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They and then
They poured through the opening in the valley, then spread out in a long line to come at us, brandishing their lances and filling the morning with their spine-chilling scalp cry.
They could hear the pony's feet on the dry leaves for a while, then the sound faded out.
They couldn't have much dough, but then none of the freight-bums Feathertop rolled had much.
Defoe then commented, `` If they Could Draw that young Gentleman into Their Measures They would show themselves quickly, for they are not asham'd to Say They want only a head to Make a beginning ''.
They had watered their stock at immense profit, then had raised the price of coal fifty cents a ton, netting themselves another $20,000,000 in annual profit.
They took Jesus's body, then, and wrapped it in winding-clothes with the spices ; ;
They seemed then to have had a single mind and body, a mutuality which had been accepted with the fact of their youth, casually.
They waited three minutes and then crept out on tip-toe ; ;
They were married at a lavish ceremony which was duly recorded in Parvenu and all other magazines and newspapers, and then they honeymooned in Bermuda.
They then point out that with our present lack of knowledge of all the factors concerned in the rise and fall of epidemics, it is unlikely that a planned episode could be initiated.
They were then centrifuged at 59,780 Pm for 35 to 80 min at 20-degrees-C in a Spinco model E ultracentrifuge at a protein concentration of 1.00 to 1.25%.
They may then adjust their positions and movements to avoid too much pressure on the urethra and the anterior wall of the vagina ; ;
`` They can be going along, doing little damage, then bang, bang -- they can hit a couple of passes on you for touchdowns and put you in trouble ''.
They looked at the ruins of the old Roman wall on the lower Via Veneto, then they went to the Farnese Gardens.
They raced and maneuvered for war, swinging their horses in single file and then abreast like cavalry.
They picnicked by the pool, then lay back on the grass and looked at stars.
They then analysed the responses to generate an estimate of a person's tendency to act altruistically and compared each person's level of altruism against their fMRI brain scan.
They fuse to make a food vacuole which then fuses with a lysosome to add digestive chemicals.
They assault a scholar walking home from the public library, rob a store leaving the owner and his wife bloodied and unconscious, stomp a panhandling derelict, then scuffle with a rival gang.
They then will prey upon insect pests on nearby plants.
They settled first in the Ancient Pueblo areas for a few hundred years, then migrated to their current location.
They would then assemble them into the final product, making cut-and-try changes in the parts until they fit and could work together ( craft production ).
They amuse themselves every day by fighting each other and then going to drink in the big hall.
They then came in contact with the Berghouata, a Berber tribal confederation, who followed a " heresy " founded by Salih ibn Tarif, three centuries earlier.

They and ran
They ran for three hours.
They ran across Mr. Rayburn and the youngster expressed a desire to get the Speaker's autograph.
They ran into 15th Panzer Division just south of Deir el Shein and drove it west.
They even had steam-powered engines that ran the machines at some of their factories in Economy.
They became interested in how long " you could make the human body jump about without stopping ", which they did for a few months, until Mik ran out of money and wanted to return to Hawkwind, taking Lemmy with him.
They were also completely compatible with the DEC KL10, and ran all KL10 binaries ( including the operating system ) with no modifications at about 2-3 times faster than a KL10.
They also ran a microbrewery.
They regularly ran or walked six kilometres ( four miles ) to swim in Ruissalo, and back, sometimes twice a day.
They were the backbone of the professional army and were the career soldiers who ran the day to day life of the soldiers and issued commands in the field.
They followed this up with the 40, 760 transistor, 39 instruction RISC-II in 1983, which ran over three times as fast as RISC-I.
They ran away from school together and were arrested in Alabama for arson and vandalism a short time later.
They ran several blocks toward the accident.
They met regularly after that, but did not become a couple until 1987 when they ran into each other at a Los Angeles Lakers game that Wayne and Alan Thicke were attending.
They ran MS-DOS on an 8 MHz processor, and the built-in screen could emulate the Monochrome Display Adapter or Color Graphics Adapter.
They took him to Blacklow Hill and murdered him ; one ran him through the heart with his sword and the other beheaded him.
They usually ran fashionable enterprises in Chelsea which started with the word bona, for example Bona Pets, or in one episode a firm of solicitors called Bona Law-a play on the name of Prime Minister Bonar Law-and their claim " We've got a criminal practice that takes up most of our time " at a time when homosexuality was illegal.
They claimed this monster attacked the men, who quickly ran away and hid until morning.
They said these people were three times the size of a man of the present day, that they were so swift and strong that they could run by the side of a buffalo, and, taking the animal in one arm, could tear off a leg and eat it as they ran.
They moved to London the following year, where Richard ran unsuccessfully for election as a Member of Parliament and Pankhurst opened a small fabric shop called Emerson and Company.
While part of an intellectual junta that briefly ran Springfield in " They Saved Lisa's Brain ", he proposes plans to limit breeding to once every seven years ( a reference to the Vulcan blood fever of mating, called Pon farr ), commenting that this would mean much less breeding for most, but for him, " much, much more ".
They find a little boy named Donald who ran away from home and wants to join the navy.
They brought a supply with them from Europe, but when this ran out, they began to look for a substitute.
They moved to Jerusalem in 1840, where Fielding Mahone ran a hotel ( tavern ).
They were popular on radio throughout the 1940s, primarily on their own program which ran from 1942 until 1947 on NBC and from 1947 to 1949 on ABC.
They were stranded in Fernandina at the far northeast tip of Florida for three weeks until Captain Charlie Fossard, who ran a freight and passenger schooner between Daytona and Fernandina, arrived.

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