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verdict and read
Some 30 spectators remained in the court during the day and were on hand to hear the verdict read.
The role of the foreman is to ask questions on behalf of the jury, facilitate jury discussions, and sometimes to read the verdict of the jury.
According to Cornelius Nepos, in his defense Epaminondas merely requested that, if he be executed, the inscription regarding the verdict read: Epaminondas was punished by the Thebans with death, because he obliged them to overthrow the Lacedaemonians at Leuctra, whom, before he was general, none of the Boeotians durst look upon in the field, and because he not only, by one battle, rescued Thebes from destruction, but also secured liberty for all Greece, and brought the power of both people to such a condition, that the Thebans attacked Sparta, and the Lacedaemonians were content if they could save their lives ; nor did he cease to prosecute the war, till, after settling Messene, he shut up Sparta with a close siege.
Presiding Judge Karra read the verdict which stated that Katsav " engaged in a campaign of vilification against the plaintiffs.
The court's verdict not only upheld his discharge, but ruled that he was "... unfit to serve his Majesty in any military capacity whatsoever ", then ordered that their verdict be read to and entered in the orderly book of every regiment in the Army.
On his demand to be restored in accordance with the verdict of Photius and Eustathius at Beirut and Tyre, the Acts of that synod were read, and the next day the pope's legates gave their opinion that Ibas, was unlawfully deposed, and should be at once restored.
When the verdict is read and Beverly is found not guilty on all charges, she laughs and announces " Oh, I'm coming home!
As is customary in Russian trials, the judges read the verdict aloud, beginning on 16 May 2005 and finishing on 31 May.
On 14 February 2011, Natalya Vasilyeva, an assistant to the judge who convicted Khodorkovsky, Viktor Danilkin, said that the judge did not write the verdict, and had read it against his will.
Just a few days before the verdict was read by the judge before the court, Vladimir Putin made public comments with regard to his opinion of Khodorkovsky's guilt, saying " a thief should sit in jail.
As the defendant says before the verdict is read, " Nobody's going to win this trial ; we're all losers ," since he realizes that, even though most people think that they could resist the pressure that could arise in a concentration camp, it is impossible to tell who will be able to resist.
Again the jury had to be sent out while the previous trial's guilty verdict was read.
When the verdict was read, Nichols showed no emotion, staring straight ahead.
After the verdict was read, Davis stood and gestured obscenely at the courtroom with both hands.
After the conviction, Colizzi said the scientific evidence being used against them " is so irrational it's unbelievable " and the verdict read " like a bad spy film "
In public after the conviction Colizzi called the scientific evidence used against them " so irrational it's unbelievable " and said the verdict read " like a bad spy film ".
Corbett was shown the staff appreciation, and said I ' read it with increasing wonder till at last I felt it my duty to convey to the Admiralty that such a grotesque account of the battle certainly ought not to go out as their considered verdict '.
During his trial he claimed he was involved only in cases of consensual sex, laughed when his verdict was read and swore at the judge when he received his sentence.
On appeal, the damages figure was lowered to $ 1. 5 million, before the verdict itself was quashed in 2004, with a judge deciding the idea was not stolen as Fox had bought Kornfield's screenplay before he or anybody else at Fox had read Could This Be Christmas ?.
After the " not guilty " verdict is read, Barnes announces to the media that she left Krasny's office over the Henry Styles case, where Krasny suppressed evidence that proved Styles was innocent.
For Petar Zrinski the verdict was read as follows:
After seven months of evidence and deliberation, the verdict of the inquiry was released and read in the Houses of Parliament on 9 May 2011.
After the verdict is read, Peter's father-in-law tells him that there is a part of the river that he found out was never searched and the evidence could still be there.

