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These and observers
These changes then automatically accounted for the constancy of the speed of light and all electromagnetic radiation, from the viewpoints of all observers — even those in relative motion.
These events succeed in convincing Soviet observers that the Red October has been lost.
These attacks resulted in 14 people killed ( of which six were civilians and eight were policemen ), 37 people wounded ( two UN observers, three civilians and 34 policemen ) and five civilians kidnapped.
These groups are said to total 18 million according to official statistics, but some observers say the actual number may be much higher.
These components may ( each ) contain definite quantum states of observers, while the total quantum state may not.
These movements convey the emotional state of the individual to observers.
These observers, graciously received and seated as honored guests right in front of the podium on the floor of the council chamber, did not formally take part in the Council's debate, but they mingled freely with the Catholic bishops and theologians who constituted the council, and with the other observers as well, in the break area during the council sessions.
These strategies were supported by the reports of Western election observers ," and that " all these breakthrough elections have been accomplished with the vigorous participation of civic groups that support free and fair elections by monitoring the media, carrying out voter education, publicizing the platforms of candidates in the absence of a free press, training election observers, conducting polls and so on.
These are played by jets of water aimed by observers.
These nautical parades, witnessed by several million observers, were named Operation Sail ( Op Sail ), and this was the second of five such Op Sail events to date ( 1964, 1976, 1986, 1992 and 2000 ).
These observers are more inclined to see these betel nut vendors as self-empowering: young women with few resources who better their economic situation by employing a marketing technique that requires confidence.
These two factions, according to some observers, may be considered as a renewal of the old " split " between " neoliberal " and more " social " minded Liberal politicians, though the formula is not without its exceptions.
These claims were supported by international observers ( among others by the European Union Election Observation Mission to Mozambique and the Carter Center ) to the elections who criticized the fact that the National Electoral Commission ( CNE ) did not conduct fair and transparent elections.
These sections did their own technical fire control and responded directly to fire orders from observers.
These commercials can often include fake news anchors that pretend to be neutral observers even though they are all participants in a ruse to sell something.
These techniques may restrict the ability of observers to count items by limiting the degree to which observers can shift their " zone of attention " successively to different elements within the display.
These expressions are often the same from culture to culture and are often reproduced by observers, which facilitates the observers ’ own understanding of the emotion and / or situation.
These studies on victims of violence, illness, and poverty and others like them have provided consistent support for the link between observers ' just world beliefs and their tendency to blame victims for their suffering.
These religious gatherings sometimes drew thousands of observers and participants in the Ohio Valley of Kentucky.
These actions led many observers to the conclusion that the Court was likely to be obstructive to all legislative efforts to cope with the depression, and to remain wedded to the precedents of the Lochner era.

These and recommend
These specifications were provided by calculating adequate intakes from measured intakes in populations of individuals with “ desirable osmolarity values of urine and desirable water volumes per energy unit consumed .” For healthful hydration, the current EFSA guidelines recommend total water intakes of 2. 0 L / day for adult females and 2. 5 L / day for adult males.
These concerns played a role in the United States government's decision at the United Nations in 1955 not to recommend further study.
These recommend cancelling, increasing, delaying or speeding up existing orders.
These actions were initially to visit the church of some particular saint ; eventually, she started to sell amulets and recommend magical practices of various kinds.
These Pure Land sutras and the practices they recommend became the foundations of Pure Land Buddhism, which focus on the salvific power of faith in the vows of Amitabha.
These guidelines recommend using a continuous vegetative state for patients in a vegetative state for more than four weeks.
These studies recommend the use of the cul-de-sac or strong traffic calming measures.
These resources are used as user profiling and helps the site recommend content that submitted by other users similar to your taste, or you find interesting, as well as topics that you usually vote up and follow.
These investors could be selected by the company being listed on the stock exchange, or the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, which would normally recommend such state-owned trust agencies as Permodalan Nasional or the Armed Forces pension fund.
These papers, which make a number of comments on Lewis ' Space Trilogy, remind one of C. S. Lewis ' commentary to Tolkien's poem The Lay of Leithian, in which Lewis created a fictional history of scholarship of the poem and even referred to other manuscript tradition to recommend changes to the poem.
These Pure Land sutras and the practices they recommend became the foundations of Pure Land Buddhism, which focus on the salvific power of faith in the vows of Amitabha.
These included uncertainties as to the revenue that would be generated, and difficulties of enforcement and administration, which made this type of tax undesirable to recommend in their final report.
These edges build on the notion of " text cohesion " and the idea that words that appear near each other are likely related in a meaningful way and " recommend " each other to the reader.
These methods work based on the idea that sentences " recommend " other similar sentences to the reader.
These professionals recommend that unprotected amalgam removal should be avoided even in routine dental procedures to avoid exposure to mercury vapor and amalgam particulate matter.
These conclusions were used by the Home Secretary, Roy Jenkins, to recommend a posthumous pardon for Timothy Evans, which was granted, as Evans had been tried on and executed for the murder of his daughter.

