency.
One centers on the definition of " traditional society.
( Form of Content, that Louis Hjelmslev distinguished from Form of Expression ) than how the word " house " may be tied to a certain image of a traditional house ( i. e. the relationship between signifier and signified ) with each term being established in reciprocal determination with the other terms than by an ostensive description or definition: when can we talk about a " house " or a " mansion " or a " shed "?
A consistent definition of traditional folk music is elusive.
This is the traditional definition of " prime ".
The definition also covers activities which would fall within the traditional definition of money laundering as a process by which proceeds of crime are concealed or disguised so that they may be made to appear to be of legitimate origin.
The traditional definition of climate is pushed in to larger timescales with the further understanding of how the global oscillations cause both climate and weather disturbances in the synoptic and mesoscale timescales.
Modesto and Anderson reviewed the many previous definitions, and proposed a modified definition which they intended to retain most traditional content of the group while keeping it stable and monophyletic.
By Robert Graves's definition, a religion's traditional stories are " myths " if and only if one does not belong to the religion in question.
While not soaps in the traditional sense, these shows managed to appeal to wide audiences with their high drama mixed with humor, and are soap operas by definition.
The 2009 regulations changed the formal definition of blended Scotch whisky to achieve this result, but in a way that reflected traditional and current practice: before the 2009 SWR, any combination of Scotch whiskies qualified as a blended Scotch whisky, including for example a blend of single malt Scotch whiskies.
In traditional statements, the law provides an empirical definition of temperature and justification for the construction of practical thermometers.
Similarly, UNESCO includes both " oral tradition " and " traditional manifestations " in its definition of a country's cultural properties and heritage.
The second traditional definition comes from the 10th century Tantric scholar Rāmakaṇṭha, who belonged to the dualist school called the Śaiva Siddhānta: A tantra is a divinely revealed body of teachings, explaining what is necessary and what is a hindrance in the practice of the worship of God ; and also describing the specialized initiation and purification ceremonies that are the necessary prerequisites of Tantric practice.
It is one thing to give the traditional sort of definition of " God ," but it is quite another really to understand the terms used in the definition.
The traditional dictionary definition refers exclusively to the specific internal structure.

traditional and role
One now leads to Aberdour railway station, a beautifully kept and cared for example of a traditional station, in keeping with its role of transporting at least a quarter of the village's working population to their work each day.
Andrew Gronholdt of the Shumagin Islands played a vital role in reviving the ancient art of building the chaguda-x or traditional bentwood hats.
The traditional role of a bishop is as pastor of a diocese ( also called a bishopric, synod, eparchy or see ), and so to serve as a " diocesan bishop ," or " eparch " as it is called in many Eastern Christian churches.
Charlton's role was developing from traditional inside-forward to what today would be termed an attacking midfield player, with Ramsey planning to build the team for the 1966 World Cup around him.
The French and the British used tanks in their pre-blitzkrieg ' traditional ' role of assisting infantry and dispersed across the whole army so there was not concentration of tanks, while the blitzkrieg method of concentrating tanks, even less in number and less capable in ability, led to victorious success.
In both cases, the titular head of state-monarch or president-serves the traditional role of embodying and representing the nation, while the actual governing is carried out by a cabinet composed predominantly of elected Members of Parliament.
Social conservatives believe that the government has a role in encouraging or enforcing what they consider traditional values or behaviors.
Additionally, the majority of commercial didgeridoo recordings available are distributed by multinational recording companies and feature non-Aboriginals playing a New Age style of music with liner notes promoting the instrument's spirituality which misleads consumers about the didgeridoo's secular role in traditional Aboriginal culture.
This reorganization did not affect their role or equipment, although the traditional orange uniform braiding of the dragoons was replaced by the standard yellow of the Cavalry branch.
In the Bacchae, he restores the chorus and messenger speech to their traditional role in the tragic plot, and the play appears to be the culmination of a regressive or archaizing tendency in his later works ( for which see Chronology below ).
The influence of Richard Hooker was crucial to an evolution in this understanding in which bishops came to be seen in their more traditional role as ones who delegate to the presbyterate inherited powers, act as pastors to presbyters, and holding a particular teaching office with respect to the wider church.
She asserts: " In their traditional exhibitionist role women are simultaneously looked at and displayed, with their appearance coded for strong visual and erotic impact so that they can be said to connote to-be-looked-at-ness ," and as a result contends that in film a woman is the " bearer of meaning, not maker of meaning.
However, these images are still mediated by the same factors as traditional film, such as the “ moving camera, composition, editing, lighting, and all varieties of sound .” While acknowledging the value in inserting positive representations of women in film, some critics asserted that real change would only come about from reconsidering the role of film in society, often from a semiotic point of view.
General Jean Mordacq intended to rebuild the Foreign Legion as a larger military formation, doing away with the legion's traditional role as a solely infantry formation.
With Cerezo's election, the military moved away from governing and returned to the more traditional role of providing internal security, specifically by fighting armed insurgents.
Set theory has come to play the role of a foundational theory in modern mathematics, in the sense that it interprets propositions about mathematical objects ( for example, numbers and functions ) from all the traditional areas of mathematics ( such as algebra, analysis and topology ) in a single theory, and provides a standard set of axioms to prove or disprove them.
The role of a gamemaster in a traditional role-playing game is to weave the other participants ' player-character stories together, control the non-player aspects of the game, create environments in which the players can interact, and solve any player disputes.
The basic role of the gamemaster is the same in almost all traditional role-playing games, although differing rule sets make the specific duties of the gamemaster unique to that system.
Garlic was long frowned upon for causing halitosis, so has never played a large role in traditional German cuisine, but has risen in popularity in recent decades due to the influence of French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, and Turkish cuisines.
As time passed, the role of separate assemblies was superseded by the single assembly in Guernica, and by 1512, its oak, known as the Gernikako Arbola, became symbolic of the traditional rights of the Basque people as a whole.
Recently, there has been a renewed debate over the traditional role of horseshoes.
Despite these changes the highlands remained very poor and traditional, with few connections to the uplift of the Scottish Enlightenment and little role in the Industrial Revolution.
Only the Bene Gesserit perceive the Golden Path and are therefore faced with a choice: keep to their traditional role of hidden manipulators who quietly ease tensions and guide human progress while struggling for their own survival, or embrace the Golden Path and push humanity onward into a new future where humans are free from the threat of extinction.
In traditional equity investment, indices play a central and unambiguous role.

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