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Page "adventure" ¶ 314
from Brown Corpus
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There and dozen
There was an artificial lake just out of sight in the first stand of trees, fed by a half dozen springs that popped out of the ground above the hillside orchard.
There are a half dozen reasons helping to account for the migration to the campgrounds.
There must be several dozen species in the United States alone.
There were several dozen other BBS programs developed over the DOS era, and many were released under the shareware concept, while some were released as freeware including iniquity.
There are three minority languages in East Africa which use clicks: Sandawe and Hadza of Tanzania, as well as Dahalo, an endangered South Cushitic language of Kenya which has clicks in only a few dozen words.
There are also number words which enumerate but are not a distinct part of speech, such as ' dozen ', which is a noun, ' first ', which is an adjective, or ' twice ', which is an adverb.
There were more than half a dozen bidders, while the winning bid was taken via telephone.
There were only a few dozen private aircraft which received the approval in that time period.
There were about six thousand Catholics in the parish of Abington, and only a few dozen members of the Church of Ireland.
There were at least a dozen reported small eruptions of ash from 1831 to 1857, including a fairly large one in 1842.
There are only 250 known examples of surviving Pony Express mail / postmarks in various collections today bearing one of more than a dozen different types of postmarks.
There have now been more than half a dozen biographies of her, yet a good deal of the basic scholarship of locating and editing her work remains unfinished ; significant unpublished writings of hers are still being found in library archives.
There are several dozen metres in difference of height between the inner city districts on the Aare ( Matte, Marzili ) and the higher ones ( Kirchenfeld, Länggasse ).
There are approximately two dozen DOE employees stationed at the laboratory to provide federal oversight of Berkeley Lab's work for the DOE.
There are more than two dozen known species of Gaillardia.
There are at least a dozen communities in the county which are not incorporated.
There are less than one dozen houses that claim a Ringling Road address ; but those houses range from a small, stone cottage to large, imposing mansions.
There are ten buildings on the National Register of Historic Places and an entire 18 block district ( Clark District ) with homes dating as far back as 1854, and several dozen pre-1900.
There are more than a dozen churches in the borough.
There are several dozen dining establishments in the city that cater to locals and tourists alike.
There are more than three dozen historical markers throughout the town.
There are several dozen centers throughout the country at which heroin-dependent people can receive heroin in a controlled environment.
There are four middle / junior high schools: Inglewood Junior High, Beaver Lake Middle School, Pine Lake Middle School, and Renaissance School of Art and Reasoning, as well as nearly a dozen elementary schools such as Discovery, Sunny Hills, Cascade Ridge, Challenger, Creekside, Margaret Mead, Samantha Smith, Rachel Carson, Christa McAuliffe, and Elizabeth Blackwell.
There are traditionally about a dozen compositions played, with an interval halfway through the concert and encores at the end.

There and giant
There was a mighty hiss of compressed air from her tanks and the U-27 vanished from sight in a vortex of giant rumbling bubbles, leaving a pall of smoke over the spot where she had been.
There are two small strips of dry land composed of coral rubble and giant clamshells on the eastern rim with areas of and having a coastline of.
There are two types of Sentinels: one is a smaller, aerial model ; and the other is a giant walking behemoth.
There remain several questions concerning the best current models of the giant impact hypothesis, however.
There were positive reviews from The Nation, (" the best novel to come out in years "), the New York Herald Tribune (" A wild, moving, shocking, hilarious, raging, exhilarating, giant roller-coaster of a book ") and The New York Times, (" A dazzling performance that will outrage nearly as many readers as it delights ").
There are giant salamanders, worms ( long, quadrupedal serpents ) and drakes ( smaller, weaker, less intelligent forms of dragons.
There is also a giant canopy type veil used by a group of dancers.
* There were three original beings: the primordial cow Audhumla, Ymir the first giant, and Búri the first god and grandfather of Odin.
There was a small water park and giant walk-through haunted house with live actors near the end of the pier and a New Orleans-style Hollywood in Wax Museum on the boardwalk side.
There is a giant statue of a brook trout in the town square.
There is also the annual Marsden Jazz Festival each October and the Imbolc festival each winter, in which the triumph of the Green Man ( who represents the coming spring ), over Jack Frost ( the winter ) is celebrated with fire juggling and giant puppets.
There are also some extinct animals named after Cuvier, such as the South American giant sloth Catonyx cuvieri.
There are also many mid-size firms, with anywhere from 50 to 200 attorneys and since the 1970s, some law firms have merged to form giant firms with 1, 000 attorneys or more.
* There are additional boss characters, two new enemies ( flamethrower and giant egg ), a solid life bar, and myriad small changes to the levels ( though the layouts remain mostly the same ).
There is also concern about the ability of the trees to migrate to favorable climates due to the extinction of the giant Shasta ground sloth ( Nothrotheriops shastensi ) 13, 000 years ago ; ground sloth dung has been found to contain Joshua tree leaves, fruits, and seeds, suggesting that the sloths might have been key to the tree's dispersal.
There is also a job class named Berserker, which are depicted wielding giant axes and a high critical hit rate.
There is combiner of Millennium Falcon of two characters, Han Solo and Chewbacca and Primus / Unicron-like Death Star that transforms into a giant Darth Vader.
There are two physical types of ellipticals ; the " boxy " giant ellipticals, whose shapes result from random motion which is greater in some directions than in others ( anisotropic random motion ), and the " disky " normal and low luminosity ellipticals, which have nearly isotropic random velocities but are flattened due to rotation.
There are many path-side venues, parades, and walking performers throughout the entire fair site, including a marching band, giant puppets, and stilt walkers.
There is also the Rock & Rollers sculpture, the Discobulous fellow, who once resided outside Bank Court but has been moved to the water gardens, Water Play, a fountain, a 3D map of 1940s Hemel, and a giant rainbow mosiac, which is the most recognisable sculpture in Hemel.
There have been suggestions that Caddy could be an example of the king of herrings or giant oarfish ( Regalecus glesne ).
It has been suggested by fans of pulp hero Doc Savage that Savage and the character of MacReady are actually one and the same ( the text describes MacReady as a " bronze giant of a man "; Savage is popularly known as " The Man of Bronze "), which would make " Who Goes There?
There are palaces in Allahabad and Agra which served as giant Chaupar boards for the Indian Emperor Akbar I from the Mogul Empire in the 16th century.
There are no " real " blue giants, stable stars of classification OxIII or BxIII ; instead, stars such as Bellatrix ( B2III ) are middle-aged massive stars which are in the process of becoming massive bright giants ( class II ), very much unlike red giant stars such as Arcturus ( K1III ) which represent the final stage of stellar evolution for lower mass stars and are stable as giants.

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