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Then and climbs
Then, after bidding Ann, her housekeeper Martha ( Virginia Brissac ), and her dogs farewell, she climbs the stairs, lies down on her bed.
Then a king's royal attendant climbs up and performs the elaborate ritual of changing garments of the image as the king is chanting prayers to the deity.
Then he is caught in a final showdown with Quigley, but he climbs up a tree and with a bungee cord, he jumps down with giant boxing gloves and knocks Quigley into a cage ball and locks him in.

Then and off
Then Barton touched Carl Dill's arm and moved off, up the river bank.
Then he took off his wet boots and dropped down into the water to talk with the beasts, needing their comfort more than they needed his.
Then off to a remote place in an underdeveloped country where the diet, culture, language and living conditions will be different.
Then Laura took her gently and shoved her off again, toward Fritzie: Amy did not laugh -- this was work, concentration, achievement.
Then the chines are rounded off and the bottom is rough-sanded in preparation.
Then they had always been romping around him on these walks, yelping with delight, dashing off into the bushes on fruitless hunting expeditions, returning to jump up on him triumphantly with muddy paws.
Then off again, rushing to keep up.
Then we were off again.
Then I shut off the device again.
Then Kerr, a graduate student from Illinois, moved past him on a straightaway and held off Mills's challenge on the final turn.
Then there are a pair of old biddies played by Grace Carney and Sibly Bowan who may be right off the shelf of stock Irish characters, but they put such a combination of good will and malevolence into their parts that they're quite entertaining.
Then he would walk off for a few days alone in the direction of Europe.
Then she continued with energy, `` I myself did not see her until a week after she had run off to find the father.
Then nodules of blue earth have to be removed and an opaque crust must be cleaned off, which can be done in revolving barrels containing sand and water.
In " A Village Sketch ," author Miss Mitford wrote: " Then comes a sun-burnt gipsy of six, beginning to grow tall and thin and to find the cares of the world gathering about her ; with a pitcher in one hand, a mop in the other, an old straw bonnet of ambiguous shape, half hiding her tangled hair ; a tattered stuff petticoat once green, hanging below an equally tattered cotton frock, once purple ; her longing eyes fixed on a game of baseball at the corner of the green till she reaches the cottage door, flings down the mop and pitcher and darts off to her companions quite regardless of the storm of scolding with which the mother follows her runaway steps.
Then the runes are shaved off and the shavings are mixed with mead and sent abroad so that Æsir have some, Elves have some, Vanir have some, and Men have some, these being beech runes and birth runes, ale runes, and magic runes.
Then, following the battle, the Athenian army marched the 40 ( 25 miles ) or so kilometers back to Athens at a very high pace ( considering the quantity of armour, and the fatigue after the battle ), in order to head off the Persian force sailing around Cape Sounion.
Then, the leaving group, usually a proton, is split off and the aromaticity is restored.
Then, in October 2004, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank said they would write off $ 2 billion in debt — almost half Madagascar's total debt.
Then, on 2 November, the Sudanese military attacked villages near the town of Nyamlell, carrying off another 113 women and children.
Then on the next play, running back Timmy Smith, a rookie in his first NFL start, took off for a 58-yard touchdown run, making the score 21 – 10.
Then the salt is licked off the hand, the tequila is drunk, and the fruit slice is quickly bitten.
Then, one will notice that there are two columns of delays () that tap off the center net, and these can be combined since they are redundant, yielding the implementation as shown below.
Then, carvers cut the parts with no character off the board with knives, so that the characters were cut in relief, completely different from those cut in intaglio.
Then reads off:

Then and she
Then she turned back to Wilson and smiled, and he wasn't quite sure what she meant by it.
Then she turned the station wagon around and headed it back down the hill, with the village as her ostensible destination.
Then, helpfully, as she merely stared at him in weary silence, `` Maybe you could write it down for me, huh??
Then, with a shrug of pretended indifference, she took a compact from her purse and went through the motions of fixing her make-up.
Then she saw Ramey and her face was misshapen with bewilderment.
Then she rounded on Weston and cried, `` You always did Wright's dirty work!!
Then she took iced lemonade to Marsh's young aide where he sat in the cool of the big trees around the flower garden.
Then she went back to the wicker chair and resolutely adjusted her eyes to the glare on the water.
Then she looked at the old woman again, her eyes calm.
Then she fell asleep again as soddenly as a person with fever, and when she awoke it was dark outside and the clarity was back in her eyes.
Then, she was back on her feet, winking and smiling that enormous smile ( she had lots of wonderful big teeth that you never would have suspected she had when she was not smiling ).
Then I realized that she had been deliberately showing me, this time, what Granny was like ; ;
Then she catapults into `` everything and everybody '', putting particular violence on `` everybody '', indicating to the linguist that this is a spot to flag -- that is, it is not congruent to the patient's general style of speech up to this point.
`` Then she went to Deauville where she met a member of a powerful Greek syndicate of gamblers ''.
Then comes the time when the last wire is removed and Susie walks out a healthier and more attractive girl than when she first went to the orthodontist.
Then she heard Julia phone me.
Then he said, `` Never noticed it before I mean, when she was dressed but for a woman her age, Julia had a real fine figure ''.
Then she jerked her thumb toward the door in a very American gesture, and dropped into Navy slang.
Then, after a while, she went to her mirror.

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