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Then and inevitable
Then as his train moved on, there occurred the inevitable sentence, Bond had never liked Acapulco.
Then Gilbert sets the house on fire, not willing to see a crane remove her and for the inevitable ridicule to ensue.
Then the soldiers escort Witt and his daughter to their carriage and try to get rid of them but Witt starts screaming the soldiers inevitable fate ' You're all going to die ' once they finally leave the reality for the soldiers begins to sink in and its for the first time that they are starting to feel incredibly frightened of what awaits them.
Then at Spain, he secured his sixth, again in an attempt to delay an almost inevitable eighth race for Senna-a race that would secure his first of three championships.
" Upon hearing it Lee finally stated the inevitable: " Then there is nothing left for me to do but to go and see General Grant and I would rather die a thousand deaths.
Then, in 1995 when Norway rats reached Fregate Island, ( final refuge of the last natural population of Seychelles magpie robin and a number of other vulnerable endemic life-forms ), alerted the island ’ s owner, and local and international conservation agencies to the fact that without intervention ecological collapse and extinctions were inevitable.

Then and happened
Then in 2005 riots before and after the match happened in Rotterdam and were considered to belong to the worst in the history of Dutch football.
Then no one knows what happened to Pecos Bill or where he was.
Then a large group of US dive bombers happened to find Nagumo's four carriers — with air cover absent.
Then they start to reminisce about what happened on what was supposed to be their wedding day.
Then Nancy gets a call from Hannah, her housekeeper, that contains information that leads Nancy to believe something has happened to her father.
Then time went by, and the Scythians used to go out continually to the chase and always brought back something ; till once it happened that they took nothing, and when they returned with empty hands Cyaxares ( being, as he showed on this occasion, not of an eminently good disposition ) dealt with them very harshly and used insult towards them.
Then, I'd still experiment with different directions, which I wanted to do anyway, and then watch what happened when I mixed it together .” On several tracks Danzig applied distortion effects to his vocals.
Then in 1867, more pillars got washed away and the same happened in 1871.
Then, three years later, in 1979, an unusual Spider publishing event happened right out of the " blue.
Then, like an airborne seed, one of these bands just happened to drift to Britain.
Then in 1980 I happened to record this live Ozzy concert off the air just before Randy was killed.
Then the host would give the panel a clue, for example, " the secret concerns something that happened to Name.
Then an unfortunate thing happened, Cpl.
Then a scene pops up in which Mario is telling his brother Luigi what had happened.
* What happened Then?
Then, what happened was almost a bad nightmare for the fans.
Then the Hillsborough disaster happened, and Whelan played a key role in leading the team on and off the pitch in a difficult time.
Then something happened that to this day I still cannot get over.
Then happened the disastrous Battle of Bouvines, in which all his allies were defeated by King Philip II.
Then Wendy asks Marv what happened to her and the other six girls ( who were killed by Kevin.
Then two things happened simultaneously.
Then something extraordinary happened: the world watched astonished as a young Cuban squad left behind the two longtime rivals and secured the first important volleyball title for a continent other than Europe or Asia.
" Then God sent another angel, but the same thing happened, and then another, until God decided to
Backed by experts, such as Professor Hank Nelson ( an eminent historian on the Second World War in PNG ), reporter Trevor Bormann stated: " When Federal Cabinet was told of the hangings, it put a stop to them and directed that another fifty Papuans on death row should not face the noose .... Then in their explanation of what happened, field commanders fudged the figures on the number of men who had already been hanged.

Then and traitor
Then, in a theatrical gesture, he seized a sword and promised to plunge it through his own brother's heart if he were a traitor.
Then Pakistan Army spokesman Major General Shaukat Sultan declared Mir a traitor on state-controlled Pakistan television in 2005.

Then and opened
Then, when the case went to the jury, the judge excused one of the jurors, saying the juror had told him he had been accosted by masked men at his motel the night before the trial opened.
Then in 1947 he opened the Wills Point nightclub in Sacramento and continued touring the Southwest and Pacific Northwest from Texas to Washington State.
* " Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures, And said unto them, Thus it is written, and thus it behooved Christ to suffer, and to rise from the dead the third day: And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.
Then, his son and successor Radama I ( reigning 1810 – 1828 ) opened his country to European influence exerted mainly by the British.
Then, in June 1924, the newly paved Route 8, today US-24, was opened.
Then a second brick school was constructed on the site of the first brick school and opened in 1918.
Then shall the eyes of the blind be opened ( soprano )
Then when Marie Antoinette appeared with her children, she was told to send the children back ; afterwards, when she came out alone, people shouted to shoot her, but when she stood her ground facing almost certain death, no one opened fire.
Then one of all together eight Berlin Wall crossings was opened on the eastern side of the gate, usually not open for East Berliners and East Germans, who from then on needed a hard-to-obtain exit visa.
Four more songs from the album Dead Man's Party were used in soundtracks: " No One Lives Forever " was featured in Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, " Stay " ( in the Boingo Alive version ) was used as the theme music for the Brazilian soap opera Top Model, " Same Man I Was Before " was used in My Best Friend Is a Vampire and " Just Another Day " opened the 1985 film adaptation of S. E. Hinton's That Was Then, This Is Now.
Then, as the IV Corps halted to wait for artillery to be brought up, the two Spanish divisions surged forward into musket range and opened fire.
Then, in December 2001, Krispy Kreme opened its first store outside the U. S. in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, just outside Toronto.
Then Shiva took the form of a Hunter and split opened the pot with his arrow.
Then it fulfilled a number of functions: for example, Gödöllő's first pharmacy was opened in it in 1814.
Then officials decided to expand Woodhaven Boulevard all the way south to the Rockaways and finally opened to traffic in 1925.
Then, on 2 October 1928, a third escalator leading to the Bakerloo platforms was opened.
Then the workmen opened fire on the detectives.
Then in the fall of 2011 ' The Room ' concept opened in Downtown Vancouver at the Granville store.
Then, Irish budget airline Ryanair opened a route to the airport from Dublin.
The boys took food, chessboards, cards and weapons, and barricaded themselves in: " Then Burney came and told them to open the door but they said it was not shut to be opened.
Then in 1965 the Ghent, Belgium plant was opened, which is the company's second largest production site ( chiefly small cars ).
Then in 1865 the Cranleigh Line linking Guildford with Horsham opened, and " Bramley & Wonersh " station ( initially known as " Bramley ") was the last stop on the line before Guildford.
Then in 1979, BoB opened a branch in Nassau, the Bahamas.
Then, in 1840, he moved to the Iowa Territory and opened his law practice.

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