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Page "adventure" ¶ 244
from Brown Corpus
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They and two
They killed Big Charlie, dumped his body in my rose garden two nights ago.
They had been seen as soon as they left the ranch, picked out of the darkness by the weary though watchful eyes of two men posted a few hundred yards away in the windless shelter of the trees.
They stood there, just the two of them, in the rocking, shattering blast.
They were camped beside a large column-shaped boulder: a man, his lubra, and two children.
They differed in the balance they believed essential to the sovereignty of the citizen -- but the supreme sacrifice each made served to maintain a still more fundamental truth: That individual life, liberty and happiness depend on a right balance between the two -- and on the limitation of sovereignty, in all its aspects, which this involves.
They may even enroll a colored student or two for show, though he usually turns out to be from Thailand, or any place other than the American South.
`` They straggle at such a rate '', he told the commander-in-chief, `` that if the enemy were enterprising, they might get two from us, when we would take one of them, which makes me wish General Howe would go on, lest any incident happen to us ''.
They were like two strangers.
They hire a good deal of local labor, including two members of our Trustee Board.
They tried to outface him, but Joseph Simmons was as wide as two average men, and it would have taken braver men than these were to outface him.
They had lunch at a sidewalk cafe overlooking the intersection of two broad, busy, unpicturesque streets, and coming home they got lost in the Metro ; ;
They went shopping in the neighborhood, and bought two loaves of bread with the ration coupons they had been given in Blois, and some cheese, and a dozen eggs, and a bag of oranges from a peddler in the Place Redoute -- the first oranges they had seen since they landed.
They were climbing the hill in the night when the headlights abruptly probed solid blackness, became two parallel luminous tubes which broadened out into a faint mist of light and ended.
They stopped expecting her to die the next minute, but only in the next day or two.
They are two good colts of different type.
They had been kind to us and we were indebted to them for one or two pleasant dinners, and for information as to where to shop, which dentist, doctor, plumber, and sitter to call ( not that there was much of a choice, since Catatonia was just a village ; ;
They dug up a speech he had made two years earlier as a Congressman, decrying the more than two hundred statues, monuments, and memorials which `` dot the Washington landscape as patriotic societies and zealous friends are constantly hatching new plans ''.
They are two sides of the same coin and the South will not change -- cannot change -- until the North changes.
They moved in a series of rhythmic fits and starts, a macabre dance -- two steps back, two steps forward, two steps back.
They were even, Anne and George, probably thinking themselves very considerate in not hinting that she really should cut out `` one or two countries '' and come home in August to get Cousin Emma's house ready before the teachers came to Tuxapoka in September.
They are not found in the sea with the exception of one or two frogs that live in brackish water in mangrove swamps.

They and large
They found a large welcoming group -- El Paso policemen, Border Patrol, sheriff's deputies, and FBI men, who surged around the plane with rifles and submachine guns.
They consisted of a new arrangement of `` Nutcracker '' excerpts danced stunningly by Irina Kolpakova and Mr. Sokolev, with a large ensemble ; ;
They had large bright eyes, the small upturned noses of all babies everywhere, and hair cropped short except for the long ringlets of paot framing their little white faces.
They were the top land predators, sometimes reaching several meters in length, preying on the large insects of the period and many types of fish in the water.
They usually have long hind limbs that fold underneath them, shorter forelimbs, webbed toes with no claws, no tails, large eyes and glandular moist skin.
They settled on a large plantation he named China Grove in Brazoria County, Texas.
They are herbaceous perennials with bulbs, and can be identified by their rather fleshy leaves, usually large and attractive flowers, with six stamens and an inferior ovary.
They produced large numbers of posters and prints published by Mabileau et Cie, covering racing events involving motorcars, aircraft, dirigibles and speedboats.
They usually cannot filter out meaningful or appropriate anagrams from large numbers of nonsensical word combinations.
They are fast-growing deciduous trees growing to 25 – 45 m tall, with spreading branches and large ( 40 – 100 cm ) pinnate leaves with 15-41 long pointed leaflets, the terminal leaflet normally present, and the basal pairs of leaflets often lobed at their bases.
They are highly mobile, usually based on caterpillar track carrying either a large howitzer or other field gun or alternatively a mortar or some form of rocket or missile launcher.
They also punished those who had too large a share of the ager publicus, or kept too many cattle on the state pastures.
They found the baptistry of the 6th century cathedral and large amounts of pottery dated to the 6th and 7th centuries AD ; in other words, the early Christian town.
They vary in size from tiny acorn sized to large amphorae like vessels but all have elevated levels of zinc on the interior and are lidded.
They are not effective for killing large beetles and similar specimens, but insects that have been killed in a cyanide killing jar can be transferred to a laurel jar to await mounting.
They still, however, can cause large floods.
They sometimes employ a large parabolic array of mirrors ( some facilities are several stories high ) to focus light to a high intensity.
They showed that a powerful man was buried in a large barrow, c 575, on a bear skin with two dogs and rich grave offerings.
They overlap in range with 3 other crane species but interactions with these species and other " large wader " type birds are not known.
They were generally printed on one side of a medium to large sheet of poor quality paper.
They were lighter and could outmaneuver the quinqueremes, where one objective was to ram the enemy ship and at the same time attack the above-deck crew with a shower of arrows and catapult-launched stones, which were large enough to decapitate a man.
They were also among the first in South East Asia to adopt religious ideas and political institutions from India and to establish centralized kingdoms surrounding large territories.
They are very important in computational chemistry for treating large molecules where the full Hartree – Fock method without the approximations is too expensive.

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