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Then and dividing
Then dividing both side by would result in the “ Two-point form ” shown above, but leaving it here allows the equation to still be valid when.
Then dividing both sides by yields
Then he suggested dividing Germany into 3 states, all of which would be included in a new European customs union.
Let E be an elliptic curve over Q of conductor N. Then, E has good reduction at all primes p not dividing N, it has multiplicative reduction at the primes p that exactly divide N ( i. e. such that p divides N, but p < sup > 2 </ sup > does not ; this is written p || N ), and it has additive reduction elsewhere ( i. e. at the primes where p < sup > 2 </ sup > divides N ).
Then he left the traditional way of dividing the string into two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight equal parts, and, using a razor to stop the string, divided the fourth string of his violin between G and A into sixteen parts.
Then Prana ( Life Force ) tells " Do not be proud, I hold and sustain the body by dividing myself as five forms ".

Then and units
Then supra-village aggregation began in earnest, and in barely three millenia the autonomous political units of the world dropped from 600, 000 to 157.
Then he leads his units to assault some Soviet bases to collect some weapons, ammunition and tanks as the resistance forces have only a limited supply of weapons.
Suppose a vertex joins three units with spin numbers a, b, and c. Then, these requirements are stated as:
Then in 1996, Time Warner bought out Turner, giving WB ownership of the Popeye series, although technically speaking these two franchises are owned by the various units of WB ( Turner and DC, respectively ).
Then again from the units all other numbers flow.
Then the army retreated to the Bug River, where Kościuszko's units fought the Battle of Dubienka to a draw.
Then mass and energy have the same units and are always equal, so it is redundant to speak about relativistic mass, because it is just another name for the energy.
Then the loose sheets are combined into small units or signatures, which are secured with overlock stitching.
Then specific cutaneous cold and warm receptors conduct units that exhibit a discharge at constant skin temperature.
Then, Philip II, King of Spain, decided to train and assign amphibious-assault skilled units to the Royal Armada.
Then that figure is divided by the number of units.
Then the electrode is retracted a few millimeters, and again the activity is analyzed until at least 10 – 20 units have been collected.
Then the rebels tried to surround the loyal units.
Then we were divided into two separate squads and attached to various SS and Volkssturm units.
Then, later on, it grew up to five units with about 100 young women.
Then judgment is used to select the subjects or units from each segment based on a specified proportion.
Then the Rada by pulling towards Kiev the nationalistic military units overtook the government and on November 13, occupied the city.
Then, without any orders from above, first two or three guerrillas, then 10 or more, then platoon and then company-sized units reorganized and struck back at the smaller Japanese units, causing the Japanese heavy casualties in hundreds of small fire fights.
Then every building was dismantled into about 40, 000 units, and then transported to the nearby Island of Agilkia, situated on higher ground some away.
Then in 1952, Swanson & Sons introduced their TV brand TV dinner, quickly selling 5, 000 units in its first year.
Then the parish of Puńsk was divided into three separate units: in Smolany, Becejły and Puńsk.

Then and energy
Then the enthusiasm and energy of all elements can be channeled to produce cumulative progress toward a common objective.
Then she continued with energy, `` I myself did not see her until a week after she had run off to find the father.
Then the energy of the vacuum is exactly E < sub > 0 </ sub >.
Then g ( E ) is called the density of states if the energy spectrum is continuous.
Then, removing the catalyst would also result in reaction, producing energy ; i. e. the addition and its reverse process, removal, would both produce energy.
Then, after the pump energy stored in the laser medium has approached the maximum possible level, the introduced loss mechanism ( often an electro-or acousto-optical element ) is rapidly removed ( or that occurs by itself in a passive device ), allowing lasing to begin which rapidly obtains the stored energy in the gain medium.
Then, the electrons to be placed in the molecular orbitals are slotted in one by one, keeping in mind the Pauli exclusion principle and Hund's rule of maximum multiplicity ( only 2 electrons, having opposite spins, per orbital ; place as many unpaired electrons on one energy level as possible before starting to pair them ).
Then she puts all of her energy into caring for the English Patient.
Then it reacts with the surface or simply desorbs after enough energy and time.
Then in 1913, using this formula as a basis, Albert Einstein and Otto Stern published a paper of great significance in which they suggested for the first time the existence of a residual energy that all oscillators have at absolute zero.
Then the force of the mainspring turns the clockwork's gears, until the stored energy is used up.
Then a nearby photon with energy equal to the recombination energy can cause recombination by stimulated emission.
Suppose the rod rotates at a constant rate so that the mass moves at speed v. Then the kinetic energy T of the mass is:
Then they undergo a process of exchange of matter and energy when they are put in contact by their separating wall becoming permeable to matter.
Then only two particles can have the same energy, i. e., two particles can have the energy of, or two particles can have energy and so forth.
Then, the relationship between radiated power and photon energy is shown in the graph on the rightside.
Then it will be spontaneously re-emitted, either in the same frequency as the original or in a cascade, where the sum of the energies of the photons emitted will be equal to the energy of the one absorbed ( assuming the system returns to its original state ).
By Pauli's exclusion principle, both the particles after scattering have to lie above the Fermi surface, with energies Now, suppose the initial electron has energy very close to the Fermi surface Then, we have that also have to be very close to the Fermi surface.

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