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These and tournaments
These were the years when people flocked to Manchester not only to play golf, which had come into vogue, but also to witness the Ekwanok Country Club tournaments.
These tournaments were non-competitive until 1975.
These players, however, are still eligible to play in junior tournaments.
These tournaments also contain their own idiosyncrasies.
These tournaments aim to support player development by providing experience against other teams of similar skills, and to give newer players a chance to compete without being dominated by long-time veterans.
These tournaments include " Masters " tournaments, " Trash " tournaments, and the occasional intramural tournament.
These tournaments are being held in Indian Wells, Miami, Madrid, and Beijing.
These systems have increased the importance of international tournaments by incentivising rank promotion through international placement.
These parks feature open green spaces, playground equipment, a fishing pond, and a baseball field complex often used for tournaments as well as recreational leagues.
( These tournaments are referred to as freerolls.
These tournaments often involve kyūdōka from all ranks and grades, including high school, college and adult schools.
These are extra rules accommodated in some tournaments and may vary:
These led to the five semi-annual BattleBots tournaments televised as prime time series on the American network Comedy Central starting in May 2000.
These tournaments were sponsored by various organizations and newspapers in the U. S. with the Philadelphia Inquirer being one of the more notable.
These tournaments are operated through the provincial bowling proprietors association, local and provincial five pin associations, and individual bowling centres.
These tournaments were all non-profits and invitational tournaments, following the invitational quizbowl format.
These seven runner-up finishes came over the course of 21 events — or one second place finish for every three tournaments played — and does not include a third place finish in 1983, one shot out of the playoff between John Cook and Johnny Miller.
These were the first large tournaments organised by the British Chess Association, international players were allowed to participate.
These were used in the same format tournaments as the Tournament Sealed Deck.
These tournaments are usually broadcast live and have sizable crowds while they are recorded at shopping malls like COEX, in southeast Seoul.
These areas additionally house one of the region's most sought after toboggan hills at Green's Creek, a series of outdoor soccer fields, known collectively as the Hornet's Nest, which host international soccer tournaments and a cooperative garden maintained by residents for over 25 years.

These and increasingly
These early print advertisements were used mainly to promote books and newspapers, which became increasingly affordable with advances in the printing press ; and medicines, which were increasingly sought after as disease ravaged Europe.
These heterodox groups held widely divergent opinions but were united by a critical attitude towards the established religion whose explanations they found unsatisfactory and whose animal sacrifices increasingly distasteful and irrelevant.
These primary industries are increasingly becoming less important to the overall economy.
These characteristics become increasingly well-developed in successive generations.
These first settlements were abandoned after attacks by Spanish privateers, but English privateers often used the Cayman Islands as a base and in the 18th century they became an increasingly popular hideout for pirates, even after the end of legitimate privateering in 1713.
These tools lead to increasingly dynamic, interactive maps that can be manipulated digitally.
These letters were intended to reach men and women of her circle, increasingly widening her audience to include figures in authority as she begged for peace between the republics and principalities of Italy and for the return of the Papacy from Avignon to Rome.
These " politically neutral " groups tend to avoid global conflicts and view the settlement of inter-human conflict as separate from regard for nature-in direct contradiction to the ecology movement and peace movement which have increasingly close links: While Green Parties and Greenpeace, and groups like the ACTivist Magazine for example, regard ecology, biodiversity and an end to non-human extinction as absolutely basic to peace, the local groups may not, and may see a high degree of global competition and conflict as justifiable if it lets them preserve their own local uniqueness.
These are increasingly popular in foil, as the hard surface increases the likelihood that a hit fails to register, as well as with youth competitors.
These developments also encouraged Finnish nationalism and cultural unity through the birth of the Fennoman movement, which bound the Finns to the domestic governmental system and led to the idea that the Finnish Grand Duchy was an increasingly autonomous part of the Russian Empire.
These resulted in increasingly complex structures of highly sophisticated and controlled color and surface integrity.
These bawdy, loud and unruly drinking dens so often described by Charles Dickens in his Sketches by Boz ( published 1835 – 6 ) increasingly came to be held as unbridled cesspits of immorality or crime and the source of much ill-health and alcoholism among the working classes.
These functions are increasingly being outsourced to other entities that can perform the activities better or more cost effectively.
These forces were either feudal levies, drawn up by local nobles for a limited period of service during a campaign or, increasingly, mercenaries, who were expensive but more flexible and often more skilled.
These albums went on to build a strong fan-following, but the group's confrontational attitude towards the press was increasingly problematic and triggered a severe backlash when Burnel, a martial arts enthusiast, punched music journalist Jon Savage during a promotional event.
These have become increasingly popular over the years especially in conservative states like Utah, and are catching on around Midwest and Southern states.
These historians also admired Herodotus, however, as social and ethnographic history increasingly came to be recognized as complementary to political history.
These two layers have poor differentiated boundary but are increasingly stiffer than SLLPs.
These developments are increasingly prominent in northern Bucharest, which is less densely-populated and is home to a significant number of middle-and upper-class Bucharesters due to the process of gentrification.
These attempts were met with increasingly stiff resistance, until troops were called in so that representatives of the Crown could safely perform their duties.
These took the form of increasingly fanciful atomic-powered gadgets and devices developed by Diet Smith Industries.
These chases were often the result of Rosco setting up illegal speed traps such as a false or changing speed limit signs and various other trickery, which would evolve into being increasingly more cartoonish and far-fetched as the seasons passed.
These are round and generally glossy white or lightly coloured ( buff, grey, blue or green ), although they get increasingly dirty during incubation.
These departures from orthodoxy were noted in Vienna and were topics which featured in the regular Freud-Jones correspondence the tone of which became increasingly fractious.

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