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These and authors
These moments are historical events in the lives of individual authors with which the student of comparative literature must be frequently concerned.
These days, many authors supplement their income from book sales with public speaking engagements, school visits, residencies, grants, and teaching positions.
These authors proved, however, that no optical system can justify these suppositions, since they are contradictory to the fundamental laws of reflexion and refraction.
These authors are known as the Church Fathers, and study of them is called patristics.
These reports were accompanied by evidence that the authors themselves considered suggestive for the existence of Ivory-billed Woodpeckers.
These authors and activists included Oscar Wilde, Emile Armand, Han Ryner, Henri Zisly, Renzo Novatore, Miguel Gimenez Igualada, Adolf Brand and Lev Chernyi among others.
These protected for a time the authors in all scientific fields such as printers, copper engravers, map makers and publishers.
These authors criticized Machiavelli, but also followed him in many ways.
These authors tended to cite Tacitus as their source for realist political advice, rather than Machiavelli, and this pretense came to be known as " Tacitism ".
These printer control languages varied from printer to printer, requiring program authors to create numerous drivers.
These authors, in such works as The Republic and Laws by Plato, and The Politics and Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle, analyzed political systems philosophically, going beyond earlier Greek poetic and historical reflections which can be found in the works of epic poets like Homer and Hesiod, historians like Herodotus and Thucydides, and dramatists such as Sophocles, Aristophanes, and Euripides.
These clues, not to mention the similarity between the two authors ' literary styles, aroused the suspicions of horror fans and retailers.
These authors were more concerned with preventing the position of Stadholder from evolving into a monarchy, than with attacking their former rulers.
These inscriptions, found by Friedrich Hiller von Gaertringen, have been thought by some archaeologists to be of a ritual, celebratory nature, due to their large size, careful construction and-in some cases-execution by craftsmen other than the authors.
These novellas, published under the house name " Robert Hart Davis ," were actually written by such authors as John Jakes, Dennis Lynds, and Bill Pronzini.
These two authors were thus the first to outline what was to become the classification of the Finno-Ugric ( and later Uralic ) family.
These include many well-known painters, sculptors, glass artists, wood workers, metal workers, mixed media artists, photographers, authors, poets, actors, and musicians.
These authors asked people to compare written statements about the relations between several variables to graphs illustrating the same or a different relation, as in the following sentence: " If the cake is from France, then it has more sugar if it is made with chocolate than if it is made with cream, but if the cake is from Italy, then it has more sugar if it is made with cream than if it is made of chocolate.
These terms are not used the same way by all authors.
These authors have included Elaine Bergstrom, P. N. Elrod, Christie Golden and Laurel K. Hamilton.
) These authors were generally published in either newspapers or in the literary magazine Květy ( Blossoms ) published by Josef Kajetán Tyl.
These authors rejected the narrow ideal of a purely national culture and favored one that incorporated Czech literature into European culture and drew inspiration from the progress made outside of the Czech lands.
These authors and editors are attempting to return the genre to the status it enjoyed during the pulp era of the twenties and thirties.
These authors claim that the " result assumption " ( see above ) is inconsistent with the view that there is no measurement problem in the predictable outcome ( i. e. single-outcome ) case.

These and former
These soon became so serious that a league was formed to crush him, and Maurice of Saxony led an army against his former comrade.
These historians point towards the unstable oligarchies established by Lysander in the former Athenian Empire and the failures of Spartan leaders ( such as Pausanias and Kleombrotos ) for the eventually suppression of Spartan power.
These proclamations embodied Johnson's conciliatory policies towards the South, as well as his rush to reincorporate the former Confederate states into the union without due regard for freedmen's rights ; these positions and his vetoes of civil rights bills embroiled him in a bitter dispute with Radical Republicans who demanded harsher measures.
These proclamations embodied Johnson's conciliatory policies towards the South, as well as his rush to reincorporate the former Confederate states into the union without due regard for freedmen's rights ; these positions and his vetoes of civil rights bills embroiled him in a bitter dispute with Radical Republicans.
These studies were performed mainly in the former Soviet Union, at the Eliava Institute of Bacteriophage, Microbiology and Virology, Republic of Georgia.
These have been heavily armoured vehicles, the former providing close fire-support for infantry and the latter acting as specialized anti-tank vehicles.
These included former Communist Party of Great Britain member Sue Slipman as well as Conservative party members including Adair Turner, Anna Soubry and Tom Hayhoe.
These bright orange buses still display the name of Transportes Urbanos de Sevilla, S. A. M., their former owner, and Seville's coat of arms as a sign of gratitude.
These 103 revelations were said to " contain items or principles for the regulation of the church, as taken from the revelations which have been given since its organization, as well as from former ones.
These are the 3rd Regiment of Cavalry ( the former " Olivença Dragoons ") and the 6th Regiment of Cavalry ( the former " Chaves Dragoons ").
These works, too, are based on former Latin texts.
These days they are also visible in parts of the former West Berlin following a civic debate about whether the " Ampelmännchen " should be abolished or disseminated more widely.
These former speakers of Sirenik Eskimo language inhabited settlements Sireniki, Imtuk was already a settlement with mixed population, Sirenik Eskimos and Ungazigmit ( the latter belonging to Siberian Yupik ).
These international troops have been criticized for cooperating with rebel forces, refusing to disarm them, and integrating former military and death-squad ( FRAPH ) members into the re-militarized Haitian National Police force following the coup.
These specifications mostly occur in non-European contexts – such as the coat of arms of Nunavut and the former Republic of Bophuthatswana, with the arms of North Dakota ( as distinguished from its seal ) providing an even more unusual example, while the State of Connecticut specifies a " rococo " shield – but not completely, as the Scottish Public Register records an escutcheon of oval form for the Lanarkshire Master Plumbers ' and Domestic Engineers ' ( Employers ') Association, and a shield of square form for the Anglo Leasing organisation.
These fractures were prompted by issues of government and patronage, but reflected a wider division between the Evangelicals and the Moderate Party over fears of fanaticism by the former and the acceptance of Enlightenment ideas by the latter.
These " special camps " were former Stalags, prisons, or Nazi concentration camps such as Sachsenhausen ( special camp number 7 ) and Buchenwald ( special camp number 2 ).
These former colonizers remain influential in economic matters, such as development projects, investments, trade, and loans.
These are now independent and many of them are stronger than the former " mother " churches.
These include Richmond Hill, Undercliff Drive and Boscombe Pier, Bournemouth Town Hall, Lansdowne College, Christchurch Hospital and the former Royal Victoria Hospital ( Boscombe ).
These measures fell most harshly on the members of the former ruling class of Spanish or Spanish-descended church officials, military officers, merchants, and hacendados ( large landowners ).
These plans will revive the former glory of the city's coasts and attract tourists who avoided swimming in Sidon's sea before.

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