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These and vibrations
These are made from special ceramics in which mechanical vibrations and electrical fields are interlinked through a property of the material itself.
These weaker springs are compressed solely by the radial vibrations from an idling engine.
These vibrations are transmitted through a bridge to a sounding board that more efficiently couples the acoustic energy to the air.
These incite vibrations within nearby metalwork, adding to the buzzing noise and consuming a small amount of power.
These vibrations have natural ( ocean waves, wind ...) and anthropogenic ( traffic, machines ...) origins depending on the considered frequency range.
These vibrations may be disturbing for people ( housing close to railway tracks ...) and even cause solidian noise ( acoustic noise created by particular vibrations of solids like rooms ) but they are also used ( recorded ) to characterize the structures ( civil engineering structure, underground ) they are shaking in terms of dynamic properties and eventually physical properties.
These rotations and vibrations are quantized, there are discrete energy levels.
These vibrations are the result of uneven thermal distributions, or hot spots.
These organisms use vibrations to locate other individuals.
These epidermal ridges serve to amplify vibrations triggered, for example, when fingertips brush across an uneven surface, better transmitting the signals to sensory nerves involved in fine texture perception.
These vibrations are found to be quantised, the quantised vibrational modes being known as phonons.
These include filters to clean the electricity, equipment racks to isolate components from floor vibrations, specialty power and audio cables, loudspeaker stands ( and footers to isolate speakers from stands ), and room treatments.
These vibrations leave behind them in the brain a tendency to fainter vibrations or " vibratiuncles " of a similar kind, which correspond to " ideas of sensation.
These pigmented nodules encase bundles of nerve fibers that respond to the slightest disturbance in surface water, detecting vibrations and small pressure changes in water, making it possible for them to detect prey, danger, and intruders even in total darkness.
These absorb impacts somewhat, but their main function is to prolong the service life of the composite matrix by protecting it against vibrations.
These vibrations become worse as engine size and power increase, so the more powerful engines used in larger cars generally are more complex designs with more than four cylinders.
These vibrations caused the blades to slow contact with each other, as additional friction was encountered with each wave.
These vibrations then continue to the wooden-block base, which in turn is amplified by the contact microphone ( s ) therein.
These sensors are extremely sensitive to very small displacements making them well suited to observe the minute vibrations ( on the order of several thousandths of an inch ) in modern turbomachinery.
These internal phonatory sensations produced by laryngeal vibrations are called " resonance " by singers and teachers of singing.
These ossicles act as a lever and a teletype, converting the lower-pressure eardrum sound vibrations into higher-pressure sound vibrations at another, smaller membrane called the oval ( or elliptical ) window.

These and can
These seem about the only two ways in which the `` unhappy incident '' can now be closed.
These engines can be removed from a boat with relative ease, wherein lies their greatest advantage.
These can also move a short distance but at right angles to the tappets.
These are beginnings, but correctly learned they prepare for satisfying and exciting stunts that can be performed by a strong, flexible body ( we are not talking of eccentric extremes ).
These frequencies are amplified and detected by the FM receiver after each burst of transmitted energy and, after the `` pill '' has been calibrated, precise internal pressure indications can be obtained.
These factors can make the difference between waste and efficiency in any benefit program.
These experiments can be considered exploratory only.
These societies can expect to face difficult times.
These records, when systematically maintained, provide much information about the children, which the teacher can use in guidance, instruction, grouping, and reporting to parents.
These can be referred to as operational intelligence and environmental intelligence.
These theoretical relationships are more clearly illustrated in Fig. 7 and their sum can be seen to correlate in form with practical measurements made with the Hesiometer as illustrated in the first portion of Fig. 5 for the cutting mechanism.
These dynamic relationships, between what can be observed on the ground, as opposed to what can be observed by compiling many local observations remain fundamental in any kind of anthropology, whether cultural, biological, linguistic or archaeological.
These are not used in amoeboid movement, but are stiff skeletons on which organelles are supported or can move on.
These can range from simple spelling changes and word forms to switching the entire writing system itself, as when Turkey switched from the Arabic alphabet to a Turkish alphabet of Latin origin.
These finishes protect the adobe wall from water damage, but need to be reapplied periodically, or the walls can be finished with other nontraditional plasters providing longer protection.
These deficits can vary depending on which cerebellar structures have been damaged, and whether the lesion is bilateral or unilateral.
These include all quadratic surds, all rational numbers, and all numbers that can be formed from these using the basic arithmetic operations and the extraction of square roots.
These frequencies can be used to study geological phenomena such as earthquakes.
These are naturally in a ground state but can be excited
These constructions can convey shape, size, motion, location, movement, stative-descriptive, and / or handling information.
These particles continue to decay, emitting alpha particles which can damage cells in the lung tissue.
These conditions can be used to handle unusual situations.
These antigens can sometimes be presented by tumor cells and never by the normal ones.
These can be as simple as a searchlight for a police helicopter or as complicated as the tactical system for an airborne early warning platform.

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