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These and languages
These languages are spoken in a wide arc stretching from northeast Asia through Central Asia to Anatolia and eastern Europe ( Turks, Kalmyks ).
These two invasions caused English to become " mixed " to some degree ( though it was never a truly mixed language in the strictest sense of the word ; mixed languages arise from the cohabitation of speakers of different languages, who develop a hybrid tongue for basic communication ).
These two factors combined with others have obscured the history of the Baltic languages, leading to a number of theories regarding their position in the Indo-European family.
These are shared with other Sinospheric languages such as Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese.
These languages are also known as the recursively enumerable languages.
These languages are exactly all languages that can be recognized by a non-deterministic pushdown automaton.
These languages are exactly all languages that can be decided by a finite state automaton.
These are all proper inclusions, meaning that there exist recursively enumerable languages which are not context-sensitive, context-sensitive languages which are not context-free and context-free languages which are not regular.
These conventions allow some operators in both languages to serve both as predicates ( answering a boolean-valued question ) and as returning a useful value for further computation, but in Scheme the value '() which is equivalent to NIL in Common Lisp evaluates to true in a boolean expression.
These dialects have roots in 17th-century English and African languages ; unlike most native varieties of English, West Indian dialects often tend to be syllable-timed rather than stress-timed.
These companies offer both English-and Spanish-language television, plus a range of channels in other languages, high definition channels, pay-per-view movies and events, sports packages and premium movie channels such as HBO, Playboy TV, Cinecanal, etc.
These terms are normally used with the definite article in Goidelic languages, causing lenition in all cases: An Cháisc, A ' Chàisg and Y Chaisht.
These permanent villages and towns predate those of southern Eritrea and northern Ethiopia suggesting, according to Peter Schmidt, "... it is they, not sites in Arabia that were the vital precursors to urban developments ... likewise students of evolution and distribution of languages now believe that Semitic and Cushitic languages are of African origin.
These languages have a very high rate of vocabulary change.
These terms, like their relatives in other European languages, are no longer clearly distinguished in popular folklore.
These, like all of his writings, were published in Latin but were quickly translated into other languages, with his encouragement.
These are sometimes considered either variants of a South Estonian language, or separate languages altogether.
These manual alphabets ( also known as finger alphabets or hand alphabets ), have often been used in deaf education, and have subsequently been adopted as a distinct part of a number of sign languages around the world.

These and all
These things are important to almost all Persians and perhaps most important to the most ordinary.
These are traversed by another line of vaults, and thus rooms, arched on all four sides, are formed.
These songs ( practically all Persian music, for that matter ) are limited to a range of two octaves.
These illiterate boors conscripted from villages all across the Czarina's empire had, Suvorov may have told Lewis, just two things a commander could count on: physical fitness and personal courage.
These chatty merchants made amusing and instructive traveling companions, for their business took them to all four corners of the globe, and Florentine gossip had already reached a high stage of development as even a cursory glance at the Inferno will prove.
These lines never cease to haunt the book amidst all the exaltations of combat, and to make an appeal for a larger and more elemental human community than one based on the brutal necessities of war.
These gentlemen are calling for a resumption of testing -- in the atmosphere -- on the greatest possible scale, all in the name of national security.
These problems are not local to Rhode Island, but are recognized as common to all states.
These differences in turn result from the fact that my Yokuts vocabularies were built up of terms selected mainly to insure unambiguity of English meaning between illiterate informants and myself, within a compact and uniform territorial area, but that Hoijer's vocabulary is based on Swadesh's second glottochronological list which aims at eliminating all items which might be culturally or geographically determined.
These cases, for all their rarity, are so dramatic that friends and relations repeat the story until the general population may get an entirely false notion of how often the hymen is a serious problem to newly-weds.
These questions have remained one of the great sea mysteries of all time.
These planets were much bigger, nearly all capable of holding an atmosphere.
These axioms are sufficient for many proofs in elementary mathematical analysis, and are consistent with some principles, such as the Lebesgue measurability of all sets of reals, that are disprovable from the full axiom of choice.
These exceptions, introduced with a good object, had grown into a widespread evil by the 12th century, virtually creating an imperium in imperio, and depriving the bishop of all authority over the chief centres of influence in his diocese.
These lay abbacies were not merely a question of overlordship, but implied the concentration in lay hands of all the rights, immunities and jurisdiction of the foundations, i. e. the more or less complete secularization of spiritual institutions.
These include all quadratic surds, all rational numbers, and all numbers that can be formed from these using the basic arithmetic operations and the extraction of square roots.
These are all L-stereoisomers ( left handed isomers ) although a few D-amino acids ( right handed ) occur in bacterial envelopes and some antibiotics.
These coenobia resembled villages, peopled by a hard-working religious community, all of one sex.
These regulations cover access to all programs and services offered by the entity.
These findings may corroborate the evidence for social behaviour in Albertosaurus, although some or all of the above localities may represent temporary or unnatural aggregations.
: These sold at such prices in the markets of all the cities!
These displayed his prolific habits and literally encyclopedic knowledge of topics such as logic, theology, botany, geography, astronomy, astrology, mineralogy, chemistry, zoology, physiology, phrenology and others ; all of which were the result of logic and observation.
These were all defeated, by an opposition that included a fellow Tennessean, Isham G. Harris, who later became a bitter enemy.

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