These and careful
These my grandmother left in their places ( they are still there, more persistent and longer-lived than the generations of man ) and planted others like them, that flourished without careful tending.
These represent the most intellectual type of chamber-music of their period, and it is to be regretted that they have remained almost entirely in manuscript, since a careful study of them is indispensable to anyone who wishes to form an adequate idea of Scarlatti's development.
These three categories provide the most compelling evidence that the scribe was generally attentive to his work while he was copying, and that he later subjected his work to careful proofreading.
These reformed French Breviaries — e. g. the Paris Breviary of 1680 by Archbishop François de Harlay ( 1625 – 1695 ) and that of 1736 by Archbishop Charles Gaspard Guillaume de Vintimille ( 1655 – 1746 )— show a deep knowledge of Holy Scripture, and much careful adaptation of different texts.
These variables can be addressed by annealing and thinning the neck, as well as by careful control of the crimping operation.
These careful figurines were found primarily in areas Mellaart believed to be shrines.
These visits enabled him to meet and take the measure of his adversaries Napoleon III, and the British Prime Minister Palmerston and Foreign Secretary Earl Russell, and also of the British Conservative politician Disraeli, later to be Prime Minister in the 1870s – who later claimed to have said of Bismarck's visit " Be careful of that man – he means every word he says ".
These stories, written in a more accessible style than his later novels, are based on careful observation of the inhabitants of his birth city.
These inscriptions, found by Friedrich Hiller von Gaertringen, have been thought by some archaeologists to be of a ritual, celebratory nature, due to their large size, careful construction and-in some cases-execution by craftsmen other than the authors.
These arguments are probability judgments since they rest on the claim that, even after careful reflection, one can see no good reason for God ’ s permission of evil.
These measures include careful removal and cleaning of the intestines, steam / vacuum treatment, and organic acid sprays.
These are the fundamental conclusions, taken from already approved / accepted IPCC assessments, of a careful and objective analysis of all relevant scientific, technical and economic information by thousands of experts from the appropriate fields of science from academia, governments, industry and environmental organizations from around the world.
These effects were not understood until careful experiments in which chemical reactions such as rusting were performed in sealed glass ampules, whereby it was found that the chemical reaction did not change the weight of the sealed container.
These motorists are responsible for being duly careful around farm tractors and sharing the road with them, but many shirk this responsibility, so various ways to minimize the interaction or minimize the speed differential are employed where feasible.
These careful, accurate atomic weight measurements of Stas helped lay the foundation for the periodic system of elements of Dmitri Mendeleev and others.
These papers require careful processing and handling, especially when wet.
These food sources were abundant in earlier times and maintained by careful work ( and spiritual respect ), and through active management of all the natural resources at hand.
These critics were careful not to deny the concept of the Mahdi as such, but rather to discredit Muhammad Ahmad's claim to it.
These diagnostic tests are combined with careful donor selection.
These are interdental with the tip of the tongue visible between the teeth, as in th in American English ; interdental with the tip of the tongue down behind the lower teeth, so that the blade is visible between the teeth ; and denti-alveolar, that is, with both the tip and the blade making contact with the back of the upper teeth and alveolar ridge, as in French t, d, n, l. The first tends to be used in careful enunciation, and the last in more rapid speech, while the tongue-down articulation is less common.
These factors demonstrate the importance of careful patient selection for LASIK treatment.
These forms are optimized for computer scanning, with careful registration in the printing, and careful design so that ambiguity is reduced to the minimum possible.
These changes can be inferred from a careful comparison of the textual data in the Scripture, but because the Scriptural texts do not state explicitly whether the reckoning was by accession or non-accession counting, nor do they indicate explicitly when a change was made in the method, many have criticized Thiele's chronology as being entirely arbitrary in its assignment of accession and non-accession reckoning.

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