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Then and led
Then an Athenian militia, led by the historian Dexippus, pushed the invaders to the north where they were intercepted by the Roman army under Gallienus.
Then the tough battle for Guadalcanal, which was centred on the capture of the airfield, Henderson field, led to the development of the adjacent town of Honiara as the United States logistics centre.
Then after Pittsburgh scored 2 field goals to take a 23 – 17 fourth quarter lead, Elway led the Broncos on a 71-yard drive to score on the Melvin Bratton's 1-yard game winning touchdown run.
In 1986, a screening of the entire Monkees television series by MTV led to renewed interest in the group, followed by a single (" That Was Then, This Is Now " reached number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U. S .), a 20th Anniversary Tour, a greatest hits album and a brand new LP, Pool It!
Then, a major uprising led by two brothers-Asen and Peter of the Asen dynasty, restored the Bulgarian state to form the Second Bulgarian Empire.
Then an Athenian militia, led by the historian Dexippus, pushed the invaders to the north where they were intercepted by the Roman army under Gallienus.
' Then I saw his aide Bogolyubov and said, ' Klavdy Mikhailovich, there was a paragraph from Andropov's speech ....' He led me off to the side, and said, ' Who do you think you are, a wise guy?
Then, on January 13, 2006, Baez performed at the funeral of Lou Rawls, where she led Jesse Jackson, Sr., Wonder, and others in the singing of " Amazing Grace ".
Then, on 8 February 1963, a military coup led by a Ba ' athist-Nasserist alliance was staged in Iraq, toppling Qasim who was subsequently shot dead.
Then Joaquim Ferreira led them towards Ingwavuma.
Then a combination of pressures led El Salvador to agree to a withdrawal in the first days of August.
Then the Noldor drew swords, and the Teleri their bows, and there was a bitter fight that seemed evenly matched, if not even in favour of the Teleri, until the second Host of the Noldor, led by Fingon, arrived together with some of Fingolfin's people.
Then about 238 BC, Arsaces led a revolt of the Parthians against Andragoras, leading to the foundation of the Parthian Empire.
Then by degrees he led Vance along the ramifications of the Imperial family, to Uoht and Thale, from Naotalba and Phantom of Truth, to Aldones, and then tossing aside his manuscript and notes, he began the wonderful story of the Last King.
Then Napoleon himself, along with his Imperial Guard, led the massive counter assault into the allied flank.
Then, the main attack, directly against the earthworks manned by the vast majority of American troops, would be launched in two columns ( along the river led by Keane and along the swamp line led by Major General Samuel Gibbs ).
Then a serious revolt broke out in the Sudan, led by a Muslim reformer and self-proclaimed Mahdi, Muhammad Ahmad.
Then, on 14 August, he led a surprise attack of 300 – 400 anti-treaty IRA men on Dundalk.
Then, the Napoleonic Wars led to the reorganization of the Empire in 1803 ( see German Mediatisation ), where all of the free cities but six — Hamburg, Bremen, Lübeck, Frankfurt, Augsburg, and Nuremberg — lost their independence and were absorbed into neighboring territories.
Then, Imperial troops led by Belisarius and Mundus stormed into the Hippodrome, killing the remaining rebels.
Then, in mid 1870, a diplomatic crisis concerning the Spanish throne led eventually to the Franco-Prussian War.
Then in game three, goaltender Hugh Lehman led the Millionaires to a 3 – 0 shutout win.
This led some of their more hardcore fans to feel alienated, and in the face of low sales and concert attendances, they broke up in 1983, when Burns said: " Our last LP Now Then was to my mind the best album we have made.
Then, in quick succession, two powerful generals, Vitellius and Vespasian, mutinied and led their armies to Rome in a titanic struggle ( the Year of the Four Emperors ).

Then and effort
Then, in an effort to increase the water solubility of uric acid, lithium urate was added to the solution.
Then, after one of the two makes some spectacular effort ( sometimes called the grand gesture ) to find the other person and declare their love, or through an astonishing coincidental encounter, the two meet again.
Then, in 1978 an effort was made to consolidate the several singular functions ; FEMA was created to house civil defense and disaster preparedness under one roof.
Then French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin sent an emergency aid package worth 36 million Euro ($ 57. 6M U. S. dollars ) and deployed approximately five hundred French troops in an effort to eradicate mosquitoes.
In an effort to aim the album toward both younger and older audiences, the label decided to bundle the new album with a second disc comprising live performances of every track from History: America's Greatest Hits, previously recorded at XM Radio as part of XM's Then Again ... Live series, recorded with longtime America drummer Wil Leacox, guitarist Michael Woods and bassist Richard Campbell.
Then the U. S. government gradually began supporting the French in their war effort, primarily through Mutual Defense Assistance Act, as a means of stabilizing the French Fourth Republic in which the French Communist Party was a significant political force.
Cryptopsy released their fourth studio effort, … And Then You'll Beg, in 2000.
Then, multiply the tangent by the front wheel braking effort percentage and divide by the ratio of the center of gravity height to the wheelbase.
Then the Vorlons began tinkering with species on a genetic level, in an effort to make the younger species evolve more like them.
Then at some unknown point in time they decided to have the younger species fight for them, in an effort to prove which side was right.
Then we should also marvel how demons and various diseases are dispelled by the sign of the precious and life-giving Cross, which all can make without cost or effort.
Then, in an effort to save more money, the township was amalgamated with nearby towns and parts of other townships.
Then at some unknown point in time they decided to have their students fight for them, in an effort to prove who was right.
Then, in the sixth and final round, Lūsis let fly with a very long effort that measured at 90. 46 meters-Wolfermann's two centimeter margin was, at the time, the smallest unit of measurement used in javelin competitions.
Then in September a number of defendant companies cut the price of concrete in an effort to lure customers away from independently owned concrete firms.
Then, in an effort to solve the ensuing crisis, the bakufu introduced what were called the Kyōhō Reforms.
Then, in an effort to appease then player and captain Mario Lemieux, Patrick traded top scoring defenseman Sergei Zubov to the Dallas Stars for Kevin Hatcher, a slower moving and older version of Zubov with less upside at that point in their careers.
Then, in an effort to decrease the administrative costs associated with the repetitive ordering of basic consumable items, " blanket " or " master " agreements were put into place.
Then an effort will be made to look further into a different, possibly more successful style of managing.
) Then ` Umar wept and exclaimed: " O my Lord, I spare no effort except in what escapes my power!
Then he moved to the country's capital, Asuncion, where he worked as a trainee in a shop, thanks to his own effort, and later he was able to enter the National College and received his bachelor in 1896.
Then, in 1966, after much effort the Syndesmos Filon Panathinaikou Athlitikou Omilou " I Thyra 13 " ( Greek: Σύνδεσμος Φίλων Παναθηναϊκού Αθλητικού Ομίλου " Η Θύρα 13 ", Club of Fans of Panathinaikos Athletic Club " Gate 13 ") first operated on November 19, 1966, on 68, Kolonos Road in Athens.
Then, a comprehensive and documented effort by British historian Richard Gillespie titled Montoneros, Soldados de Perón was widely read and contributed to cement a non-romantic image of Montoneros.

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