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from Brown Corpus
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Then and six
Then, starting with the first player, each player draws six tiles.
In " A Village Sketch ," author Miss Mitford wrote: " Then comes a sun-burnt gipsy of six, beginning to grow tall and thin and to find the cares of the world gathering about her ; with a pitcher in one hand, a mop in the other, an old straw bonnet of ambiguous shape, half hiding her tangled hair ; a tattered stuff petticoat once green, hanging below an equally tattered cotton frock, once purple ; her longing eyes fixed on a game of baseball at the corner of the green till she reaches the cottage door, flings down the mop and pitcher and darts off to her companions quite regardless of the storm of scolding with which the mother follows her runaway steps.
Then, in 1942, Weissmuller went to RKO and starred in six more Tarzan movies with markedly reduced production values.
Then I throw six in the Super Bowl!
Then in April 1963 the first Universal House of Justice was elected, six years after the passing of Shoghi Effendi, by 56 national spiritual assemblies.
Then repeat the process about six inches from the other end of the spar.
Then, Phil Sadowski began dredging around the island, adding to its size and increasing its height to six feet above mean sea level, and later built developments on the island.
Then six years later, in early 1775, Martin returned to the region and built the fort at Martin's Station in early 1775 on the north side of Martin's Creek.
Then, in the nick of time, six British biplanes appear in the skies over Rukh.
Then, he retained the WBC title with a knockout in six over Danilo Batista, and finished 1976 with a trip to Spain, where he retained the belt against challenger Juan Rodriguez, beaten in five.
Then, Watanabe was taken the distance for the first time, against Jin-Hyun Chun in Nagoya, Watanabe winning a six round decision.
Then on March 26, 1916 after being there six months, Stroud was reprimanded by cafeteria guard, Andrew F. Turner, for a minor rule violation which would have annulled Stroud's visitation privilege to meet his younger brother, whom he had not seen in eight years.
Then in 1688, a jury acquitted the Archbishop of Canterbury and six other Anglican bishops of seditious libel.
Then, he had six more knockouts in a row, including one in a non-title bout in Nicaragua, one in Tokyo while defending the crown against Kazuyoshi Kanazawa ( in round 11 ), one against former champion Efren Torres, and one against Jesus Pimentel, also in round 11.
Other words commonly sung to the same melody include six Christian hymns ( Be Still, My Soul ; I Sought the Lord ; We Rest on Thee ; A Christian Home ; This Is My Song ; and I Then Shall Live ), Gweddi dros Gymru or A Prayer for Wales ( a national song of Wales ), Ambrosian Oaks ( the alma mater of St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa ), and Land of the Rising Sun ( the national anthem of the short-lived African state of Biafra ).
Then, the Napoleonic Wars led to the reorganization of the Empire in 1803 ( see German Mediatisation ), where all of the free cities but six — Hamburg, Bremen, Lübeck, Frankfurt, Augsburg, and Nuremberg — lost their independence and were absorbed into neighboring territories.
This tree, because it was planted under the direction of Ananda, came to be known as the Ananda Bodhi. Then he ate six grains of rice.
Then, Empire Maker was officially declared out, leaving only six confirmed starters.
Then in the 1730s appeared the eight volumes of Nouvelles Poésies Spirituelles et Morales sur les plus beaux airs, the first six of which incorporated a section of fables specifically aimed at children.
Then groups of participants are tested at for a second time, for example six months, a year, or 18 months later.
Then surveyors would create detailed maps marking the land into squares of six miles ( 10 km ) on each side, subdivided first into one square mile blocks, then into lots.
Then after six weeks at his father's steel works, he joined the British Merchant Navy aged 17.
Then, when discussing the islands around Britain in Book IV, Chapter 16, he writes: " The farthest of all, which are known and spoke of, is Thule ; in which there be no nights at all, as we have declared, about mid-summer, namely when the Sun passes through the sign Cancer ; and contrariwise no days in mid-winter: and each of these times they suppose, do last six months, all day, or all night.
Then, he bought the few Japanese geography books named Miyakoji (" City roads ") or Edo hōgaku (" Tokyo maps ") for children, and he tried reading aloud them, then he wrote the Sekai Kunizukushi of six volumes as the same style of the Japanese geography books.

Then and weeks
Then, after emasculation, he was eased up for a couple of weeks.
Then, feed preventive dose until 6 weeks after calving.
Then the reservists have to serve up to three weeks a year and can be called up to serve two weeks during a non-military crisis.
" Then he would draw the rest of the day before returning to the field in the evening, a routine he kept up for weeks and months.
Then, after four weeks, I came home one day and said, ‘ Muumm, I wanna go to Sarfend !’ For her that was the end because I had lost my lovely Welsh lilt.
Then, two weeks later, a structure based on cryo-electron microscopy was published, which depicts the ribosome at 11 – 15 Å resolution in the act of passing a newly synthesized protein strand into the protein-conducting channel.
Then, in 1977, the song again reached the Billboard Hot 100, where it remained for 16 weeks and reached Number 19.
Then, Louis moved again after seven weeks.
Then, three weeks later, William of Normandy defeated Harold at the Battle of Hastings, in Sussex, and in December he accepted the submission of Edgar the Ætheling, last in the line of Anglo-Saxon kings, at Berkhamsted.
Then, the leather is air dried (" crusted ") for several weeks, which allows it to stabilize.
Then they carried out a landing near at Beitang ( also spelled " Pei Tang "), some from the Taku Forts on 3 August, which they captured after three weeks on 21 August.
Then a few weeks later I learned he was gone.
Then for many weeks he remained silent.
Then, the larva spins a silk cap over the cell's opening and, during the next two weeks, transforms into an adult, a process called metamorphosis.
Then, 1. 5 mg / kg / day for 4 weeks.
Then, only two weeks later in Furman v. Georgia ( 1972 ) the court, in a 5-4 decision, invalidated all death penalty laws then in force, although Burger dissented from the decision.
Then, when they are about 55 days old ( five weeks out of the nest ) they start to fight among themselves and within ten days, one of them has expelled its siblings from the natal territory.
Then is 20 weeks leave paid at a rate set by statute, which was £ 123. 06 per week in 2010.
Then she may take additional but unpaid maternity leave for another 26 weeks.
Then Aunt Bea gets engaged to Uncle Hobart, and the family has only two weeks to plan a wedding.
Then he or she states the Omer-count in terms of both total days and weeks and days.
Then, after 3 – 5 weeks of continual external vacuum expansion of the breast mound ( seeded recipient-site ) — to promote the histologic regeneration of the extant tissues ( fat, glandular ) via increased blood circulation to the mastectomy scar ( suture site ) — the patient formally undergoes the first fat-grafting session for the reconstruction of her breasts.

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