verdict and According
According to the verdict, Rehima was the one who supplied the gunmen with a photo of Ze ' evi, details of the hotel in which he would be staying and information on the hotel layout.
According to Jewish tradition, God inscribes each person's fate for the coming year into a book, the Book of Life, on Rosh Hashanah, and waits until Yom Kippur to " seal " the verdict.
According to the minutes of the Provincial Council, dated December 21, 1683 the jury returned with a verdict of guilty for " having the common fame of a which, but not guilty in manner and forme as shee stands indicted.
According to the official Party verdict, Lin and Jiang were singled out for blame because they led intra-Party cliques which took advantage of Mao's " mistakes " to advance their own political goals, engaging in " criminal activity " for their own self-benefit.
According to Wightman, the Bishop told him “ that unless I did recant my opinions he would burn me at a stake in Burton before Allholland day next .” The final verdict and list of charges included “ the wicked heresies of Ebion, Cerinthus, Valentinian, Arius, Macedonius, Simon Magus, Manichees, Photinus, and of the Anabaptists and other arch heretics, and moreover, of other cursed opinions belched by the instinct of Satan ”.
According to historian Ilarion Ţiu, the trial and verdict were received with general apathy, and the only political faction believed to have organized a public rally in connection with it was the outlawed Romanian Communist Party, some of whose members gathered in front of the tribunal to express support for the conviction.
According to UN Watch, between 2006 and 2010, the Council held six of nine special sessions on Israel, 35 of 40 or so resolutions on Israel and all five fact-finding missions on Israel, " all with the guilty verdict declared in advance.
According to the legally binding verdict of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, federal Army and Serbian police after the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia 24 March 1999, systematically attacked villages with Albanian population, abused, robbed and killed civilians, ordering them to go to Albania or Montenegro, burning their houses and destroying by their property.
According to the Mahāvaṃsa, a Theravādin source, after the Second Council was closed those taking the side of junior monks did not accept the verdict but held an assembly of their own attended by ten thousand calling it a Mahasangiti ( Great Convocation ) from which the school derived its name Mahāsāṃghika.
According to Judge John G. Koeltl, in denying Stewart's motion to reject the verdict as unfounded, A rational jury could have inferred that, by relaying a statement withdrawing support for a cessation of violence by an influential, pro-violence leader of a terrorist group, Stewart knew that she was providing support to those within the IG ( Islamic Group ) who sought to return to violence — who the jury could have found were participants in the Count Two conspiracy, particularly Taha.
According to these sources, Ikegami proceeded to sue Nintendo for unauthorized duplication of the Donkey Kong program code for the latter's creation of Donkey Kong Junior ( 1983, Tokyo District Court ), but it was not until 1989 that the Tokyo High Court gave a verdict that acknowledged the originality of program code.
According to Shlaim, as the verdict was announced, Shein and Zurabin stood up and shouted at the top of their voices: " Long live the Kingdom of Israel on both banks of the Jordan!
According to the verdict Utembayev paid Ibragimov to kill Sarsenbaev because of the latter's derogatory remarks about him published in a newspaper.
According to attorney T. Lawrence Pollard, had a jury been presented with this evidence it would have " materially affected their deliberation and therefore would have materially affected their ultimate verdict.
According to Spiegel Online, January 10, 2008 the verdict was: Pumuckl may marry-at least he could now if he wanted to.

verdict and indictment
A related concept is the jury, which can be regarded as a specialized form of militia convened to render a verdict in a court proceeding ( known as a petit jury or trial jury ) or to investigate a public matter and render a presentment or indictment ( grand jury ).
The offence created by section 12 ( 1 ) of the Theft Act 1968 ( TWOC ) is available an alternative verdict on an indictment for theft.
Some radicals, notably William Cobbett, claimed a " cover-up " within the government and viewed the verdict and Castlereagh's public funeral as a damning indictment of the elitism and privilege of the unreformed electoral system.
The indictment was confirmed by a 2001 verdict by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia that rape and sexual enslavement are crimes against humanity.
The third dissenter agreed, but added that, in his opinion, there was insufficient evidence to sustain a guilty verdict, so the indictment should be dismissed altogether ( failure of proof means no retrial ).
On the trial of an indictment for treason, the jury cannot return an alternative verdict to the offence charged in that indictment under section 6 ( 3 ) of the Criminal Law Act 1967.
On the trial of an indictment for treason, the jury cannot return an alternative verdict to the offence charged in that indictment under section 6 ( 2 ) of the Criminal Law Act ( Northern Ireland ) 1967.
Michael Anthony Higgins, 43, formerly of the Corpus Christi area, was found guilty on Jan. 13, 2010, by a jury ’ s verdict on all four counts of the indictment of willfully stealing money from motorists he stopped on the highway while working as a trooper.
The court overturned the verdict, but the indictment was not dismissed.
On the trial of an indictment for capital murder, the jury could not return an alternative verdict to the offence charged in that indictment under section 6 ( 2 ) of the Criminal Law Act ( Northern Ireland ) 1967.

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