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They and named
They settled on a large plantation he named China Grove in Brazoria County, Texas.
They named the element " astatine ", a name coming from the great instability of the synthesized matter ( the source Greek word αστατος ( astatos ) means " unstable ").
They simply desired a reunion with something that could hardly be named but which seemed to them to be the most desirable thing on Earth.
They are derived from the characteristics of their spectroscopic lines: sharp, principal, diffuse, and fundamental, the rest being named in alphabetical order ( omitting j ).
They moved to the farm on June 1 and optimistically named it " Fruitlands " despite only ten old apple trees on the property.
* They preferred quite short, metrically simple stanzas or ' strophes ' which they re-used in many poems-hence the ' Alcaic ' and ' Sapphic ' stanzas, named after the two poets who perfected them or possibly invented them.
They also capture a boy named Jefri Olsndot, whom Steel intended on killing but eventually exploits in order to develop advanced technology ( such as cannon and radio communication ).
They were perhaps not named " Angles " at that time ; however, the territory of the Teutones probably included the Vorpommern and the region south to the Elbe ( mainly Holstein ), accounting for the implied larger range of the Angles in later sources.
They are named after Niels Henrik Abel.
They are named Børge and Akerø.
They are named after Hermann Hankel.
They include a long line of TV advertisements in the 1990s featuring three frogs named " Bud ", " Weis ", and " Er ", the Budweiser Ants, and a campaign built around the phrase " Whassup?
They had been there six months when Chaplin's manager received a telegram, asking " Is there a man named Chaffin in your company or something like that " with the request that that this comedian contact the New York Motion Picture Company.
They were first observed in 1869 by German physicist Johann Hittorf, and were named in 1876 by Eugen Goldstein kathodenstrahlen, or cathode rays.
They are responsible for the orange colour of the carrot, for which this class of chemicals is named, and for the colours of many other fruits and vegetables ( for example, sweet potatoes and orange cantaloupe melon ).
They married in 2000 and have one child together, a daughter named Dominique born on 24 April 2007.
They are named after the Biblical character Cush, who was traditionally identified as an ancestor of the speakers of these specific languages as early as AD 947 ( in Masudi's Arabic history Meadows of Gold ).
They are named for Robert Carmichael.
They included two nearly complete copies of the text, referred to as Text A () and Text B (), both of which reverse the traditional ordering and put the Te Ching section before the Tao Ching, which is why the Henricks translation of them is named " Te-Tao Ching ".
They named this substance " secretin " and coined the term hormone for chemicals that act in this way.
They developed the oldowan lithic technology, named after the Olduvai gorge where the first specimens were found.
They were not prepared, however, for a special visit in 1770 from a 14-year-old named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who, on a visit to Rome with his father, heard it but twice and transcribed it faithfully from memory, thus creating the first known unauthorised copy.
They are named this because when a passenger needs to be let off they use their coin money to tap the side of the vehicle and the driver usually stops.
They had their second child, Leslie Howard Bogart on August 23, 1952, a girl named after British actor Leslie Howard.
They also practiced forms of Esoteric Christianity, Mysticism ( Christian mysticism ), and Rapp often spoke of the virgin spirit or Goddess named Sophia in his writings.

They and Saint
In this same period, Saint John Chrysostom explained the significance of angels ' wings: " They manifest a nature's sublimity.
They took with them the symbols and objects of Spanish Gibraltar's history: the council and ecclesiastical records, including the historical documents signed by the Spanish Catholic Monarchs in 1502, granting Gibraltar's coat of arms, and the statue of the Saint Mary the Crowned.
They had a powerful advocate in Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, a leading Church figure and a nephew of André de Montbard, one of the founding knights.
They called the island " Santa Apolonia " (" Saint Apollonia ") in honor of that day ’ s saint.
They say that there is a brilliant court in Saint Petersburg and the tsar's family is nice ; still, she heads for an unfamiliar country, where people are different and religion is different and where she will have none of her former acquaintances by her side ".
They are now equal parts of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha along with St Helena itself.
They named Saint Kitts Liamuiga meaning " fertile island ", and Nevis Oualie meaning " land of beautiful waters ".
They were introduced to composer Alexander Glazunov, a professor at the Conservatory, who asked to see Prokofiev and his music ; Glazunov was so impressed that he urged Prokofiev's mother that her son apply to the Saint Petersburg Conservatory.
They began a second U. S. tour in March 2007, once again to coincide ( and conclude ) with a Roseland Ballroom New York City show on Saint Patrick's Day.
They based their new basilica on the original 4th-century ( since demolished ) Old Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome, using the transept and crypt plan of that great pilgrimage church to frame their own saint as the " Apostle to the Germans ".
They proceeded to Saint Paul, Minnesota, met up with Hamilton ( who had been recovering for the past month from his gunshot wounds in the East Chicago robbery ), and mustered a new gang, and the two joined Baby Face Nelson's gang, composed of Homer Van Meter, Tommy Carroll and Eddie Green.
They were considered to be evidence for the actions of saints such as Hilda of Whitby, a myth referenced in Sir Walter Scott's Marmion, and Saint Patrick, and were held to have healing or oracular powers.
They included Giorgio Ronconi, who created the title role in Verdi's Nabucco ; Felice Varesi, who created the title roles in Macbeth and Rigoletto as well as Germont in La traviata ; Antonio Superchi, the originator of Don Carlo in Ernani ; Francesco Graziani, who was the original Don Carlo di Vargas in La forza del destino ; Leone Giraldoni, the creator of Renato in Un ballo in maschera and the first Simon Boccanegra ; Enrico Delle Sedie, who was London's first Renato ; Adriano Pantaleoni, renowned for his performances as Amonasro in Aida as well as other Verdi roles at La Scala, Milan ; Francesco Pandolfini, whose singing at La Scala during the 1870s was praised by Verdi ; Antonio Cotogni, a much lauded singer in Milan, London and Saint Petersburg, the first Italian Posa in Don Carlos and later a great vocal pedagogue, too ; and Giuseppe Del Puente, who sang Verdi to acclaim in the United States.
They were all dedicated to Saint John the Baptist.
They are known as los Leones ( The Lions ) because their stadium was built near a church called San Mamés ( Saint Mammes ).
They are supposed to hunt on specific nights ( the eves of St. John, St. Martin, Saint Michael the Archangel, All Saints, Christmas, New Year, Saint Agnes, Saint David, and Good Friday ), or just in the autumn and winter.
They met in a small frame church and private homes until the current Saint Leo the Great was built in 1905.
They are served by three church parishes: Saint Leo the Great, Saint Catherine and lastly Saint Jules, which is on the road to Opelousas.
They were still a force at the time of Saint Augustine of Hippo at the end of the fourth century, and disappeared only after the Arab conquest of the 7th – 8th century.
They beat Lech Poznań in the next round 4 – 3 on aggregate, and then beat holders Zenit Saint Petersburg 2 – 1 on aggregate.

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