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Page "adventure" ¶ 778
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

There and had
There was more to this than Jones had told him.
There was only one place where Jake Carwood's description had gone badly awry: the peace and quiet.
There had been no sign of a rifleman and no track or trace to show that anyone had been near.
There had been classroom guffaws which quickly subsided as Professor Griggs said dryly: `` I see your point, Pauson.
There is evidence to suggest, in fact, that many authors of the humorous sketches were prompted to write them -- or to make them as indelicate as they are -- by way of protesting against the artificial refinements which had come to dominate the polite letters of the South.
There was the Neapolitan, Ribas, a capable conniver whose father had been a blacksmith but who had fawned his way up the ladder of Catherine's and Potemkin's favor till he was now a brigadier ( and would one day be the daggerman designated to do in Czar Paul 1,, after traveling all the way to Naples to procure just the right stiletto ).
There had not yet supervened between understanding and expression the new languages of mathematics and scientific formulas.
There had been something sinister about him that warned me against him, -- I had never felt that way about any other boy, -- but when he uttered his name on the telephone I had forgotten this and I was glad to do what he asked of me.
There had been reading at table, especially from two books, Pope Gregory The Great's account of St. Scholastica in his Dialogues and my own The World Of Washington Irving.
There were several men of ninety or more whom I knew first or last, all of whom were still productive and most of whom knew one another as if they had naturally come together at the apex of their lives.
There, to the Evening Post, she emphatically denied the divorce rumors and explained that she had stayed behind because of the schooling of their son, which henceforth would be strictly American.
There had been signs and portents like the regular toppling over and defacing of the bust of Lauro Di Bosis near the Villa Lante and in the Gianicolo.
There were other Italians who still bore scars they had earned in police station basements, resisting.
There were a few reasons for that, too: Garibaldi had been taken up and exploited by the Communists nowadays.
There is little doubt if they had a secret ballot, they would vote for food for their family, in place of ideological purity out on the farm.
There was a little blood on the hem of her dress, for the assassin had slashed Miss Harris's companion, Major Rathbone, with a knife.
There would be great need soon for his skill as surgeon, but somehow he had not planned to use his knowledge merely for war.
There was stability there, too -- a color which his life had had once.

There and been
There might have been a pool of cool water behind any of these tree-clumps: only -- there was not.
There might have been a fence or a house just over the next rise ; ;
There has probably always been a bridge of some sort at the southeastern corner of the city.
There is every reason to recognize that in the very last years of his life, as we shall see, Thompson did take the drug in carefully rationed doses to ease the pains of his illness, but the exact date at which this began has never been determined.
There must have been special feelings of joy and patriotism in the heart of Daniel Morgan too, when the news was received on April 30th of the recognition by France of the independence of the United States.
There is no explanation of terms nor a qualification that most such revolts have been dealt with by force -- only a bald dogmatism that they must, because of some undefined compulsion, be so repelled.
There have been cooing doves, chattering magpies, thieving jackdaws, a proud peacock, a silly goose, and a harpy eagle -- whom I was silly enough to mate with and who is now busy tearing at my vitals ''.
There has been an increase in cooperative research with other Federal agencies and civilian institutions.
There have been a number of sound plans proposed.
There is little enthusiasm for spending money to develop more powerful engines because of the erroneous belief that the aircraft has been made obsolete by the missile.
There has been an intensification of price-consciousness in recent years ; ;
There have always been tales of disillusionment -- the competent technician who became an administrator, willingly or not, and found he didn't like it ; ;
There have been many extremely competent men who have been converted into very incompetent managers or submerged in paper work, to their own and the public's dissatisfaction and loss.
There are many types of ambiguity and many of them have been described by rhetoricians under such names as amphibology, parisology, and other ologies.

There and good
There is a second feature of the influences of literature, good literature, on emotional life which may have some special value for our time.
There can be little doubt that there was a conspiracy in Washington, overt or implied, to block anything Hearst wanted, even if it was something good.
There is impressive consistency between specific occupational preferences and the student's basic conception of what is for him a good way of life.
There was good reason for Gen. Taylor to make an inspection trip at this time.
There are, after all, fortunate souls who hear everything, but only know how to listen to what is good for them, and Stowey was, as things go, a fortunate man.
There I got off, crossed the square, and on the side directly opposite the gate found a good restaurant, hard to come by in this part of the city.
There are a good many of them.
There is nothing infra dig about a good blend from a good shipper.
There must not only be greater good than evil objectively in view, but also greater probability of actually doing more good than harm.
There are other good representations of peasants and people of the court by actors who are finely costumed and magnificently photographed in this last of the Russian films to reach this country in the program of joint cultural exchange.
There is no reason why most theatergoers should not have a pretty good time at `` Donnybrook '', unless they are permanently in the mood of Enright when he sings about how easily he could hate the lovable Irish.
There were several fairly good minor portraits in the play, including William Hansen's impersonation of a stubborn, rather pathetic father, and Katherine Squire's vigorous characterization of a farm mother who brooked no hifalutin' nonsense from her daughter, or anyone else.
There had been occasions when some of the more experienced had even addressed her in what might have been perfectly good Japanese.
There had never been a good reason for Doc Doolittle to grow up.
There was good fortune and there was bad and Philip Spencer, in handcuffs and ankle irons, knew it to be a truth.
There was no question in Jack's mind of the good faith on one side, at least.
There should be no notions, in good anthropology, of one culture being better or worse than another culture.
There had been, however, a good deal of other evidence available before 1876, which, had it been collated and seriously studied, might have discounted the sensation that the discovery of the citadel graves eventually made.
There is good archaeological evidence for this process and crucibles used to produce brass by cementation have been found on Roman period sites including Xanten and Nidda in Germany, Lyon in France and at a number of sites in Britain.
There is a third view that sees merit in both arguments above and attempts to bridge them, and so cannot be articulated as starkly as they can ; it sees more than one Christianity and more than one attitude towards paganism at work in the poem, separated from each other by hundreds of years ; it sees the poem as originally the product of a literate Christian author with one foot in the pagan world and one in the Christian, himself a convert perhaps or one whose forbears had been pagan, a poet who was conversant in both oral and literary milieus and was capable of a masterful " repurposing " of poetry from the oral tradition ; this early Christian poet saw virtue manifest in a willingness to sacrifice oneself in a devotion to justice and in an attempt to aid and protect those in need of help and greater safety ; good pagan men had trodden that noble path and so this poet presents pagan culture with equanimity and respect ; yet overlaid upon this early Christian poet's composition are verses from a much later reformist " fire-and-brimstone " Christian poet who vilifies pagan practice as dark and sinful and who adds satanic aspects to its monsters.
There are substantial fossil records of jawed fishes across the K – T boundary, which provides good evidence of extinction patterns of these classes of marine vertebrates.
There are still many other elements, such as Chéng ( 誠, honesty ), Shù ( 恕, kindness and forgiveness ), Lián ( 廉, honesty and cleanness ), Chǐ ( 恥, shame, judge and sense of right and wrong ), Yǒng ( 勇, bravery ), Wēn ( 溫, kind and gentle ), Liáng ( 良, good, kindhearted ), Gōng ( 恭, respectful, reverent ), Jiǎn ( 儉, frugal ), Ràng ( 讓, modestly, self-effacing ).

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